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Full representation presentation

  1. 1. Alfie:  Stereotypical  Film.  The  image  I  have  chosen,  is  from  a  film  called  anuvahood.  I  have  chosen  this  picture,  because  I  think  it  is  a  good  example  of  stereotypical  teenagers.  The  film  is  a  realis=c  and  reflects  well  on  the  youth  of  today.  The  actors  are  all  friends,  living  on  a  council  estate,  they  all  have  very  different  cultures  and  personali=es.  Some  of  them  are  shown  wearing  hoodies/tracksuits,  while  others  wear  T-­‐shirts  and  jeans.  This  is  a  realis=c  example  of  youth  appearance.  I  think  that  youth  have  been  represented  in  the  media  quite  nega=vely.  Youth  are  now  viewed  by  the  public  very  unfairly.  Although  this  film  is  ac=ng,  in  my  opinion  it  shows  the  life  of  youths  on  a  council  estate  vary  realis=cally.    And  most  youths  are  not  out  in  gangs  causing  chaos.  They  are  out  with  friends  and  having  fun.    
  2. 2. luca   Stereotypical:   film  This  image  from  the  movie  aJack  the  block  shows  teenagers  as  wearing  hoodies  over    Their  heads,  also  their  posture  is  shown  as  being  lazy  and  slouched  to  emphasis  the    Teenager  stereotype.  Facial  expressions  are  also  shown  as  being  moody.  In  this  picture    The  teenagers  are  therefore  represented  as  stereotypical  lazy,  moody  teens  who  also  Seem  unkind  due  to  there  hoods  seeing  as  the  media  usually  show  teenagers  who  Commit  crime  as  wearing  hoodies  to  conceal  their  iden=ty.  Also  the  way  each  one    Is  concealing  their  iden=ty  makes  them  seem  like  they  are  trying  to  be  unno=ced    Possibly  because  theyve  commiJed  a  crime.  The  seOng  of  this  image  is  dark  and    Sinister  this  also  adds  on  to  the  on  going  thought  that  teenagers  hang  out  aPer  dark  To  commit  Thelon’s  however  people  could  possibly  think  this  because  the  media  has    Shown  night  =me  as  being  dangerous  and  the  usual  =me  when  crimes  are  commiJed.  Overall  this  is  shown  as  a  nega=ve  representa=on  of  youth,  the  image  shows  teens  as    Being  moody,  secre=ve  and  have  bad  posture.  The  teens  in  this  image  are  shown  in  a  group  Possibly  proposing  that  they  are  in  gang,  the  media  show  gangs  as  being  dangerous  and    Full  of  criminals  giving  these  teens  a  nega=ve  image.  However  seeing  as  the  movie  aJack  the      
  3. 3. Is  a  science  fic=on  movie  aimed  as  teens  therefore  by  using  stereotypical  teenagers  as  the    Main  plot  of  the  movie  giving  the  teens  who  will  be  the  target  audience  characters  to  relate  With.  I  also  believe  that  the  people  who  made  this  movie  were  not  trying  to  represent    Teenagers  nega=vely  but  rather  give    realis=c  yet  relatable  characters.  Seeing  as  most  Bri=sh  Ci=zens  will  see  nega=ve  representa=ons  of  teenagers  in  the  media  and  also  stereotypical    Representa=on  thus  matching  these  stereotypes  in  their  movie  makes  it  look  more  realis=c  And  believable    luca  
  4. 4. Nega=ve  na=onal  press   The  boy  has  a  hood  on  and       Grenoble  :  cinq  des  six   gardés  à  vue  relâchés   faute  de  preuve   It’s  a  serious    maJer  teenaged  boy     with  his  hood  over  his  head     so  that  he  can’t  see  anything.       This  is  a  realis=c    and   authen=c  offensive     towards  youth            Representa=on  of  youth  has  a  nega=ve  impacted  The  representa=on  of  youth  is  more  realis=c  than  surreal  The  nega=ve  quali=es  of  the  picture  is  the  body  language  and  it  makes  a    Stereotyped  of  youth      
  5. 5. Posi=ve  local  press  This  image  shows  two  youths  in  a  photo  holding  a  shield   for  achieving  something  good  in  their  local  community.   They  don’t  look  like  they  associate   with  a  gang.  They  are  standing  next  to  the  mayor  which  makes  their  achievement  even  bigger.     They  look  confident.  They  look  like  they  enjoy  what  they  do  and   It  shows  their  abili=es  to  achieve  things  they  are  geOng  involved  in  ac=vi=es  that  they  are  good  at.    
  6. 6. There seems to be some kind of image blur which makes it look like the sun is reflecting on a few of the students; this could be seen as it was done on purpose as it looks like light is shining on the students; this can be seen as light from god in a Christian view making the children seem so precious I believe this image isThe students targeted at the adultsclearly have very that live around Camden;good posture; some adults don’t likestanding tall with the Youth due totheir arms behind occasions; this can showtheir backs; they’re adults that they canall wearing blazers clearly be proud aboutwith neck ties. Due what they have. We alsoto the students know this as this newssmiling it can be report is based onseen that the charity; often only adultsstudents seem very read about charity. Adultsproud of often want to knowthemselves as what’s significance ofthey’re done this youth around their streetgreat deed. corner; This image is a Realistic image. This image is clearly acceptable for the public; this image can be seen as a range of bright minded students. We can back this up as the students are all standing tall; We also know this because all the students are smiling; the back row of students show a row of adults who seem to be laughing and smiling Elliot Spigarolo Realis=c  
  7. 7. In  this  image  its  more  realis=c   Posi=ve  –  Local  Press     The  representa=on  of  youth  is  more  authen=c  than  its  surreal.     than  it  is  fantas=c.     There  are  a  mixture  of  different  races   this  is  showing  that  this  school  is  mul=  –   cultural  .   This  image  is  showing  an  all  boys   secondary  school  in  a  posi=ve  way.   Aneeshah Rahman
  8. 8. is image shows 3 gang members in the daily mail, one of the gang members are holding a gun so it is suggesting thatyouth are dangerous and is not showing any other people like grown ups when most of the time the commit more criminaloffences than teenagers, all three teens have there hoddies up and is very authentic.e image showsthat it is moreauthentic than Negative: Nationalfantastic, It is just Pressnearer to realisticthan it is surrealbecause sometimesyou might see teensusing guns, havingfights but not allthe time, for teensit is moreembarrassing thanembarrassing but itis very offensiveand not acceptable. is image is targeted to older people and is trying to say don’t go near teens because they are dangerous so this is very stereotypical because they start telling lots of people and then they wont like going near teens.Xhemi Peci
  9. 9. Stereotypical  Film   Youth  Stereotypes  In   Films   The  male  is   holding  a  gun   The  male  is   towards  the   holding  a  bat   other  male,  again   towards  the   this  is  a  sign  of   other  males   violence  and   face,  this  is    a   matches  the   sign  on  violence   stereotypes  of   and  matches  the   youth.   stereotypes  of   A  stereotype  is  when  you  judge  a  group  of  people  for  what  they  are   youth.   known  for.  An  example  of  this  is  teenagers.  Many  people  believe  that   teenagers  are  in  gangs,  selling  drugs,  and  using  violence.  In  the  image   above  they  match  the  stereotypes  as  both  males  are  hold  a  weapon   towards  each  other.  This  is  a  movie  that  is  in  the  middle  of  surreal  and   realis=c.  Realis=c  because  things  like  this  happen  every  day.  Surreal   because  it  is  a  film  so  things  may  be  exaggerated  for  beJer  viewing.   This  is  is  aimed  at  teenagers  because  other  age  groups  may  not   understand  the  words  that  they  say  or  the  things  that  they  do.  If  Nasir  Sufi   someone  sees  this  film  they  may  be  mo=vated  to  do  the  things  that   they  do  for  example  killing.  
  10. 10. Paul  Dai   He  is  looking  very  serious   This  is  a  lowered  camera  angle,  Nega=ve:   and  also  angry,      Staring   Which  shows  like  that  they  are  Na=onal   at  me.                 standing  above  and  looking  at  us.  Press.   There  is  another   person  at  the  back   wearing  black  hat  We  cannot  see  this   as  well.  teenager’s  face,  and  he  is  like  looking  downwards,  which  looks  like  a  bit  dark.  He  is  wearing  all  black,  black  coat  which  looks  dark.    Secre=ve.       He  has  got  a  gun  in  his   hand,    It  seems  like  that   he  is  trying  to  shoot  the   people  who  is  looking  at   him.    (It  looks  a  bit  scary,   isn’t  it?  
  11. 11. NegaDve:  NaDonal  Press   Its  realis=c,  but  also   offensive  to  black   This  picture  has  definitely  not   people,  Publishers  are   been  displayed  fairly,  the  young   going  for  a  stereotypical   boy  was  the  vic=m  who  was   view  of  black  people.   trying  to  help  hes  younger   brother  but  the  na=onal  press   has  displayed  a  happy  looking   picture  as  if  hes  already  involved  It  sends  a  message  to   in  a  gang.  teenage  girls,  that  people  who  look  like  him  a   Hes  use  of  facial  involved  in  Gangs  and   expression  is  arrogant  are  likely  to  be  stabbed.   saying  this  is  what  I  have  So  it  has  an  unfair  effect   got.  to  people  Like  Negus,  as  young  girls  would  stay  away  from  them.  The  daily  mail  have  decided  to   The  Boy  hear  is  displayed  in  an  use  a  self  centered  image,  hes   unkind  way.  It  has  an  effect  of  coat  is  black,  which  adds  more   people  that  people  who  dress  like  to  the  danger.   this,  are  the  villainous  rather  than   the  heroic.   The  boy  is  trying  to  display   everything  hes  got  which  makes   him  looks  immature.  It  connotes   that  young  people  are  like  this   today  (show  offs)   Negus  McClean  was  the  son  of  a  primary  school  secretary  and  a  talented  rap  musician,  He  was  hoping  to  gain  5  A   star  GCSE’s.  The  source  is  from  the  daily  male  Their  headline  was  SHANK  CITY  For  this  talented  young  boy  who   has  been  stabbed.  SHANK  CITY  is  an  unfair  representa=on  on  youth,  right  away  it  has  a  direct  effect  on  the  reader   and  it’s  a  wonder  if  the  millions  of  people  who  Daily  Mail  would  feel  any  sympathy.  
  12. 12. Jake   Posi=ve:  Local  Press  Represents  their  spor=ng  abili=es.   They  are  geOng  involved.   Representa=on  of  Youth:     Youth  trying  new     Is  authen=c.     things.   The  representa=on  is  more     Realis=c  than  it  is  surreal.   The  posi=ve  quali=es  of     They  look  confident.   This  image  shows  youth  at  a  boxing  centre.      
  13. 13. Posi=ve  local  press     Youths  showing  pride   in  their  work  and  the  Although  the   effort  they  put  into  youths  in  this   gaining  it  .  This  image  are  wherein   releases  a  posi=ve  youth  related   image  by  going   against  the  clothes  and  using  youth  related   stereotypical  image  props  their  body   that  youths  are  lazy  language  brings   and  and  self  involved  out  a  more  proper  tone.   The  students  nom-­‐verbal  communica=on  is   posi=ve  in  that  the  youths  look  confident  .   in  this  photo  from  the  new  journal  there  is  a  group  of  three  youths   The  youths  are  smiling  and  this  brings  out  a   holding  awards  for  some  kind  of  social  kindness  .i  think  the  picture   posi=ve  and  considerate  image  of  youths  as   shows  in  authen=c  ,  realis=c  and  acceptable  manner  .   well  as  there  interac=on  with  adult  shows   there  posi=ve  social  rela=onship  with   society  .  
  14. 14. The  representa=on  of  youth  is  more   The  fact  that  they  are  all  covered  in   Pluralis=c  :T.V.  Authen=c  than  fantas=c  and  it  is  in  between  realis=c  and  surreal  because  it’s   mud  and  in  a  place  that  looks  slightly  not  always  true  that  teenagers  that  have   deserted  and  the  girl  in  the  middle  is  secrets  can  not  be  trusted  and  this  proves   puOng  a  finger  over  her  lips  it  shows  that  by  showing  us  that  the  girls  do  hard   that  they  are  trouble  makers  and  have  work  in  school  and  achieve  things.  It  is  also   done  something  wrong  that  they  more  entertaining  than  embarrassing  and     don’t  want  anyone  to  know  about.    it  is  quite  acceptable.       They  are  siOng  up   straight  and  bold  and   this  suggests  that   they  are  confident   The  cap=on  says  “never  trust  a  preJy  girl   and  by  the  sly  smile   with  an  ugly  secret.”  So  this  is  telling  us   on  their  faces  it   that  all  preJy  girls  have  a  dark  secret  and   makes  them  look  as  if   shouldn’t  be  trusted  however,  these  girls   they  have  something   are  all  hardworking  but  they  have  secrets   to  hide  and  are  proud   so  they  are  thought  to  be  people  that   of  it.     don’t  work  hard  in  school  and  get  into   trouble.       Diellza  
  15. 15. This image’s target audience is probably directed towards younger children who This Is representing youth in a like Peter Pan, and maybe elderly/ parents In this image there are positive way who like pantomimes and have children. youths, they are going to perform at the White Rock theatre. They are in the cast of Peter Pan. This image is acceptable, but could be offensive to some as there are only white people in this image, and it may give an affect on the other races as they might feel white people are only in pantomimes, or something like that.Youth is represented nowdays, by wearing hoodies,guns, crime and stupid They look proud and happy They are wearing colorful clothes and there are a mixture of people. However there are no other races besides white.Positive Local Press