What to do about bullying in school


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What to do about bullying in school

  1. 1. What To Do AboutBullying In School? http://4useful.com/readthis/MethodsToStopBullying.php
  2. 2. TIPS It is very important that there is good communication between the children and parents as well as between the children and school authorities. As a parent, it is your duty to look out for signs - such as refusal to go to school, feeling withdrawn or displaying some strange behavior, as all these could signal that your child is facing some issues at school. You may read more on helping your child deal with harassment at school. Talking to children every day regarding how their day at school went or if they are facing any problems in school, will help you to know if your child is getting bullied. If you are a child who himself is getting bullied, the first thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with you and that you DO NOT deserve this treatment. Confiding in your parents or telling one of your teachers will help you in addressing this problem head on, so do it right away!
  3. 3. TIPS All children should be encouraged to make friends in school. Usually it is seen that bullies pick on their victims when they are alone. So, children should be told to always remain in a group of friends or at least with one friend, at all times. Also, going to unsupervised areas should be avoided as bullies take advantage of lonely areas to unleash their terror. Another strategy to deal with bullies is to have a parent or any of the school authorities talk and counsel them. Punishing the bullies is not the answer to how to stop bullying, instead, counseling those who indulge in it, finding out the reasons "why do people bully?" - were they themselves bullied or they do it to seek attention, sympathizing with them, listening to them, etc. will help in stopping this behavior.
  4. 4. TIPS These are some tips to stop bullying. Building a security net around the children is the best way to counter this kind of abuse. Making the children comfortable enough and giving them time so that they share their experiences with you, whether you are a parent or a teacher, is the first step towards how to handle a bully. Also, being good role models, by not being biased against anybody, irrespective of the persons race, culture or sex, by conversing in appropriate language in childrens presence and by teaching them the importance of values like honesty, respect, sensitivity, courage and compassion, will go a long way in curbing this menace.
  5. 5. SOLUTION Visit here to get solution for anti bullyinghttp://4useful.com/readthis/MethodsToStopBullying.php