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Web Scale Applications using NeflixOSS Cloud Platform


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Web Scale Applications using NeflixOSS Cloud Platform. Infographics on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Commandments of developing a cloud based distributed application.

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Web Scale Applications using NeflixOSS Cloud Platform

  1. 1. Building Resilient, Web Scale Applications in the Cloud IaaS, PaaS - Sudhir Tonse @stonse - Manager, Cloud Platform. Netflix LLC
  2. 2. Topics• About Netflix and move to Cloud• IaaS, PaaS …• Architectural/Operational Insights• How can you benefit? – Various Open Source Offerings (& #cloudprize $$$) – Netflix PaaS Tech Blogs – Build your own PaaS
  3. 3. NetflixNetflix is the world’s leading Internet televisionnetwork with more than 33 million membersin 40 countries enjoying more than one billionhours of TV shows and movies per month,including original series.
  4. 4. Netflix Scale• 100s of Mid-tier services and applications• Billions of Requests per day• ~70 Billion Events per day• 10,000s of Ec2 Instances in use in multiple AWS Regions/Zones• Cassandra NoSQL database in a Global Ring spanning regions: Terabytes of data• At peak consumes ~1/3 of US Internet Bandwidth
  5. 5. What’s a Cloud?• Cloud:Cloud computing is the delivery of computingand storage capacity [1] as a service [2] to aheterogeneous community of end-recipients. Images Courtesy: Wikipedia/Company logos
  6. 6. Cloud Stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Management) [Representative Sample; not comprehensive] Virtualization Technologies
  7. 7. Netflix Cloud Stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Management) Virtualization Technologies
  8. 8. Netflix Cloud Stack Clients Browsers, Mobile, Televisions … Applications/Web Services Netflix Apps/Services PaaS NetflixExecution Env (JVM), Web/App Servers, Frameworks, Tools Cloud Platform IaaS Virtual Machines, Networking, Load Balancers …
  9. 9. Netflix DataCenter to AWS• Old DataCenter • Netflix Cloud (2008) (2010)• Everything in one • 100s of Fine WebApp (.war) Grained Services
  10. 10. @adrianco
  11. 11. Typical Deployment• Multiple Availability Zone• Multiple Regions @adrianco
  12. 12. Commandments of a Resilient Web Scale Cloud Architecture 1. Thou shalt embrace stateless fine grained Micro Services (SOA) 2. Thou shalt not store important data on ephemeral instances 3. Thou shalt embrace a resilient homogenous architecture 4. Thou shalt embrace and understand the CAP Theorem 5. Thou shalt guard all external/RPC calls with a fault & latency tolerance layer 6. Thou shalt embrace auto scaling; scale according to thy needs 7. Thou shalt keep a wary eye on thy cost 8. Thou shalt secure thy data and access points 9. Thou shalt instrument thy code 10. Thou shalt effectively monitor thy instances 11. Thou shalt deploy thy instances in multiple zones and regions for availability and resiliency 12. Thou shalt be way of SPoF 13. Thou shalt always plan for failureNote: These are my personal views and may or may not reflect the views of my employers, past or present.It is not the intention of the author to offend anyone’s religious beliefs or thoughts : - @stonse
  13. 13. Netflix Open Source
  14. 14. Build your own PaaSMix and match NetflixOSS Tools & Libraries @adrianco @rusmeshenberg
  15. 15. Platform ServicesAWS AccountAsgard ConsoleArchaius Config Multiple AWS Regions Service Cross region Priam C* Eureka Registry Explorers Dashboards Exhibitor ZK 3 AWS Zones Application Priam Evcache Atlas Edda History Clusters Cassandra Memcached Monitoring Autoscale Groups Persistent Storage Ephemeral Storage Instances Simian ArmyGenie Hadoop Services @adrianco
  16. 16. Step 1Choice A: Bare bones Web Service Template$git clone$cd karyon$./gradlew clean build$./gradlew :karyon-examples:hello-netflix-oss:jettyRunChoice B: Full blown Recipe (RSS ReaderRecipe)$git clone$cd recipes-rss$./gradlew clean build
  17. 17. Step 2• Customize your App using .war of previous step as a template – TIPS (optional) • Use Ribbon for IPC calls • Use Hystrix/RxJava for wrapping concurrent calls/IPC calls (Latency/Fault Tolerance)
  18. 18. Step 3• Bake an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) using NetflixOSS Aminator
  19. 19. Step 4• Deploy to EC2 using Asgard Deploy & Manage AWS Applications/Infrastructure• TIP: Employ Simian Army to test Resiliency
  20. 20. How do you enter? $$• Get a (free) github account• Fork• Send us your email address• Describe and build your entry Twitter #cloudprize Prize/blob/master/README.rdoc @adrianco
  21. 21. Thank You!• Reach out to me at @stonse – Yes, we are hiring! Follow @NetflixOSS for more info Credits/Attributions • @adrianco • @rusmeshenberg • File:Hyperviseur.png • • tflix •