Keyword Segmentation


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Focuses on taking large lists of keywords and organizing them into targeted groups to create great landing pages for SEO or PPC.

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  • Keyword Segmentation

    1. 1. Keyword Segmentation How to Organize Keywords into HighlyTargeted, Customer Focused Campaigns Stoney deGeyter - Pole Position Marketing
    2. 2. Why keyword segmentation matters… Know where your audience is words they use what they mean Know who your audience is right keyword, right audience, wrong audience different terminology Target your audience effectively© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    3. 3. Visitor Search Cycle Interest Purchase Gather Exclude Research© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    4. 4. Customer Focused Segmentation… Target Areas of Needs to Audience Interest be Met Business Education Strategy Students Information Direction Hobbyists Ideas Community© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    5. 5. Not All Keywords Are Equal Single- word Info Multi- queries word • High volume, lowand stemstraffic Answers “about” phrases Actively searched targeted Analyze for convertability Geo-targeting improves conversions Plurals, singulars type questions Lower search volume, Higher targeting • Low geo-qualifiersthat don’t convert Target as Start with lower-hanging fruit Eliminate phrases as Add ROI secondary Changed word order necessary Search Phrase volume variations Convert- Localized ability© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    6. 6. Step 1: Brainstorm What can I find in thesauri, taxonomies What are my and ontologies? visitors trying to What is the average accomplish? customer searching What terms are used in for? industry glossaries and reference materials? What questions What related are my visitors categories can I asking? find in search directories? Are there any geographical phrases What terminology that are relevant? describes problems I solve? What solutions do I provide?© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    7. 7. Step 2: Dig Website Research Searcher Terms Title tags Tools Related Phrases Meta keywords Quintura Meta description How do Text people find you? Analytics Navigation What What keywords qualifiers convert? are used?© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    8. 8. Step 3: Sort ROI Terms Trends • Intent • Gaps • Desire • Seasonal • Profits • Future Searcher ROI© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    9. 9. Step 3: Remove the Junk free uk cheap© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    10. 10. Step 5: Prioritize Search Target Profit Meet volume Audience Margin Demand • How often? • Better conversions • Better conversions • Avoid driving traffic • Low volume = low • Better targeted = • Higher markup where expected results lower volume • More demand demand cannot be met© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    11. 11. Step 6: Map Core Words to Content Buy Blue Widgets California Widgets How to Use Widgets Red Widget Review Discount Widgets Custom Widget Design© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    12. 12. Step 7: Organize beauty supplies beauty beauty discount supply beauty store supply supply natural beauty supplies KPI: Achievable, Results, Profitability© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    13. 13. Step 8: Segment Keywords • Looking for general information • Have narrowed down to • Don’t know what they really want product type • Optimize on higher-level category • Comparing features pages and articles • Optimize on category and comparison pages Research Shop Info Buy • Looking for education • Have specific product in mind • How-To and other informational queries • Looking for trustworthy place to buy • Optimize on blogs and article pages • Optimize on specific product pages© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    14. 14. Step 9: Group Related Qualifiers by meaning… Cheap Organic Present • discount • natural • gift • bargain • raw • surprise by relation… Basketball Foxtrot Oscars • baseball • Waltz • Grammys • football • Tango • Emmys© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    15. 15. Let Content Guide Keyword Usage© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter
    16. 16. Thank You! Free Download The Pole Position Marketing Library© Copyright 2010 Stoney deGeyter