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You're hired!


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You're hired!

  1. 1. D ! I R E E H U RY O In association with The
  2. 2. The Brief RE H IRED! YOU
  3. 3. Welcome!!Thank you for applying join the ʻYouʼre Hired!ʼ project. Have you ever seen ʻThe Apprenticeʼ or ʻDragonʼs Denʼ? This project is a lot like thoseshows. We will give you a task – to come up with an idea for a youth magazine/comic – and then in 6 weeks time, after lots of workshops andhelp from your teams, you will pitch your idea to a panel of Media experts and celebrities, led by Andy Duncan, the Chief Executive of Channel4.You will be working with mentors from Channel 4 throughout the project, to help you along the way. It will be a great opportunity to work withpeople who work in the media every day.So, what is the task?You will be tasked with producing a new weekly youth magazine/comic aimed at an increasingly sophisticated audience of teens, boys andgirls. We would like to target a wide teenage audience and appreciate the diversity of this demographic. In the media industry, we celebratecreative new ideas and innovation, so think big! We want you to come up with ideas that engage and entertain a teen audience.This is not going to be an easy task!You will need to put together a series of examples of the style, content and narrative of this new magazine/comic so we can get an idea of howit work and be successful in the real world.For the final presentation, we will look for creative and clear presentations of your ideas for the magazine – what is the big idea? what is thename of your magazine? who is your target audience? who are the characters? how will you sell magazines? why should your idea bechosen?We are working with a submission deadline here, so identify your creative team and get going! We will accredit anyone who passes ourrigorous panel of judges so aim to impress. RED!We look forward to meeting you soon. EH I URBest,The Team at Media Trust & Channel 4 YO
  4. 4. An Outline1. Session 1: November 13th, 3:45 – 5:15pm.Set the brief for the ʻyouth magazine challengeʼ engaging the group in a discussion about the target audience, the choices ofcontent and the guidelines for how to ʻrun a pitch.ʼ2. Session 2: November 20th, 3:45 - 5:15pm.Market Research session. This session will focus on building insight into the target audience and identifying what is ʻhotʼ and whatis ʻnotʼ, what will attract and engage a youth audience. Target audience profiles will be drawn up and the content will be outlined.3. Session 3: November 27th, 3:45 - 5:15pm.Branding & character development session. This session will focus on developing the visual style of the magazine/comic, as wellas defining the key characters who will appear in the comic. This session will also focus on defining the name and branding forthe magazine, which will be key for the final pitch.4. Session 4: December 5th, 4:30-5:30pm at Channel 4.This session is the groupʼs first meeting with Andy Duncan, and will focus on talking through the magazine concepts developedthus far. Andyʼs background in marketing means he will feedback on the branding and marketing ideas developed to date, and willspeak about how they market and brand programmes on Channel 4. He will also offer some advice for the final pitch to the panel.5. Session 5: December 11 th, 3:45-5:15pm.Production session. This session is about production of the concepts and presentations. Development of narrative of comic/magazine and features. First examples of presentation drafted in Photoshop/Powerpoint/Flash. Mentor will feedback on initialconcepts and presentation ideas, as well as guide the production.6. Session 6: December 19th, 4:00-5:30pm at Channel 4The FINALE! Prior to the panel, the mentors will answer any final questions from the group and then lead them into the panelpresentation to start at 4:30pm. Andy Duncan will lead the celebrity panel(include a journalist, potentially a previous Apprenticewinner, other high profile panelists) and deliver the feedback to the young people, particularly around how to improve their skills inpitching ideas/concepts to a professional audience. Hand out project certificates. IRE D! OUR EH Y
  5. 5. Market Research RE H IRED! YOU
  6. 6. Target Audience Profile TecWare Teens:· Are girls and boys ages 14 – 17· Come from households with incomes £100,000+· Are interested in technology, gadgets, the Internet· Frequent chat rooms, use email daily, and play computer video games· May hold a part-time job or volunteer as a web-master, or ABC councilor· Have allowances of £20 a week in addition to their jobs· Whose parents purchase at least £250 in “back to school” stuffCharlie and GeorgeCharlotte, 16, and George, 14, are brother and sister. They live in theLondonʼs best neighbourhood, in a three-story modern home from the pagesof Home Living. In their free time, they volunteer to maintain web sites forthe schools ABC website, the local youth club and their high school. Thereis three televisions and 3 computers in the home – Dadʼs laptop for work,the “family computer” and Georgeʼs personal computer that he bought withmoney earned teaching senior citizens computer skills. Dad is VicePresident of eCommerce for a national bank and Mum is a reporter for ED!Camden New Journal. OU RE HIR Y
  7. 7. Target AudienceConsider the Details of the Target Audience of thefollowing publication RE HIR ED! Y OU
  8. 8. Your ChallengeProduce a new weekly youth magazine/comic aimed at an increasingly sophisticatedaudience of teens, boys and girls . We would like to target a wide teenage audienceand appreciate the diversity of this demographic. In the media industry, we celebratecreative new ideas and innovation, so think big! We want you to come up with ideasthat engage and entertain a teen audience.This is not going to be an easy task!You will need to put together a series of examples of the style, content and narrative ofthis new magazine/comic so we can get an idea of how it work and be successful in thereal world. RE HIR ED! Y OU
  9. 9. £200 Media Lab 2 1.30 pm RE HIR ED! YOU
  10. 10. Relax and Enjoy Daft Hands
  11. 11. Market ResearchWH Smiths Comic Showcase Why did Mr Rosen send you to Smiths? What did you find? Is there a niche in the market? RE HIR ED! Y OU
  12. 12. Branding Imagine Hereos Why Comics?Social document Blockbuster movies Advertising HIR ED! YOU RE
  13. 13. Developing Character RE H IRED! YOU
  14. 14. Character
  15. 15. URE H IRED!YO
  16. 16. RE HIR ED!YOU
  17. 17. RE HIR ED!YOU
  18. 18. RE HIR ED!Y OU
  19. 19. Visual Style RE H IRED! YOU
  20. 20. RE H IRED!YOU
  21. 21. RE H IRED!YOU
  22. 22. 1) Choose the font you think is most appropriate for the title of your publication2) Using the Layer menu choose Layer Styles then Blending Options3) Preview the styles you think are appropriate4) Double-click that style to change the details such as colour, distance andspread5) Be patient and experiment with lots of different styles5) Apply this style to your publication RE HI RED! YOU
  23. 23. The Pitch RE H IRED! YOU
  24. 24. s w ant 1. A clear, simple idea.A ndy 2. A defined target audience, by attitude Who will buy this and why? 3. Passion and confidence from the presenter - I want to believe not only in the idea, but in the person delivering it!Andys 3 things he looks for in a pitch: RE H IRED! YOU
  25. 25. There will be a variety of winners including:1. Best overall idea2. Best Presentation3. Best graphics/visuals4. Best marketing/commercial strategy5. Most improved presentation So... RE H IRED! YOU
  26. 26. - Be sure the presentation doesnt go into too much detail - give me thebig picture: the beginning, middle and end as well as as sense of thecharacters - but dont get lost in the side stories!- A clear difference between good and evil in the storyline is essential.- Visuals are key, help me picture the characters, set the scene in myown head- Target audience should be as broad as possible, while still definingthe group. Use attitudinal targets more so than demographics. Mind setrather than age.- Leave the audience with a cliff hanger - make them want to know whatcomes next.- Marketing the magazine is part of the brief. Be clear about the priceand demographic match, but try to make money out of it, it is a commercialenterprise! How can you make the strongest business possible?- Marketing cont. - How will it be sold and where? Think of unusualplaces to sell it! How will it be advertised? Why will someone choose itover the competition? RE H IRED! YOU
  27. 27. Alternative Endings k how Find ou t next wee nds... your story e RE H IRED! YOU
  28. 28. Be interesting and tell a story; the way we rememebr stuffstart begining and end. Follow a story telling formatBe different, stand out and beyourself do not try to be someoneelse. I want to believe in theindividualBe ready, not just with visuals but in yourhead. Be ready for any problems oremergencies that may occurBe polite, if they like you they will want to work with you!Be personal make your points relevant to them Know the rules and then you can bend them! Know your stuff helps prevents nervousness Do you know your 30 second elevator pitch? Know you audience! Know the kind of audience and thus the kind of pitch you will deliver. Matt Goff Channel 4 Deliver for your team and remember you are representing them! Perfect pitch by John Steel