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Yr 9 intro fin


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Yr 9 intro fin

  1. 1. A Quick Introduction to Media Studies Aims To discover the meaning of Media and Media Studies To introduce and explore the idea of analysis and explanation To apply analysis to logo and product design Objectives To have considered a range of Media To explain what The Media is in own words To work collaboratively in anaylsing Media products What is Media Studies?Have you ever studied Film Posters in Year 7,8,9?Have you ever used Digital Photography in Art?Ever used and Design Software in D & T?
  2. 2. A Quick Introduction to Media Studies Starter for Ten Work in pairs for this exercise. There are five media that you could analyse over a two year course. Can you guess what they are? Some letters are given to help you. T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . F___. Extension Task P__ M_s__. N_________. M________.Can you explain in your own wordswhat this diagram is suggesting aboutwhat Media Studies involves? Use thebox provided to make notes
  3. 3. Making Logos Simple As much as you may try you cannot escape the thousands of logos we see on a daily basis. They range from Nikes Swoosh through to the Apple Logo, but have you ever tried to explain what they might mean? Have you ever thought about what the company is trying to say about themselves or the product? Well, heres your chance!Main TaskIn groups of four consider thequalities and characteristics of thefollowing media texts. What dothey suggest about what thecompany are trying to say aboutthem? Use note form to recordyour ideas. Helpful hints: What alien characteristics does Superman have in common with diamonds? Do you remember how Japan was so excellent at working together after the Tsunami 2011?
  4. 4. Plenary Creative Task Think of an object that best shows what is unique about your personality. Use the space provided to draw up an image of it. Use the box to make notes about what it says about you Lesson Recap·· Media Studies involves how information about what happens in the world is shown to us· Media Studies is both practical and academic· When looking at the media EVERYTHING IS THERE FOR A REASON, your job is to ask why! Home Learning Task Log onto Fronter and access the Media Studies Room. On the very first page you will see a forum just for Year 9 where you can contribute comments. Post a comment about the object that best shows off your qualities and characteristics and explain why this best suited to represent you. No diamonds please!