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Film's cool pack

  1. 1. An Overview “Film’s Cool” is a mentoring programme designed to givethe opportunity to use and build on academic skills already learned with the support and experience of industry professionals. “Film’s Cool” is based at the La Swap Consortium. Itcovers four schools in Camden, and, utilising a network of mentors and education facilities, is designed to promote film education and assist the next generation of film professionals into the next stage of their careers.We will post videos and reports from each session to keepyou close to the action and up to date all the way through until the final pitch. Information is provided within.
  2. 2. Acland Burghley Media Youth Mentoring in partnership withLost Tribe ProductionsCourse Outline – “Horror” Film CampaignWhat: A 10 week Apprentice-style media challenge for A-Level students inNorth London in which they conceive of and create a new media basedmarketing plan for a new horror – and pitch it to a judging panel.Where: An after-school centre at Acland Burghley School in Tufnell Park, 2 minwalk from Tufnell Park tube stationWho: 40 16/17 year olds, split into groups of no more than 4, 1 media studiesteacher (Oliver Rosen), 3-4 media mentors, (Mentors TBC) and a panel of judgesWhen: During the autumn termOutcome: Complete campaign including teaser trailer and film poster will allstagee of production embedded within a new media framework, Blog, Facebook,My Space. All Research and Planning to be Blogged online.Mentor involvement: The mentors will ideally be involved in as many of thesessions as possible: 1. Session 1: 27th September, 3:45 – 5:15pm. Mentor & Media Studies Teacher will set the brief for the ʻyouth horror film challengeʼ engaging the group in a discussion about the target audience, the choices of content and the guidelines for how to ʻrun a pitch.ʼ An overview of media industry and personal experience in the industry will be relevant in this session. HUGH SPURLING, FRANK HIGSON, FILM CLUB CHAIR, THE GUARDIAN, LOCAL PRESS, OLIVER ROSEN
  3. 3. 2. Session 2: 4th October, 3:45 - 5:15pm. Writing synopsis/storyboard based on horror conventions. This session will focus on developing the narrative and plot of the Horror film as well as defining the key characters that will appear. This session will also focus on defining the name and providing the synopsis, which will be key for the final pitch. BEN HARRIS, OLIVER ROSEN3. Session 3: 11th October, 3.45-5-15pm Groups are to develop voice-over for film trailer while linking it to the storyboard, Horror and trailer conventions must be evident. Organisation of shoot is secondary focus in this session, shooting schedules etc. Students will plan production logs, and equipment needed for the shoot to be conducted in the 6th session. This session does not strictly need a mentor. JESSEY OʼMAHONEY, HUGH SPURLING, OLIVER ROSEN4. Session 4: 18th October, 3:45-5:15pm. Production Film work session. This session is about the reviewing and reshooting footage needed for the trailer. First rushes will be downloaded onto Final Cut Pro. Opportunity for still photo shots to be used to create the print based campaign. Mentors will feedback on initial ideas and offer advice for sound, as well as guide the production. CHARLIE WARE, AARON CLOEBY, OLIVER ROSEN5. Session 5: 1ST November, 3:45-5:15pm. Production session. This second session is also about the shooting of footage needed for the trailer. Editing can commence. Mentoring would aid the audio and visual editing and provide master classes. CHARLIE WARE, AARON CLOEBY, OLIVER ROSEN6. Session 6: 8th November, 4:30-5:30pm at Lost Tribe – Meeting with high profile Media Mentor and will focus on talking through the concepts developed thus far. The mentor will feedback on the branding and marketing ideas developed to date, and will speak about industry practice. They will also offer some advice for the final pitch to the panel. BEN HARRIS, HUGH SPURLING7. Session 7: 15th November, 3:45-5:15pm. Production session based on feedback from for the print based campaign, consistency must be evident. Photoshop skills essential alongside marketing techniques that the campaign would employ. Mentors will feedback on final ideas and offer advice for the pitch holistically. AARON CLOEBY, OLIVER ROSEN,
  4. 4. 8. Session 8: 22nd November, 3:45 - 5:15pm. Market Research session. This session will focus on building insight into the target audience and identifying what is ʻhotʼ and what is ʻnotʼ, what will attract and engage a youth audience. Opportunity to explore conventions and narrative structure. Target audience profiles will be drawn up and the content will be outlined so insight into this area is important. ICON9. Session 9: November 29th 3:45-5:15pm Final preparations for the pitch for a new Horror Film will be planned including: Target Audience Profiles, Synopsis Outlines, Teaser Trailers (will receive final edit) Film Poster, Magazine Front Cover and any other resources they feel appropriate. Developing pitch style and form is essential in this session. Mentor involvement will aid delivery style and key points to make in the finale.10. Session 10: TBC, 4:00-5:30pm The FINALE! Prior to the panel, the mentors will answer any final questions from the group and then lead them into the panel presentation. High Profile mentor will lead the celebrity panel and deliver the feedback to the young people, particularly around how to improve their skills in pitching ideas/concepts to a professional audience. Hand out project certificates.
  5. 5. Examples of Blogs with Film’s CoolBlogging is a key skill in the Online Age to promote awareness of products andprovide opinion. Here is how they have been used in Film’s Cool. Visit thesesites to get an idea of the length and breadth of work taking place.
  6. 6.          Proven Success.  Acland Burghleyʼs Media Department won the London Education PartnershipAward 2010 for the ʻYour Hiredʼ Project in 2010.Details of ʻYour Hiredʼ are included in the following pages.We hope to make Filmʼs Cool an even bigger success.  
  7. 7. London EducationPartnership AwardsWinnErs 2010
  8. 8. London EducationPartnership AwardsWinnErs 2010I was delighted to be invited to chair this year’s Judging Panel for theLondon Education Partnership Awards. It is worth remembering why theawards were set up: despite the fact that more of London’s young peoplethan ever are gaining GCSEs, A-levels and vocational qualifications, notenough of them fulfil their early promise by going on to higher education.The same is true of many of the capital’s adults. This loss of high achievingcitizens has profound implications for the continuing success of this greatcity; our businesses, financial institutions and professions need to recruitfrom among the best. We cannot afford to lose the talents of those whomwe know could succeed, given the right environment and encouragement.One of the clearest messages coming from many of this year’s excellentfinalists is how important it is to enthuse children and young peoplewith the idea of higher education, making it possible for them to achievetheir ambitions.We were also struck by the energy and drive of so many of the peopleand projects we looked at; that comes from schools, universities, businessand the voluntary sector, the teachers and others who make theseprogrammes possible. They make education exciting and dynamic andthey really are changing lives, by lifting the aspirations and achievementsof so many young people and adults, especially in some of London’smost disadvantaged communities.These partnership awards reflect the importance of working together toachieve our shared ambition of improving progression to higher educationbut also to make London the world’s leading city for learning and creativity.We have been tremendously impressed by the work of this year’s finalists.We think you will be too.Our congratulations go to all of them.Professor David Woods
  9. 9. Creative journeys:excellent professional practice incurriculum support for arts and designSPOnSOr – UnIvErSITy Of ThE ArTSAcland Burghley school, Camden in collaboration with Channel 4 and Media Trust, the school created and embedded an eight-week challenge into its Aim Higher intervention programme. its cross-curricular nature influenced positive outcomes in teaching and learning across a number of subjects. Both students on the Gifted & Talented registerAcland burghley’s and students from the Widening Participationcommitment to raising cohort were chosen to take part in theaspirations collaboratively challenge, titled “You’re Hired!”. Marryinghas been strengthened the two groups into one challenge allowedthrough the external for different roles and outcomes.partnership with Channel 4and Media Trust. This award “You’re Hired!” is designed to focus onwill serve as a constant media related skills such as production andreminder of the importance marketing. Beyond the development of integralof high aspirations and the cross-curricular skills, achievement took thecommitment of those central form of the chance of conducting workto achieving them. experience in the Channel 4 offices.OLIvEr rOSEnAIM-hIGhEr COOrDInATOrACLAnD bUrGhLEy SChOOL
  10. 10. Our Award Sponsors For more information and to enter the awards, visit
  11. 11. ContactsIf you would like more information or are an industry professional that would like to support our mentoring project please contact: Mr. Oliver Rosen Acland Burghley School LIKE US ON FACEBOOK