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interlocking stone, retaining walls products from best manufactures like Unilock, Oaks, Techo-Block, Bestway Stone, Triple H, Hanson, Brooklin as well as landscape supplies and accessories such as bulk and bagged aggregates, polymeric sand, aluminum and plastic edging, adhesives and wide variety of tools needed for
successful completion of any outdoor project

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Stone Works Canada-designer stone

  1. 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE IN STONE Brod-Rock - Rideau Sterling Blend
  2. 2. Q-Stone “C” Stones Multiple Lengths Three Generations Shouldice Designer Stone, established in 1947, is proud to be a Third Generation Family Business. Quality without Compromise “VS” Stones Multiple Lengths and Service above Self are your assurance of the best products and Custom Support in the Industry. Thank-you for your consideration of Shouldice Designer Stone for your Home. Fa mily The Shouldice Q-Stone - Aberdeen Almond Blend
  3. 3. “Innovation and quality are the Corner Stones of our extensive product spectrum. The Quality of all Designer Stone Collection products will ensure a maintenance free lifetime of performance for generations to come.” Q-Stone - Tucson Rideau Blend Rob Shouldice
  4. 4. Brod-Rock “A” Stones Multiple Lengths “VS” Stones Multiple Lengths “B” Stones Multiple Lengths Brod-Rock Brod-Rock - Rideau Sterling Blend Brod-Rock - Amabel “The Shouldice Team are highly skilled craftsmen who produce a broad spectrum of Stone Profiles, Colours and Details for the owner who demands the best.” Steve Shouldice Brod-Rock - Huron
  5. 5. Brod-Rock - Huron Brod-Rock - Rideau with Pearl White Super Sills
  6. 6. NewPORT Stone “A” Stones Multiple Lengths “B” Stones Multiple Lengths “Every piece of Shouldice Designer Stone we produce with pride and the Charington Collection adds an exclusive dimension that creates individual expression.” Mark Shouldice Newport Stone - Amabel with Pearl White Charington Details Newport Stone - Sterling with Pearl White Charington Details
  7. 7. Newport Stone- Aberdeen with Pearl White Charington Details
  8. 8. Antique Stone “A” Stones Multiple Lengths “B” Stones Multiple Lengths Antique Stone - Amabel Sterling Blend Antique Stone - Amabel Sterling Blend Antique Stone - Rideau Classic Stone “A” Stones Multiple Lengths “B” Stones Multiple Lengths Classic Stone - Sterling with Pearl White Quoins Classic Stone - Amabel
  9. 9. Field Stone “C” Stones Multiple Lengths or “A” Stones Multiple Lengths “A” Field Stone “C” Field Stone Village Stone, MJ Stone & Signature Stone Our single course Stones are available in three heights, the larger the Stone the richer the appearance. Village Stone Multiple Lengths MJ Stone Signature Stone - Amabel Signature Rideau Village Stone - Huron with Pearl White Charington Details
  10. 10. The Added Touch Charington Details & Gem Stone Quoins - Pearl White Rock-Stone Corner Stone - Pearl White Tapestry Pearl White Tapestry Details Antique Stone - Huron Antique Stone - Huron Antique Stone - Amabel Tudor Header Door Surround Custom Surround- Pearl White Stuart Headers- Pearl White Brod-Rock - Sterling Antique Stone - Amabel Keystone Oval Keystone Keystone Stuart Header Super Sill 824 Keystone Wing Quoin Corner Roman Header Tudor Header Springer Super Sill 424 Rosette Keystone Super Sill 424 Candle Extension Candle Chicklet
  11. 11. “Looking ahead and asking what our customers want will define our direction. Listening will provide the challenge and the opportunity to develop and create these needs.” Brad Shouldice Georgian Header - Pearl White Roman Header - Pearl White Rock-Stone Gem Stone - Pearl White Emerald Brod-Rock Stone - Amabel & Sterling Antique Stone - Amabel Brod-Rock Stone - Amabel Roman & Stuart Headers- Pearl White Tapestry Antique Stone - Amabel Roman Headers - Pearl White Tapestry Units - Antique Bronze Topaz Sill with Custom Header and Candles - Chamois Brod-Rock - Amabel Antique Stone - Tucson
  12. 12. Landscaping Stone Walls Wedge Rock, Stonewall De-lite & Stonewall Select Stonewall De-Lite - Amabel Stonewall Select - Amabel with Brod-Rock -Sterling on the home Wedge Rock - Amabel Wedge Rock - Tucson Wedge Rock - Amabel Taper Cap-ping
  13. 13. “Team work has allowed us to produce the Stone products that surround and protect some of the most beautiful homes, both large and small” June Shouldice Stonewall De-Lite - Amabel Stonewall Select - Amabel with Sterling Cap-ping matching the Antique Stone - Amabel with Sterling Quoins on the home
  14. 14. “C” Stones Multiple Lengths Innovation The Antique process is when Stones are transformed, softening the edges and “A” Stones Multiple Lengths giving each Stone a unique and natural appearance. Shouldice Designer Stone “VS” Stones Multiple Lengths invented the Antique process and holds the Patents for this unique transformation “B” Stones of Stone from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Multiple Lengths The Rock-Stone process creates a protruding face on the Stone which gives the wall a deeper shadow and more rugged look. Pre-Split Advantage Each of Shouldice Designer Stone heights are pre-split providing multiple lengths. This is an important time saver for the mason by reducing the need for on site splitting (cost savings for you) and ensures the best looking Random Stone A appearance in your wall. This also provides a large number of corner units. Colours and Blends 9 Multiple Blends The Shouldice Designer Stone Spectrum provides a range of choice in Mono, Twin Colours and Tri-Tone Colours. Blending Colours will make your home even more dramatic VS by combining two or more Colours in your wall. Exceeds Code Shouldice Designer Stone is water repellent and maintenance free for a lifetime of performance. Designer Stone exceeds CSA A165 Series-04 and the ASTM C55-03 Why Build with Shouldice Designer Stone? Mould FIRE Investment Load Protection PROTECTION Protection Bearing Shouldice Stone Masonry Shouldice Stone Masonry Shouldice Stone Masonry Shouldice Stone Masonry’s does not support Mould doesn’t burn, in fact it can advantages safeguard what strength allows it to be used growth like many other prevent the spread of fire from for most people is their major in load bearing applications. building materials. other building materials. investment. Storm Freeze Thaw Vandalism Sound Protection Protection Protection Protection The strength of Shouldice Shouldice Stone Masonry has Shouldice Stone Masonry Shouldice Stone Masonry Stone Masonry protects your a built in moisture repellent safeguards against most walls provide an excellent family more than other building that protects against water vandalism, and graffiti can be sound barrier, reducing noise in materials from the ravages of penetration and flaking due to cleaned without damage. some of the most challenging storms. freeze thaw cycles. applications.
  15. 15. Colours Designer Collection Charington Details Amabel Gem Stone & Stencil Stone Rideau Pearl White Chamois Tapestry Tapestry Aberdeen Tucson Pearl White Chamois Rock-Stone Rock-Stone Stone textures alter the reflective properties of the stone which in turn changes the appearance of colours, as seen above and on the right. Sterling Stencil Stone Huron All Stencil Stones are custom made to your specifications to add the finishing touch on your project. Almond Silverado These color representations have been printed as closely as possible to actual product colors. However, no colour representation can match the actual Beauty of Shouldice Designer Stone Products. Cambria
  16. 16. Chart Brod-Rock - Huron Brod-Rock - Amabel with Pearl White Keystones Please visit our website at to view the extensive Shouldice Spectrum of Choice in the “World of Stone” Mr. Stoneman Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada N0H 2K0 Phone: 800-265-3174 Fax 800-211-6060 Email: THE DESIGNER STONE COLLECTION IS EXCLUSIVELY MANUFACTURED AND PROCESSED UNDER PATENT PROTECTION U.S PATENT 4,335,549 AND CANADIAN PATENT 1,169,265 and 2,127,191. PRINTED IN CANADA 500220 $3.00 ea.