SEO Crash Course: SEO Driving School


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SEO basics you need to get started in optimizing your website for top search engine rankings.

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SEO Crash Course: SEO Driving School

  1. 1. SEARCH RANKING CRASH COURSE @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  4. 4. SEO BASICS: INTRODUCTIONPoor SEO brings your site to a standstill Indexed Pages Rankings Visitors Sales
  5. 5. Balance the pull between search SEO BASICS: INTRODUCTIONengines and visitors
  6. 6. SEO BASICS: INTRODUCTIONThe “Pinocchio Effect” Search engines just want to be “real” -- like us. Knowledge Implementation Strategy No Magic Understand Quality & Formulas Algorithms Common Sense
  8. 8. How algorithms work SEO BASICS: INTRODUCTION Personal- ization Signal LocationVariance 50-200 Algorithms 200+Ranking SocialSignals shares
  9. 9. SEO BASICS: INTRODUCTION  Pick relevant keywords  “Produce” compelling content  Optimize your tags  Implement strong architecture and usability  Get noticed with links5 steps to organic ranking success
  10. 10. SEO DRIVING SCHOOLPart I: Code, Tags and Other SEO Essentials @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  11. 11. TITLE tag SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Influences Rankings BookmarkPersuades & Browser the Click Label
  12. 12. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSHow to craft a TITLE tag? <title> Website Marketing | SEO and Web Marketing Strategy Company</title> Lead with keyword Be compelling 65-70 character limit
  13. 13. Common TITLE tag mistakes SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSX Same Title on Every Page Leading with Business Name Long List of Keywords Lack of Keywords / Description
  14. 14. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Should you use branded TITLES? Front: Recognizable BrandsBusiness Name | Movie Posters, Collectibles and Memorabilia Rear: Build RecognitionMovie Posters, Collectibles and Memorabilia| Business Name Non: No Brand ConcernMovie Posters | The Dark Knight One (1) Sheet
  15. 15. How your TITLE tag makes an impact SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS
  16. 16. Meta DESCRIPTION tag SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSUsed as snippet in search results No real ranking impactHelps increase click- thru rateNot always required
  17. 17. How to craft a meta DESCRIPTION tag SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS<meta name=“description” content =“Website marketing and search engineoptimization (SEO) services by Pole Position Marketing. SEO, PPC, analytics,content, link consulting, and more.”> Use 150 keywords character early & summary often Unique for Compelling each page statement
  18. 18. How your meta DESCRIPTION makes SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSan impact
  19. 19. Meta KEYWORD tag SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Commas? Spaces? Length? Phrases?
  20. 20. How your meta KEYWORD tag makes SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSan impact
  21. 21. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSHEADING tags Improves Search ContextualScannability Relevance Hierarchy
  22. 22. HEADING tag hierarchy SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS<h1>One H1 per page.</h1> <h2>Use outline format.</h2> <h3>Keep content organized</h3>
  23. 23. Proper HEADING tag usage SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSH1 Hx H1 H1 H2 H2 H2 H2
  24. 24. Image ALT attributes SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS• Yes, some people • Browsers for the still surf with visually images off. Image impaired will navigation read the disappears. descriptions of images Text only Accessible browsers browsers Mobile Search browsers Engines• Generally not an • Additional issue with smart keyword signal. phones, but for those Make sure you use who pay for it right! downloads…
  25. 25. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSWhen you don’t use ALT attributes…
  26. 26. 301 redirect old pages SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Old page Deleted Correct Product Page Relocated Info
  27. 27. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Make URLs search friendly Keep it Use
  28. 28. CANONICAL tag SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS <link rel="canonical" href=""/> Points to best page Search Passes Signal link juice Band Aid Solution
  29. 29. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSCustom 404-redirect page
  30. 30. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSProblematic codingissues
  31. 31. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Site maps
  32. 32. SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALSBroken links
  33. 33. Internal linking SEO BASICS: SEO ESSENTIALS Look for Integrate Increase Natural Links Keywords Engagement
  34. 34. SEO DRIVING SCHOOLPart II: Dealing with Duplicate Duplicate Content @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  35. 35. Unique content sets you apart SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT Write unique content for all pages Don’t use boilerplate product descriptions
  36. 36. Duplicate content slows search SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENTengine spidering A B C D E F G H I J K L A B C D E F = spidered G H I J K L = not spidered
  37. 37. Duplicate content splits link juice SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT Both internal and external links A B F J N C G K O A D H L P E I M Q
  38. 38. Proper link juice flow SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT A B F J N C G K O D H L P E I M Q
  39. 39. Secure / non-secure duplication SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT
  40. 40. How it happens… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENTProducts Shopping Checkout cartProducts
  41. 41. The solution… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT No Search EnginesProducts Shopping Checkout cart
  42. 42. Bread crumb / categorization duplication SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT 1 Product 2 URLs
  43. 43. The solution… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT Only one URL, regardless of path or category!
  44. 44. SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENTSession ID duplication
  45. 45. The problem… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENTSession 1 Session 2 Session 3Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
  46. 46. The solution… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT Home Don’t.Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Use. Session IDs!!!!Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 (Just sayin’)
  47. 47. Redundant URL duplication SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT
  48. 48. The solution… SEO BASICS: DUPLICATE CONTENT Canonical tag Server-Side directs
  49. 49. SEO DRIVING SCHOOLPart III: How to Optimize Your Site in 90 Days @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  50. 50. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek1 Core term research Core Terms Core Terms Are… Are Not…BagSports bagSchool suppliesKids ski clothingCost segmentationBatteryMotorcycle batteryBattery chargersFlowmetersSnowmobile clothing
  51. 51. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek 2 Core term prioritizationSearch Target Profit Meetvolume Audience Margin Demand• How often? • Better conversions • Better conversions • Avoid driving• Low volume = low • Better targeted = • Higher markup traffic where results lower volume • More demand expected demand cannot be met
  52. 52. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek3 Tag core terms to content Buy Blue Widgets California Widgets How to Use Widgets Red Widget Review Discount Widgets Custom Widget Design
  53. 53. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek4 Global tag optimization 5-10 min per page1 Title Tags2 H1 Tag3 Meta Descriptions4 Intro Paragraph
  54. 54. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek5 Site structure (architecture) Link & URL & Site Navigation Structure Structure Document & Page Structure
  55. 55. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek6 Submit to directories Global Yahoo DMOZ RubberStampedBOTW JoeAnt GoGuides Regional Niche
  56. 56. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek76 Research key words beauty supplies beauty beauty discount supply beauty store supply supply natural beauty supplies
  57. 57. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLAN Week 8 6 Keyword segmentation• Looking for general information• Don’t know what they really want • Have narrowed down to• Optimize on higher-level category product type pages and articles • Comparing features • Optimize on category and comparison pages Research Shop Info Buy • Have specific product in mind • Looking for education • Looking for trustworthy place to buy • How-To and other informational queries • Optimize on specific product pages • Optimize on blogs and article pages
  58. 58. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek96 Strategic optimization Priority 1 Pages Link Content Code Building Keyword Description Internal Titles Code Bloat Usage Tags Linking Calls to Headings Page Speed Action
  59. 59. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLAN Week10 6 Correct usability issuesNavigation Scannability Conversion Optimization Shopping Cart Calls to Action
  60. 60. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANBuild links 11Week 6
  61. 61. SEO BASICS: 90-DAY SEO PLANWeek12 6 Keep making it better The Pole Position Marketing Library
  62. 62. SEO DRIVING SCHOOLWrap up @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  63. 63. Searchers are buying SEO BASICS: CONCLUSION Todays Searcher is Tomorrows buyer 56% of online purchases happen down the road• As high as 77% for entertainment, 69% for home & garden• 63% of searches result in OFFLINE purchases• 88% for toys, 93% for video games, 65% for apparelBuyers are Searching Buyers perform up to 10 times more searches• 80% feel search is helpful for gift shopping• 70% say it helped them make a purchase decision• 60% say they will search the next time they buySearchers are Buying 25% of searchers purchase “related” items Source: ComScore Networks
  64. 64. Thank You!Next Up Keyword Tune-up Find, organize and use keywords for effective inbound marketing