How to Integrate Content Into Your Search and Social Marketing Campaigns 2013


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Great content is a critical to ensure both your search and social marketing campaigns are effective. Learn how to use content to the fullest advantage of your search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

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How to Integrate Content Into Your Search and Social Marketing Campaigns 2013

  2. 2. W EB M ARKETING H AS T HE E DGE @StoneyD
  3. 3. WEB MARKETING’S EDGE Marketing is shifting from outbound to inbound Traditional Shrinking Change in media losing media budgets buyer attitudes reach reduce quality High quality Selling to customers is more content from challenging (informed) businesses Technology is cheap Inbound leads cost 62% less than outbound leads** *** Get Content. Get Customers. Leads-Cost-62-Less-than-Outbound-New-Data.aspxJoe Pulizzi, et al. March 2011
  4. 4. WEB MARKETING’S EDGE Businesses are increasing inbound marketing budgets • 89% are maintaining or increasing inbound budgets • Increase was observed two years in a row (2009, 2010)Source: Why? “Past success…”ks/the2011stateofinboundmarketingfinal.pdf
  6. 6. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETING The web is a busy placeInfographic by Shanghai Web Designers:
  7. 7. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETINGEvery twodays, wecreate as muchinformation aswe did sincethe dawn oftime to 2003.Eric Schmidt, TechCrunch, Aug. 2010
  8. 8. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETINGNumber of searches is growingexponentially Google sites = 88 billion search per month 50-200 versions of Google’s core algorithm in the wild 70% of brands’ social content does not rank top 20 for brand names Sources: comScore, Google Inside Search, BrightEdge SMO Study, 4/11
  9. 9. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETINGWeb readers lack focus and intent
  10. 10. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETINGInternet readers are highly distractible
  11. 11. THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETINGInternet readers are usuallymulti-tasking
  12. 12. W HY Y OU N EED C ONTENT , S EARCH & S OCIAL@Martijen
  13. 13. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIALSocial media is sexy Top of Sought Alluring Mind After
  14. 14. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIAL Social can’t go it alone Search & Social Conversions 1% Search 48% Search + Social 51% Social AloneSource: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011
  15. 15. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIAL Social media is closely tied to branding and customer loyalty Consumer Connections via Social Media AFTER Purchase Likely to Follow Unlikely Unsure 64%Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011
  16. 16. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIALPurchasing decisions Info for Purchasing Decisions 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Internet Search 92% Blogs 53% User-generated 46% 92% Message boards 34% Social networks 26% Magazines 20% TV Newspapers Media Used Frequently* by US Internet Users** to Find Information to Help with Purchase Decisions, March 2010
  17. 17. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIAL “The Virtuous Circle” “A shape appears to be forming in the Content brand opportunity to connect with consumers. Consumers want accurate, timely information and they Search will alternate between two channels; one they feel is ubiquitous and a part of their everyday life (search), and one that [has the ability to] not only introduce brand purchase decisions, but alter their Social intentions and confirm their final purchase decision (social media).”Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011
  18. 18. WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIALThree major considerations for onlinemarketing Search Social Content Engines Media Conversions
  20. 20. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLANWeb marketing cycle Org Goals Analysis Customer Needs Content, Search Action Desired & Social Mix
  21. 21. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLANSetting web marketing goals Customer Specific Measurable focused
  22. 22. Who are you trying to COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN reach? Build personas PrioritiesExpectations Benchmarks Decision Obstacles Process
  23. 23. How do you find out COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN what your personas want? Listen!Interviews Conferences Reviews Social Media
  24. 24. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN How to develop personas What are their goals and aspirations? What are their problems? What media do they rely on for their answers to problems? What style of content would appeal to them? What sorts of images and multimedia appeal to each? What words and phrases do these buyers use? How can we reach them?*New Rules of Marketing and PR David Meerman Scott
  25. 25. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLANWhat do you want thecustomer to do? Read content Sign up Call for Make a for Set a more emails meeting info purchase Download contentMicroconversions Conversions Macroconversion
  26. 26. Match persona to quality content COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN Blog E-mail News Case Podcasts Studies Website E-books Video White Photos Papers Articles
  27. 27. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLANMake quality content findable Keywords and Long-tail Metadata Phrases Useful Headline Content Call to Action
  28. 28. Share content. Engage with readers COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN Invest in Share Engage with Customers Share Your Chosen Others’ in Two-way Content Channels Content Conversation
  29. 29. COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLANHow will you measure success? Return on Readership Sales Lift Objective (ROO)* Studies Engagement Analytics Micro and Macro Conversions * Get Content. Get Customers. Joe Pulizzi, et al.
  31. 31. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGWhat is Destination Search EngineMarketing?“The process of building awebsite that becomes a desireddestination point for thoselooking for the product, serviceor information you provide.”
  32. 32. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGWhy do you deserve to be #1?Lowest prices XBetter customer service XBeen in business longer XNo one does it better X
  33. 33. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Benefits of Destination Search Marketing Generate Improve Increase BuildDrive traffic Create buzz repeat conversions ROI loyalty customers
  34. 34. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGStand out in a sea of thousands
  35. 35. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGBuild a site that is different Content Presentation Interaction Resources On-site experience
  36. 36. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Provide something thatcan’t be found elsewhere Unique Interesting (find a (be niche) different) Valuable Compelling (expert (new info) resource)
  37. 37. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGWhat do you get from exposure? Most Sites Destination Sites Traffic Traffic Sales Sales Repeat customers Word of mouth
  38. 38. DESTINATION SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGDon’t sacrifice conversionsfor rankings Strong on- and off- page SEO Excellent on-page customer performance Exceptional off-page marketing exposure Superb business and customer satisfaction
  40. 40. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEDon’t underestimate the valueof good content More More More expert opportunities pertinent info knowledge to persuade to make sale1 Expert Information
  41. 41. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEDon’t addcontent for thesake of addingcontentJudge the audience’s needs• Understand personas• Understand personalitiesAvoid optimized textoverkill• No proper amount of text• Brief, but fulfilling1 Expert Information
  42. 42. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITETypes of expert informationSales/marketing copy• About us• News room• Product info and specsNon-marketing information• Product comparisons• Product reviews• Tips & tutorials• Helpful opinions• Company & executive background info• “Ask the Expert” section1 Expert Information
  43. 43. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEPoor usability equals poor userexperience Common Issues • Poor navigation • Confusing site layout • Lost calls to action2 Usability • Little internal linking
  44. 44. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEPoor user experience leads tohigh bounce rates2 Usability
  45. 45. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITECreate a clear path to the conversion2 Usability
  46. 46. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEWhat makes you truly unique?Unlimitedcustomersupport Hassle-free returns Proprietary products Free shipping More experts available? Unique Value3 Proposition
  47. 47. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITETwo key ways to gain authority Buy Exposure Earn Exposure Make Establish Credibility Friends Ties Serve Word of Inform Customers Mouth Time and4 Presence
  48. 48. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITEOffer a unique perspective Humorous Serious Whimsical Snarky Flowery Thoughtful Brutally honest Down to earth5 Voice Never corporate
  49. 49. SIX BUILDING BLOCKS OF A DESTINATION WEBSITETrust: absolutely essential for success How to Build Trust Return calls Secure Be Open & Customers Exceed and emails Information Honest First expectations Trust &6 Credibility
  50. 50. W RITING W ITH S EARCH IN M IND @StoneyD
  51. 51. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDHow people search Hear Keywords Think Search Keywords Keywords Keyword Content
  52. 52. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDEvery search is a desire to learn QuestionsWho What How When Where Why Education News RecentHow to Ways to Ideas for about events Shopping Price Trust Policies Shipping
  53. 53. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDThe cycle of search activity Until SEARCHES GOALS start with achieved an idea SEARCHER SEARCH Learns and RESULTS Searches provide Again answers SEARCHER gains knowledge
  54. 54. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDWrite for human experience firstEducation Persuasion Readability • Answer • State • Write questions benefits naturally
  55. 55. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDWrite for search engines secondMaintainreader value nd 2Keywords notobviousPersuasivecontent
  56. 56. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDHow the Pinocchio Effect impactsrankings Keyword LSI? Tag Related Keyword Words Density Natural Language Headings
  57. 57. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDHow pages rank • Page Topic • Keywords UsesContent • Authority • Social Mentions • Link Sources Links • Link Volume • Page Speed • Bounce RatesMetrics • Conversions
  58. 58. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDContent is found via links Your site Other sites Page A B F J N C G K O Page B D H L P E I M Q
  59. 59. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MIND How search engines see contentText text text red marbles text text text text skeif mule text texttext rope text red marbles text text textjumpSkeiftext texttext red marbles text texttext mule text text mule text text textrubber balls text text text text text texttext skief mule text text text text texttext red marbles text text text text text rubber ballstext text text skieftext texttext text text red text text mule texttext text text textmarbles text text texttext skief mule text text text texttext text jump rope text rubber balls text texttext red marbles text text text text text Redtext text text text text text skieftext texttext text text text text text text mule text jump rope text Rubber Red marbles marbles balls Jump rope Focused keywords Too many keywords!
  60. 60. WRITING WITH SEARCH IN MINDFive rules of online copywriting Avoid text in graphics Users before engines Write enough content Target phrases not words Don’t force it!
  61. 61. C REATING Y OUR C ONTENT@Martijen
  62. 62. 7 content must haves CREATING YOUR CONTENT1. Killer headline.2. Stimulating intro (writing, videos, podcasts). Get to the point with panache!3. Images. In a social online environment, pictures are a must. But don’t use too many!4. Organization. Stick to the point and don’t meander. Less is usually more.5. Speak human!6. Links to more info on your site or attributions when you use others’ work or ideas.7. Call to action. Let your readers know what to do next.
  63. 63. Killer headlines CREATING YOUR CONTENTGrab attention CompelUse keywords
  64. 64. CREATING YOUR CONTENT8 headline styles that work Direct Approach: Free Diabetes eBook Indirect Approach: Cut the Sweet Talk News Headline: Hospital Opens New Diabetes Clinic How-to Headline: How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Question Headline: Is Your Diabetes Out of Control? Command Headline: Get Help for Your Diabetes Now Reason Why Headline: Five Reasons to Get Diabetes Under Control Testimonial Headline: “I Got My Life Back, Thanks a Diabetes Clinic.” *Adapted from The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly and
  65. 65. CREATING YOUR CONTENTExpose the need in a way thatimpacts themWhy are they here? Create a need Use vivid language Provide a trail to the solution
  66. 66. CREATING YOUR CONTENTProvide a solution for problems Sympathize with their needs State importance of solution Explain solution you offer Show you care Convince them you can help
  67. 67. Show the CREATING YOUR CONTENTbenefits of whatyou offer What’s in it for them? Benefits over specs What’s the result? What do they gain?
  68. 68. CREATING YOUR CONTENTHelp them justify and move to actionTackle hindrancesOvercome obstaclesJustify the purchase Provide examples
  69. 69. CREATING YOUR CONTENTAsk (and answer) questions Where? When? How? What? Who?
  70. 70. CREATING YOUR CONTENTMake sure visitors learn something new How to… Recent Ways to… events? News Ideas for… about…
  72. 72. BUILDING YOUR CONTENTBalancing the pull of visitor and engines
  73. 73. Keyword rich title tags BUILDING YOUR CONTENT<Title>Beauty Tips, Cosmetics and Skin CareTutorials</Title> Influences Rankings Drives Provides Initial Label for Click Browser *65 Character Limit
  74. 74. How to ruin a title tag BUILDING YOUR CONTENT Not Unique Leads with Business Name Long List of Keywords Not Compelling
  75. 75. Should title tags be branded? BUILDING YOUR CONTENT Front Branded: Recognizable BrandsBusiness Name | Latest in women’s makeup, hair and clothing fashions Rear Branded: Build RecognitionBuy Body Cleansers and Moisturizers for Bath and Body| Business Name Non-Branded: No Brand ConcernKorres Natural Shower Gel with Basil Lemon Rejuvenates Dry Skin
  76. 76. Compelling meta description tags BUILDING YOUR CONTENT20-40 word page summary Substantially unique CompellingNot needed on every page
  77. 77. Use headings and sub-heads BUILDING YOUR CONTENT Makes Scannable Provides Relevance Creates Hierarchy Assists Navigation
  78. 78. Proper heading tag hierarchy BUILDING YOUR CONTENT<h1>One H1 per page.</h1> <h2>Use outline format.</h2> <h3>Keep content organized</h3>
  79. 79. Format your body content properly BUILDING YOUR CONTENT One idea per Important paragraph info first Answer all Provide facts questions & benefits Link to sup- porting ideas
  80. 80. Integrate calls to action BUILDING YOUR CONTENT Provide the Next Step Encourage Supporting Data Call them to Action
  81. 81. Use images to draw visitors in BUILDING YOUR CONTENT
  82. 82. Making good use of editorial linking BUILDING YOUR CONTENT Look for Integrate Increase Natural Links Keywords Engagement
  84. 84. Keywords don’t always mean KEEPING YOUR CONTENT FOCUSEDwhat we think “cordless cordless telephone” “telephone headset? headset” Bag Bag of Bean Lady Worms Sandwich Sleeping Duffel Bag Bag Bag Bag
  85. 85. Group keyword qualifiers KEEPING YOUR CONTENT FOCUSEDby meaning… Cheap Organic Present • discount • natural • gift • bargain • raw • surpriseby relation… Basketball Foxtrot Oscars • baseball • Waltz • Grammys • football • Tango • Emmys
  86. 86. Integrating core terms KEEPING YOUR CONTENT FOCUSED • Specific phrase Core Term • Use appropriately baby bedding Choose from a wide variety of affordable baby bedding. Select sheets and comforters for both boys and girls. Your baby’s bedding can be fitted perfectly with her crib or toddler bed.
  87. 87. Integrating supporting phrases KEEPING YOUR CONTENT FOCUSED • Core Term w/qualifierSupporting • Long-tail phrases baby beddingChoose from a wide variety ofaffordable baby bedding.Select sheets and comfortersfor both boys and girls. Yourbaby’s bedding can be fittedperfectly with her crib ortoddler bed.
  88. 88. Integrating related words KEEPING YOUR CONTENT FOCUSED • Stemmed variations Related • Semantic relation baby bedding Choose from a wide variety of affordable baby bedding. Select sheets and comforters for both boys and girls. Your baby’s bedding can be fitted perfectly her crib or toddler bed.
  90. 90. Benefits of social media SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS Traffic Links Credibility Conversions
  92. 92. Challenges of social media SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS Time commitment Number of sites Reasons for participating Understanding channel audiences Engagement
  93. 93. SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICSSocial media often lacks…
  94. 94. Set your goals SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS Presence Brand Conversions
  95. 95. Where is your audience? SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS Social giants Industry-specific sites Local sites
  96. 96. Set your microgoals SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS • Introduction (awareness, drive traffic to site) • Expansion into new market Presence • Conversation (word of mouth) and connections • Reviews • Sentiment Brand • Mentions/reviews • Evangelism • Leads • Subscriptions Conversions • • Social shares and comments Targeted site traffic • Sales
  97. 97. Social media channel selection SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS Goals Resources Customers
  98. 98. SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICSChoose your sites
  99. 99. Be great with the channels you choose SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS
  101. 101. Content is the starting point BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDAR Fresh or Goal-oriented Repurposed Relevant and Customer Informative Focused Optimized for Search and Social
  102. 102. Blueprint for content and social: BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDARdaily tasksPost updates to social channels you’recommitted to. Check key influencers’ content. Comment on and share at least two items. Post info related to latest blog post or other content. Be compelling. Share other valuable industry content with followers/fans.
  103. 103. Blueprint for content and social: BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDARweekly tasks Specific Goals Specific Customers 1-2 blog posts Call to Action Keywords
  104. 104. Blueprint for content and social: BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDARmonthly tasks Produce video or photostream • Product or service related • Funny or educational Post to YouTube • YouTube, Vimeo • Flickr, Pinterest Embed in blog • Socialize Create how-to post or article • Publish on blog and add to learning library • Socialize Write a news release • Publish on site and push out to news release service with links
  105. 105. Blueprint for content and social: BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDARquarterly tasks Prepare and send e-newsletter • Use program that offers tracking Sponsor event related to goals • Virtual or live • Bolster with blog posts, news releases, blogger and community outreach
  106. 106. Incorporate special BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDARdates, holidays, season andevents April Fools Holidays Day Easter Earth Day National Autism International National Pie National Awareness Pooper “blank” Day Week Tweed Day Month Scooper Week Spring Gardening Seasonal Cleaning Spring Break Ideas Pure How to Spring trends 15 Minute decorate on a Vinyl wall art Content in curtains Pillow cases dime
  107. 107. Tips for keeping it all together BUILDING YOUR PUBLISHING CALENDAR Content Focused Creation Strategy Goals Publishing Consistent Time Calendar Investment
  108. 108. T RACKING & M EASURING S OCIAL M EDIA@Martijen
  109. 109. Challenges of tracking social media TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA Time Drain Expense Drowning in Data Tying to Goals
  110. 110. Track what matters: conversation TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIArate Comments Replies Brand Mentions * Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value, Avinash Kaushik.
  111. 111. Track what matters: amplification TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIArate Retweets Shares Repins
  112. 112. Track what matters: applause rate TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA Favorites Likes +1’s and Pins Links and Reviews
  113. 113. Track what matters: economic TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIAvalue Site Referrals Visitor Behavior Goal Completion
  114. 114. Methods of monitoring and tracking TRACKING &MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA Spreadsheet Sprout Social Radian6 True Social Metrics SocialReport BrandsEye Google Alerts HootSuite Trackur UberVue Google Analytics Wildfire Brandwatch ViralHeat Argyle TweetDeck Lithium Awareness Topsy Twitter Search Spredfast Buddy Media + More!
  116. 116. Interrelated web marketing disciplines LINK BUILDING, SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PR Online PR Social Media Link Building
  117. 117. What is link building? LINK BUILDING, SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PR SEO • Keyword-rich links on external sites pointing to your keyword-optimized pages • Improve rankings, visibility and credibility
  118. 118. Link building and social media LINK BUILDING, SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PR Connections • Build relationships that can lead to links • Identify, engage influencers who may collaborate • Share content others want to link to
  119. 119. Link building and public relations LINK BUILDING, SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PR Outreach • Focus truly is on the public • News releases are for all online readers • Many options for publicity, reputation management, coverage and links beyond traditional media outlets
  120. 120. Integration of links, social and PR LINK BUILDING, SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PRLink Building Social MediaSEO Sub-set: Keyword-richlinks on external sites Online PRpointing to your keyword- Build relationships that canoptimized pages lead to links Focus truly is on the publicImprove rankings, visibility Identify, engage influencers who may collaborate News releases are for alland credibility online readers Share content others want to link to Many options for publicity, reputation management, coverage and links beyond traditional media outlets
  121. 121. Thank You! Find Us