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  • Ask for examples of bad PowerPoint the participants have seenPowerPoint doesn’t bore people, people bore peoplePowerPoint is actually a powerful presentation tool that allows you toCreate and edit imagesEmbed mediaCreate interactivity
  • Our objectives for todayOverall goal = get beyond bullet points and blocks of textFeel free to work on your own PPT’s while we’re talking – Save a copy to the desktop so you aren’t working in your only copy!This slide deck along w/video demos available at my website – put on the boardThis menu is interactive – clicking on a post it note will take you that topic – I’ll show you how later
  • I adapted this idea because I found that 5 words were just too fewThere’s nothing magic about the number of words – it’s just a tool to keep you from putting too much text on the screenI have adhered to this rule throughout this presentation just to see if I could.
  • Makes sure when speaking in front of groups that YOU are the center of attention, and not the slideIncluding a relevant image, sticking to one important idea, and limiting your text puts PowerPoint in the background to support what you’re saying
  • Slideshow presented online should be narrated and should still adhere to the “principle” of 1-1-7Inclusion of well chosen images help learners remember the idea on the slide without as many wordsEugene Rutz does a very good CET&L workshop on the pedagogy of narrated PPT
  • With just one idea to convey, let the images tell the story as much as possible, and use fewer words per slide
  • Some of the best PowerPoint slide decks I’ve seen have LOTS of slidesWith less information and text per slide, you might need more slides, but that’s ok because you’re chunking up information for your learner
  • Ask participants to take one slide with a background and bullet point text and replace that with just a plain white background, one piece of clipart, and no more than 7 words conveying a single main idea. Give them 10 minutes.
  • Ask what they just learned? How does this change the way they think about PPT?In this next part we’ll learn where to get other kinds of images and how to make the images available in PPT better
  • Don’t just Google for images. Many of the results will be copyrighted. You can use Advanced Search, but results aren’t often very good.
  • I got all of these images from one of these two sites
  • I got all of these images from one of these two sites
  • Most people not aware of the image editing capabilities of PPT.We will learn how I made these post it notes
  • Walk them through how to create a post it note and how to ungroup clipart. They can work on the slides that they created earlier. Spend 10 minutes.
  • What did you learn about PPT that you didn’t know before?This next section will be about Adding Video to your PPT
  • Video can be a good way to present information without ‘reinventing the wheel”We’re going to learn two ways to embed a YouTube video
  • This way works if you KNOW you will have Internet access. Let them watch a few minutes up to the “mortgage meltdown” joke.
  • This way is safer if you aren’t sure you’ll have Internet access. Requires Media Converter extension for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Walk them through how to embed a You-Tube video. Make sure to use the “Old” embed code from YouTube. Give them 10 minutes.
  • What are their thoughts about using video in PPT?In this next section, we’ll learn how to add interactivity to PPTAll the post it notes in this slide deck link to that part of the presentation
  • Branching can create a custom path through your PPT presentation and is especially useful for creating scenario based lessons for online learningGive the learner scenarios where they have to make choicesLet’s them access information from a menuCan be simple or complexWe’re going to create a simple branched interaction in your PPT
  • Walk them through creating hyperlinks to other slides. Have them make it using their post it note that they put in their slideshow. Link to the beginning of the slideshow
  • Effective powerpoint For the Classroom 5202011

    1. 1. Why do wehatePowerPoint?
    2. 2. EffectivePowerPoint forthe Classroom
    3. 3. The 1-1-7 Rule of Slide Design
    4. 4. …each slide contains1 image1 idea7 words* *Adapted from 1-1-5 Rule by Mark Sample http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/chal lenging-the-presentation-paradigm-with-
    5. 5. When givinglectures andpresentations
    6. 6. When developing onlinepresentations Remember…
    7. 7. …even if you need more slides.
    8. 8. Yourturn topractice
    9. 9. EffectivePowerPoint forthe Classroom
    10. 10. First, wherecan I get images?
    11. 11. Two great, and FREEresources Microsoft Office Online…
    12. 12. AndStock.xchng
    13. 13. Cool imageediting toolsin PowerPoint
    14. 14. Adapted from 1-1-5 Rule by Mark Sample
    15. 15. Your turntopractice
    16. 16. EffectivePowerPoint forthe Classroom
    17. 17. Two ways to add video content
    18. 18. Adapted from 1-1-5 Rule by Mark Sample
    19. 19. Your turntopractice
    20. 20. EffectivePowerPoint forthe Classroom
    21. 21. The Beautyof Branching
    22. 22. Adapted from 1-1-5 Rule by Mark Sample
    23. 23. Your turntopractice
    24. 24. The 1 – 1 – 5 Rule Better PowerPoint DesignFurther Creating PowerPoints thatReading Are Out of this World More about PowerPoint Design Inserting YouTube into PowerPoint More About Video and PowerPoint Firefox extension for Media Converter
    25. 25. Need help? Contact us at UCIT Instructional Designid@uc.edu556-9033