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  1. 1. Julia Moura R3 Creative Work
  2. 2. Chapter Four What’s I think il happening... Paolo is crazy. He is very afraid. So he asks Matt to help him. They discover that the two men who want to talk to Paolo are from Malta and are not very good people... They are dangerous!!! The Kiss of Death
  3. 3. Suddenly, one day, the two men go to the Web Café to talk to Paolo. But Matt isn’t there. The two men threaten Paolo. They want money!! They say, “Give us money, or we are going to kill Kate!”. They kiss his forehead very coldly...
  4. 4. Now Kate is in danger. Paolo is going to do anything to save his beloved girl!
  5. 5. What’s really happening... Paolo (Kate’s father) tell Matt he doesn’t want any help from him because there are family issues involved and Matt’s not from his family. Kate says sorry. Matt’s going to talk to her later.
  6. 6. Finally, Matt goes to the Web Café and talk to Paolo. Paolo’s says that two “businessmen” from Malta (Antonio and Victor Vassalo) went there to see him. He says that, tho months ago, they went there to see him for the first time. Firstly, they gave him new computers. Then they asked him to help them for some weeks. They are taking credit card numbers from people who use the café.
  7. 7. When Paolo finds it out, he wants to give it an end. The gang then kisses him the KISS OF DEATH. In Malta, this kiss means: “Do what we say or someone in your family is going to die!” And this someone is Kate...
  8. 8. Chapter Five What I think is happening... Everything went black Two bad man kidnap Kate. OMG! Paolo is very afraid: it’s her daughter!! But Matt was so brave... He wants to save Kate. On his way, he punches Antonio with his judo’s tricks... And Antonio falls...
  9. 9. Finally, Matt finds Kate. She is with Vitor. But Matt doesn’t see, behind him, a man with a chair. He hits him.
  10. 10. What I think is happening... Antonio walks into the Web Café. Matt goes to the computer, but he hears what the man tells Paolo. He asks Paolo to give him the black box for Kate to be released.
  11. 11. Matt decides to follow the man. He finds Kate. She is where she stopped by to deliver the pizza. Suddenly, he hears ‘Craaaash!’. It is Antonio, he falls. Matt runs. He finds Kate. She was with Vitor (he likes her!). Matt’s jealous. When he goes to save her, Antonio hits him with a chair and everything goes black...
  12. 12. THANK YOU!!! Finish!!