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Stone Works Canada-stone installation


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interlocking stone, retaining walls products from best manufactures like Unilock, Oaks, Techo-Block, Bestway Stone, Triple H, Hanson, Brooklin as well as landscape supplies and accessories such as bulk and bagged aggregates, polymeric sand, aluminum and plastic edging, adhesives and wide variety of tools needed for
successful completion of any outdoor project
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Stone Works Canada-stone installation

  1. 1. TM PAT PEND Installation Guide Warranty 2 Product Mix and Packaging 3 Estimating Sq.ft. and Tools 4 Wall Types 5 Applying the Stone 6 “Poz-E-Flo ” and Corners ® 7 Phoenix Bond Pattern 8 Trimming Stone 9 Working around Openings 10 Watertable/Sill Installation 11 Keystone, Mortar and Grouting 12 Mortar Joint Styles 13 Finishing Touch 14 Completed Jobs 15 Completed Jobs 16 600250
  2. 2. Family Tradition with Family Pride “Fusion Stone” marks a new dimension in Stone Veneers at Shouldice Designer Stone with aesthetic beauty, ease of installation, extensive spectrums of choice and cost efficiency. Unique and individual expression are guaranteed when “Fusion Stone” is incorporated in construction design. Shouldice Designer Stone was founded in 947 as a manufacturing facility for an extensive spectrum of Stone Profiles. Shouldice today is a third generation family business supplying projects of distinction on all modes of construction throughout North America. Backed by Family Values with a commitment to quality and innovation, we have grown to become today’s leading manufacturer of Stone Products and Veneers on the market. We strive to stay in touch with the world of design by having a clear vision ensuring our mix of products reflect the evolving desires and needs with TM our customers. Recognized as the leader in the Industry we continue to build on our reputation as an innovator for a third generation family business. Steve, Mark Brad Shouldice are hands on in day to day operations and work shoulder to shoulder with skilled Craftsmen in their Stone creation roles. Thank-you for your consideration. We would love the opportunity to prove our worth and value for you. Rob Shouldice Fusion Stone Warranty and Guarantee The strongest attribute Shouldice products possess is The Lifetime Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is very important and that commitment is reflected in our Guarantee. Shouldice Guarantees For Life the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity of their products, and any product that proves defective before, during or after installation will be replaced or repaired without cost. A Guarantee of Strength and Performance on all “Fusion Stone” products is provided to the original purchaser when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed as per the manufacturers requirements. Products installed in accordance to installation guidelines that prove defective will be replaced without cost (excluding labour). Proof of purchase is required. The Warranty does not cover what we have no control over, namely building settlement, wall movement, contact with chemicals and airborne contaminants that may cause staining or colour changes to the product. 2
  3. 3. Fusion Stone Product Mix Phoenix Stone Architectural Stone Watertable/Sill Brick Keystone and Corners and Corner and Corner and Corner Starter Strip Poz-E_-Flow Packaging Fusion Stone Products are packaged in two container sizes. The small size or “Small-Pak” weighs less than 60 lbs and contains 5 sq.ft. of product. The large size or “Bulk-Pak” contains between 00 to 60 sq.ft./ container depending on Stone size and the two container sizes can be used to match exact material needs. Fusion Stone is packaged to allow outdoor storage keeping product clean and dry until needed. Fusion Stone…The Package System New and Exclusive to Fusion Stone is the way it’s installed. The Patented Fusion Stone system is simple, easy, and large or small your project is guaranteed to offer a lifetime of performance with unmatched beauty. Fusion Stone comes with the following components packed on every skid: • The Fusion Stone of your choice • Stainless steel clips (quantity matches square feet per container) Small-Pak Bulk-Pak • Stainless Steel screws • Robertson Power Drivers • “Poz-E-Flo” Drainage Panels are sold separately, by the piece or in 00 sq.ft. boxes (8 sheets). Starter Strips come in 4’ lengths and are sold separately. Starter strips may be purchased individually or in bundles of 5 pcs (60 linear ft.) “Bulk-Pak” “Poz-E-Flo” Drainage Panel Starter Strips Clips Screws (Sold Separately) (Sold Separately) (Included with all Fusion Stone Products “Bulk-Pak” and “Small-Pak”)
  4. 4. Estimating Square Footage Fusion Stone consists of two key components called Flats and Corners that are used in almost all installations. Flats are applied ’ to the entire flat wall surface in the work area and are measured in square feet. Fusion Stone corners are applied to all outside 8’ + ’ - + 8’ - corners and are ordered in vertical feet. Using corners around window and door openings will add distinguished finishing touches 8’ for individual expression. ’ 7’ Step #1: Calculate the total project square footage; multiply the length by the height of each surface area to be covered. Deduct the area of all openings such as windows and doors from the total. 20’ 20’ Step #2: Calculate the total vertical feet of all outside Corners required. Note: Window and Door openings may or may not require corner pieces depending on individual design and preference. Typical Phoenix or Brick Take-Off Step #3: To determine the square feet of Flat Stones required, the (Example based on Building shown above) area covered by the Corner Stones needs to be subtracted from Wall Area: 8’ x 20’ + 8’ x 20’ = 320sq.ft. the total wall area. Calculate the Corner Stone area by multiplying Opening Area: ’ x ’ + ’ x 7’= 30sq.ft. the vertical feet of each corner by the Corner Stone coverage listed below. Subtract this figure from your total wall area for the Corner Area: 8’ x corners = 24 sq.ft. required square feet of Flat Stones. Some extra quantity of Flats are desirable for cutting and trimming. Wall Area - Opening Area – Corners Area Equals Total Flat Stones Required Phoenix Stone Brick: vertical ft. of corner = sq.ft. of flat stone 20 sq.ft. - 0 sq.ft.- 24 sq.ft. = 266 sq.ft. Architectural Stone: vertical ft. of corner = sq.ft. of flat stone Total Starter Strip required: 20’+20’+’+’= 46 linear feet Tools Required For Fusion Stone installation the following tools will get the job done right. We want you to enjoy your Hawk completed project so please ensure Mask and Wheel Barrow Angle Grinder a safety first attitude is maintained Safety Glasses with Diamond or during installation of your project Masonry Blade Jointer Chalk Line Level Hammer Slicker Tape Measure Tin Snips Utility Knife Stapler /2” Cordless Drill/ Staples String Level Masonry Chisel Wisk Screw Gun Tools Optional Power Saw Power Grouter Grouting Bag w diamond/masonry Laser Level blade 4
  5. 5. Wall Types Stud Wall (Wood or Steel Studs) Fusion Stone installations are Pre- Engineered to a maximum height of Stud Wall 0 feet. Heights may be increased Plywood or OSB when approved by Building Officials Board and specified by a Structural Weather Resistant Engineer. Barrier Fusion Stone is unique and may be “Poz-E-Flo ” ® installed on above grade or at grade Fusion Brick applications (the starter Fusion Watertable/Sill strip must be installed a minimum Stainless Steel Clip /4” clearance below to allow for and Screw drainage). Fusion Stone can be Fusion Architectural installed in above freezing or below Stone freezing conditions and in dry conditions or wet weather. No wall ties are required as the “Fusion Clip” does the job of a Brick tie. Masonry Block or Concrete Wall Ensure substrate is a minimum 7/6” OSB or /2” Plywood, and covered in a code approved, breathable Masonry Block weather-resistant barrier. Fusion Strapping Stone should only be installed to structurally sound surfaces incorporating sound building practices. Plywood or OSB should be fastened to the stud with the following minimums, spiral or ringed nails with a /4” penetration or screws with a ” penetration and a vertical spacing of eight inches. Exterior Insulation When Rigid Foam Insulation is applied simply use longer fasteners to anchor Plywood or OSB to the wall assembly. Rigid Foam Insulation Rigid Foam Fusion Clip Plywood or OSB Poz-E-Flo® Fusion Stone Starter Strip Weather Resistant Barrier Flashing as per code 5
  6. 6. Flashing and Moisture Building codes vary from area to 1 Barriers area so check your Local Building To maintain weather- Code Specifications. resistance of the exterior wall on The installation of water proofing, which Fusion Stone products are caulking, flashing around doors installed, a rigid, corrosion-resistant and windows, gutters and down flashing and a means of drainage spouts must be installed correctly shall be installed at all penetrations to prevent water infiltration and and terminations of the Stone damage in later years. Cladding. Install flashing under the weather resistant barrier Starter Strip 2 Level and install Stainless Steel Starter Strips using Stainless Steel Screws provided. All Starter Strips are made of Stainless Steel for Permanent Performance. Level starter strip. Allow a minimum /4” Install with stainless steel screws provided clearance above grade for drainage. Install Starter Strip over top of window and Install “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels over door openings. top of Starter Strip Drainage Panels 3 Install “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels using a staple gun. “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels must over lap the Starter Strip. They are supplied in 40” x 48” sheets and “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels can easily be cut to fit with a utility knife. See “Poz-E-Flo®” information on the next page. Staple “Poz-E-Flo®” Panels with staple gun Install “Poz-E-Flo®” over top of Starter Strip with no overlap, just butt panels together Keeping it Level 4 Snap a horizontal chalk line every 24” on the wall (Starting from Starter Strip). This line can be used as a visual reference that the Stones are maintaining a level Chalk Lines 24” installation. The Fusion Stone Clip will maintain an exact /8” mortar joint spacing between Stones and if the Stone is not sitting level then simply spread the clip by hand or pinch bar to Snap a horizontal chalk line every 24” on the If required spread clip by hand achieve level installation. This leveling wall to use as a level reference line. or pinch bar to achieve level technique should seldom have to be installation (use gloves). used but works if need be. 6
  7. 7. “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels The Fusion Stone “Poz-E-Flo®” The Fusion Stone “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels are exclusively Drainage Panel System guarantees manufactured for ease of what gets through the exterior wall handling and installation. get trapped and vertically drained They are supplied in 40” x 48” back outside, not inside where real sheets, not in a large roll that harm and moisture damage can is difficult to handle and move. occur. In addition the Fusion Stone “Poz-E-Flo®” is the best water “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panel has drainage system on the market a felt covering on one side to keep today. mortar and other contaminating Can walls leak??…Yes! And materials from plugging the if they don’t leak today they drainage performance over time. may leak tomorrow. Walls may shift or move, caulking No weepers are required as ages and can separate from “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels wall component areas, mortar provide positive vertical drainage joints can leak when they and ventilation and there is no need “Poz-E-Flo®” with felt covering cut away to crack, foundations shift from to over lap panels, just butt the show drainage grid. Mother Nature extremes etc. edges together. 5 Start with the Corners Install Corners onto the Starter Strip using Clips and Screws. Install a Flat Piece on either side of the Corner. then place the second Corner on top alternating long and short sides. Place Corner piece on both Starter Strips Secure using 2 screws on the long side and on the short side Place Flat Stone next to the short side of the Place the next Corner Piece alternating the Corner Piece long and short side to overlap the Stone Work toward the centre 6 Install Flat Stones working toward the centre of the wall while consistantly maintaining a /8” space for the mortar joint between Stones. Refer to bond patterns on the next page for correct overlap and Clip placement. 7
  8. 8. Typical Fusion Stone 7 Phoenix Bond The two Stone heights need to be evenly mixed throughout the wall for the best natural Stone appearance. The 8” high pieces should be placed to Start by installing a single course of 4 and 8” Stones ensuring that the 8” Stones do not break up long horizontal mortar touch each other and are spaced evenly. Place Clips as shown. joints and spaced so they don’t lay next to each other. Overlap stones a minimum of 2” and always try to maintain a maximum 8” vertical mortar joint. Add the second course using both 4” and 8” Stones again making sure the 8” Stones do not touch. Continue up the wall one course at a time using both 4” and 8” Stones as this ensures the 8” Stones break up long horizontal mortar joints. Stainless Steel Clips, Screws and Robertson Keep vertical mortar joints to a maximum of Overlap Stone a MINIMUM of 2” Power Drivers included. 8 inches. Fusion Clips Phoenix Stone Watertable Architectural Bond Red markers indicate correct Clip locations for Architectural Stone. Each Clip is placed an equal dis- tance between the vertical mortar joints. Notice the Clips on top of the Watertable/Sill are placed to suit the next course of the Fusion Architectural Stone Architectural Stone as well as the Watertable/Sill. 8
  9. 9. Brick Bond Each row is offset by half the width of the Brick (which is called half bond or running bond). Clips are placed at each end on the bottom and the centre on the top. The space in the Clip must line up with the mortar joint. Mortar Space Stainless Steel Brick Clip, Screws and Robertson Power Driver Place Clips as shown for running bond included 8 Trimming Stones Stones may be cut to length using an angle grinder or power saw with a diamond or masonry blade to score the backside. Phoenix Stone may then be split using a masonry chisel. This method leaves a natural edge and the antique finish may be restored by rubbing the cut edge firmly with a waste piece of Fusion Stone. Trimming for Custom Corners Score backside first (angle grinder shown) Finish with a chisel to break off piece Use a power saw to cut custom angles for areas such as bay windows. Cut this Stone to match required angle Maintain /8 mortor joint between pieces Rub a waste Stone over the edge to restore the antique texture. Power saw with a masonry blade (optional). 9
  10. 10. Cutting Fusion Slots Check to see if the blade of the angle grinder is equal to the height of the slot on your Fusion Stone. If required adjust the blade using shims (flat washers). With the the angle grinder guard on a firm flat surface cut a new slot where required. Use spacers (flat washers) to adjust height Cut slot in the Stone on a firm flat of cut. surface, bracing the Stone securely. Working around 9 Windows and Doors Sometimes Fusion Stone will not course out even with the top or bottom of windows and doors. This can be resolved with horizontal trimming or Soldier coursing. When trimming Fusion Stone horizontally to the required height Horizontal cut Stone to fit under and Restore slot only where Clips are required cut two slots, one at each end, for over windows/doors to restore bond the Fusion Clips using an angle grinder. Use the same technique when the top of a window or door does not line up with the bond Soldier Coursing Fusion Stone Fusion Stone may be installed as soldier coursing above windows or doors and creates a pleasant look while allowing custom height stones to course out with the existing bond. Note: Clips may be installed in vertical grooves the same the as in the horizontal Soldier coursing can also be used to restore Cut Clip slots in the end of Stones for grooves. bond when the base of a window does not soldier coursing line up with the bond When soldier coursing centre the Stone spacing to achieve a balanced look around windows and doors. The base of the Soldier Stone Piece is Some Clip adjustment may be required to secured in the Starter Strip and then Cliped suit the next course. as shown 0
  11. 11. Wall Watertable/Sill 10 Installation The Fusion Watertable/ Sill provides an attractive and professional transition from Fusion Stone to other wall assembly materials such as siding, brick or stucco. Place the Watertable/Sill Firmly on When installing Watertable/Sill a minimum of two Clips on top should be used. If Fusion Stone is to be installed above the Watertable/Sill place the Clips as required for the style used. lower Clips and install two Clips 2” in from each end. If a Fusion Stone product is to be used above the Watertable/Sill more Clips may be needed so place Clips according to the products spacing requirement. Watertable/Sill used as a transition from Watertable/Sill used as a transition from Fusion Stone Phoenix to siding. Fusion Architectural to Fusion Brick. Window Watertable/Sill 11 Installation Place upper Clips as shown. See Clip Window openings smaller photo below than 20” may be installed using a single 24” Watertable/Sill. Position the Watertable/Sill on lower Clips Cut both Watertable/Sills equally for best appearance when and attach one Clip on top at each two Watertable/Sills are used. Place upper Clips as shown. end of the Watertable/Sill. Watertable/Sills should extend a For multiple piece Watertable/Sills place cut piece in the centre or cut all pieces equally to minimum of 2” past the opening balance appearance. Place upper Clips as shown. width for best appearance and to provide an area for Clip mounting. Window openings wider then 20” require two or more Watertable/Sill Units that can be trimmed to fit. For the best appearance of multiple unit Watertable/Sills, trim left and right sides equally to balance mortar joint spacing. Watertable/ Sills are fastened at each end using Extend Watertable/Sills 2” past the edge of If Watertable/Sill does not extend past the slots cut with an angle grinder. the window and place Clip as shown. window edge or to join multiple Watertable/ Sills use Clips on ends. Cut slots on the end to attach Mutiple 24” Watertable/Sills can be Watertable/Sills tight to window bottom. joined this way for wider windows
  12. 12. Keystone installation 12 Fusion Stone Keystones are manufactured with slots on the top and bottom to provide rock solid fastening with hidden Clips and Screws. Trim surrounding stones to match Keystone angle allowing for a /8 mortar joint. Mortar Tips Mortar Type With Fusion Stone we recommend Mixing Mortar Keep the Stones Dry a Pre-mix, Type “N” mortar. Follow directions on the bag Fusion Stone is manufactured Pre-mix mortar is the simplest and working in small batches. If using an integral water repellant easiest to use (just add water) and colouring is used, measure ratio agent that reduces water provides consistency from start to carefully to ensure consistent absorption and efflorescence. finish. colour from batch to batch. This low absorption rate may affect set up time of the mortar Mortar Colour joints. A slow set up time will Don’t forget with Mortar being 0% be an advantage in warm dry of your wall area that colouring weather but it is important to plain mortar from ordinary grey to a keep all material covered and shading of brown, black or a colour dry in wet or cold conditions to of your choice will always add ensure tooling of the joint can be Definition, Depth and Richness to done at the proper time. any wall assembly. Grouting Mortar Joints 13 The last phase of installation is the filling in (grouting) of the mortar joints. You will require one of the following tools to fill the mortar joints. · Hawk or Trowel · Grout Bag (Icing type) · Power Trowel or Grout pump · Jointer Grouting the Joints with Trowel and Jointer Grouting the Joints with Grout Bag All techinques of grouting work fine but the more automated it is the easier it will be. Use consistent batching procedures when mixing Mortar and read instuctions on bag. Avoid installing mortar in joints with air pockets as this can cause mortar failure. Make sure joints are filled completely to the “Poz-E-Flo®” Drainage Panels. Grouting the Joints with Power Trowel Power Trowel detail 2
  13. 13. Mortar Joint Styles The “tooled” joint must not have a The “Bagged” joint is an 14 There are many mortar joint depth greater than /8” back from increasingly popular way to achieve options including concave, the stone face to avoid exposing an old-world, rustic look. When tooled and bagged. the clips. the joint type is selected weather The “concave” joint leaves a resistance and appearance must be rounded mortar joint. considered. Concave Joint Tooled Joint Bagged Joint Finish mortar joints 15 You will need a jointer to “strike” off the mortar to your desired style. Tool the joint after the Mortar has begun to stiffen slightly (normally 0-60 minutes). Should a joint be tooled too soon (in a wet condition) a light joint results and conversely if a joint is allowed to become too stiff a dark joint will result. Remember that jointing is the final step so care For a Concave Joint use a Tool only a shallow Tooled Joint (maximum /8 Deep) to should be taken for professional round jointer. avoid exposing Fusion Stone Clips. results. Use a wisk broom to sweep away excess crumbs of mortar after jointing. The broom will also take the shine off the mortar joint for a non-slick mortar appearance. Care must be taken to avoid smearing of mortar on the Stone surface. For a Bagged Joint install mortar flush or Lightly flatten the high points of the Bagged Accidental smears should be slightly over the stone surface. Joint with a piece of carpet or bag. removed only after mortar has become crumbly using a wisk broom or dry brush. Never use a wet brush or broom. Use a DRY wisk broom to remove loose mortar.
  14. 14. Freeze board and Soffit Details to Add the Finishing Touch Freeze board covers union Stone goes behind Soffit Stone meets Soffit Soldier Coursing may be used to ensure the Stone meets the Soffit and adds a great finishing detail. Replacing Existing Siding Remove the existing siding and make sure the wall is sound and not degraded due to wet or dry Existing Siding rot. If this is the case, install a new substrate before installing the Fusion Stone system. Weather Top wing of Clip removed Resistant Barrier overlaps flashing Flashing Modified Clip Fusion Watertable/Sill To allow tight fit where the siding meets the Watertable/Sill, Fusion Brick, modify the Clips used to install the Watertable/Sill by cutting Stone or off the top wing as shown above. Architectural 4
  15. 15. Cleaning Stones Fusion Solutions Removing Excess Mortar If cleaning is required, use a mild masonry detergent and follow manufactures instructions. Pressure washers should not be used as a means for removing excess mortar or splatters. Efflorescence If efflorescence occurs, it is caused by moisture migration through the masonry. Once the moisture is on the masonry surface it evaporates and can leave dissolved salts in the form of efflorescence that will disappear naturally with time. To clean the efflorescence right away scrub the surface with a soft bristle brush and solution of part household vinegar with 5 parts water. Wash off with a flood coat of water from a garden hose, DO NOT Fusion Architectural and Watertable/Sill to Brick use high pressure washers. Fusion Brick Fusion Stone with Window Details Fusion Stone to Brick with Watertable/Sills Fusion Stone 5
  16. 16. Fusion Stone to Siding 6 Fusion Stone Fusion Stone to Stucco Fusion Stone to Brick Fusion Brick Fusion Stone to Wooden Shakes TM Fusion Stone products are proudly hand crafted in modern manufacturing facilities by some of the most talented craftsmen available. For additional information on beautiful and maintenance free Fusion Stone products and PAT PEND services please visit us at or call -800-265-74. 800-265-3174 • Fax: 800-211-6060 Established 1947 6 THE DESIGNER STONE COLLECTION IS EXCLUSIVELY MANUFACTURED AND PROCESSED UNDER PATENT PROTECTION U.S PATENT 4,5,549 AND CANADIAN PATENTS ,69,265 2,27,9. PRINTED IN CANADA 05002