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SEO Crash Course: Keyword Tune-Up


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How to find, organize and use keywords for effective inbound marketing.

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SEO Crash Course: Keyword Tune-Up

  1. 1. SEARCH RANKING CRASH COURSE @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  3. 3. KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTIONKeyword research is… Confusing… Frustrating… Annoying Perplexing Baffling Cumbersome Discouraging Perturbing Burdensome All research and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  4. 4. KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTIONKeywords are yourfoundation
  5. 5. Every keyword search starts with KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION a desire QuestionsWho What How When Where Why Education News RecentHow to Ways to Ideas for about events Shopping Price Trust Policies Shipping
  6. 6. Keywords help you know your audience KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION Searcher Interest Need Business Education Strategy Students Information Direction Hobbyists Ideas Community Every SEARCHER has an INTEREST in a specific NEED
  7. 7. Keywords help you target KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTIONyour audience How your audience searches words they use search volume What your audience wants important terminology searcher intent Speak your audience’s language content development search engine optimization
  8. 8. How we search with keywords KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION How People Search 1 word 2 words 3 words 4 words 5 words 6 words 7 + words 5% 6% 20% 9% 15% 23% 22% Source: Onestat
  9. 9. Cycle of search activity KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION Until SEARCHES GOALS start with achieved an idea SEARCHER SEARCH Learns and RESULTS Searches provide Again answers SEARCHER gains knowledge
  10. 10. Not all keywords are the same KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION Single- • High volume, low targeted traffic• Answers “about” type questions word • Low ROI• Target as secondary Info Multi- queries word • Lower search volume, Higher targeting • Actively searched phrases • Start with lower-hanging fruit • Plurals, singulars and stems • Changed word order Search Phrase volume variations • Analyze for convertability • Geo-targeting improves conversions • Eliminate phrases that don’t convert • Add geo-qualifiers as necessary Convert- Localized ability
  11. 11. Keyword Tune-Up, Step 1 Find Your Core Terms
  12. 12. What are core terms? KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS ski Are Are Not Water bottle Baby bedding Garage plans School supplies Ski gear Cost segmentation Battery Motorcycle battery Battery charger Flowmeters Snowmobile clothing Plastic key cards
  13. 13. Why single words don’t work KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS What do these words have in common? Bag Bag of Bean Lady Worms Bag Sandwich Sleeping Duffel Bag Bag Bag
  14. 14. What terms are used in Start to brainstorm KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS industry glossaries and reference materials? What is the average What can I find in customer searching thesauri, taxonomies for? and ontologies? What related categories can I find in search directories? What are my visitors trying to Are there any accomplish? geographical phrases that are relevant?What questionsare my visitors What terminologyasking? describes problems I solve?What solutions do Iprovide?
  15. 15. Learn from your competition KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMSTitle tags Meta keywords Meta description Text Navigation
  16. 16. KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMSUse research tools Keyword Discovery Google Adwords Wordtracker
  17. 17. Investigate server logs KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS Traffic Conversions Variations
  18. 18. Just the facts core terms, ma’am! KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS No Wholesale qualifiers Rolling Honda Large Waterproof supply No stems supplies teach teacher teaching No trademark infringement!
  19. 19. Map core terms to site content KEYWORD RESEARCH: CORE TERMS Buy Blue Widgets California Widgets How to Use Widgets Red Widget Review Discount Widgets Custom Widget Design
  20. 20. Keyword Tune-Up, Step 2 Uncover Valuable Search Phrases
  21. 21. What a core term isn’t KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES a search phase is core + Wholesale Rollingqualifiers Honda Large Waterproof core + supplies stems teacher teaching
  22. 22. Core vs. phrases KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES school supplies school school discount store schoolsupplies supply supply home school supplies
  23. 23. Where to find search phrases KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES Competitors Search AdWords Suggest In-Site Keyword Make crap Search Tools up
  24. 24. Can you have too many? HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Elimination Evaluation
  25. 25. KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASESGood keywords float to the top
  26. 26. Take out the garbage KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES free ukunrelated untargeted inaccurate cheap bad changed ridiculouslygrammar context long search nonsensicaloperators
  27. 27. Four prioritization factors KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASESSearch Target Profit Meetvolume Audience Margin Demand• How often? • Better conversions • Better conversions • Avoid driving• Low volume = low • Better targeted = • Higher markup traffic where results lower volume • More demand expected demand cannot be met
  28. 28. Look for ROI phrases KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES Trends • Intent • Gaps • Desire • Seasonal • Profits • Future Searcher ROI
  29. 29. Performance KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASESmatters More Exposure increases deceptively traffic & makes Low Exposure sales keywords look poor @PolePositionMkg #WebDriveEd
  30. 30. Don’t assume you know KEYWORD RESEARCH: SEARCH PHRASES searcher intent “cordless cordlesstelephone” “telephone headset? headset”
  32. 32. Keyword Tune-Up, Step 3 Organizing Keywords Into Targeted Groups
  33. 33. The search cycle KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION Interest Purchase Gather Exclude Research
  34. 34. How we search using keywords KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION • beauty products • facial cleansers • hair styles Specific Broad• reduce irritation• environmentally friendly Desires Topics• all natural Immediate Concerns • dry skin remedy • organic shower gel • look younger
  35. 35. Searcher shopping phases KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION Researchers Shoppers BuyersResearch Shop Buy Info Purpose: Purpose: Purpose: Purpose:Deciding on Comparing Looking at Seeking Needs Aspects Specifics Knowledge Pass visitors through each of the stages
  36. 36. Determine which pages work best KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION Research (main category) Shop Core Term (sub category) Buy (products)
  37. 37. KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATIONThe one-keyword-per-page myth
  38. 38. Head vs. long-tail targeting KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION More volume More conversions
  39. 39. It’s all in how you group them KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATIONby relation… by meaning… Cheap Organic Present • discount • natural • gift • bargain • raw • surprise Basketball Foxtrot Oscars • baseball • Waltz • Grammys • football • Tango • Emmys
  40. 40. There’s more than one way KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATIONto group keywords Wheeled leather travel bag Wheeled travel Overnight travel bags bag on wheels Wheeled sports travel bag Travel bags Leather weekend travel bag Weekend travel Durable weekend bags travel bag Heavy duty weekend travel bag
  41. 41. KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATIONKeyword organization spreadsheet
  42. 42. You can combine keyword groups KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATIONSmall groups (<10) Low search volume Single GroupAll fit the page
  43. 43. You can split keyword groups KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION Original Too many Differing Tighter Group phrases qualifiers focus
  44. 44. Keyword Tune-Up, Step 4 Putting Keywords Into Action
  45. 45. All these keywords… where do you start? KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD IN ACTION Achievable Quickest results Most profitable
  46. 46. KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD IN ACTION What is it you really want?Traffic Sales
  47. 47. The not-enough-pages myth KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD IN ACTION Write Answer information questions articles Add Content Provide Expand on expert benefits advice Review products
  48. 48. KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD IN ACTIONThe paid search test
  49. 49. Sometimes you get it wrong KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD ORGANIZATION Poorly High Bounce Low Targeted Rates Conversions Get over it
  50. 50. Keyword tool numbers rarely measure up KEYWORD RESEARCH: KEYWORD IN ACTION
  51. 51. Keyword Tune-Up: Wrap up
  52. 52. KEYWORD RESEARCH: CONCLUSIONKeyword researchisn’t easy,but it is important
  53. 53. Don’t rush! Right is right. KEYWORD RESEARCH: CONCLUSION Research Analyze Eliminate Evaluate Document
  54. 54. KEYWORD RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION Cool!Keyword research is…
  55. 55. Thank You!Next Up Website Rebuild Creating a friendly site structure to improve search presence