Blogs comment – ways to strengthen your rankings


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Commenting on blogs is still a great way to help search engine rankings as well as increase your visibility expertise and brand. A blogs comment can be done on a regular basis if you have the tools to find the best blogs to post at on a regular basis.

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Blogs comment – ways to strengthen your rankings

  1. 1. Blogs Comment – Ways To Strengthen YourRankings,Traffic And Brand
  2. 2. What is the idea of writing a blogs comment?
  3. 3. There are a bunch of ways to get website traffic and get more improved search rankings. Onethat is being used quite a bit thesedays is creating a blogs comment. This type of commenting can benefit you greatly for a couple of reasons.
  4. 4. How can commenting be a benefit?
  5. 5. Get more backlinks to your website
  6. 6. Each time you write a comment, you can get yourself a link toyour website. With many popular sites linking back to your site, Google and the other search engines will associate you with them and this can greatly help search engine rankings.
  7. 7. In addition, you dont have to ask for links. By leaving a comment that sticks and stays, you automatically get one. If you want this method to be successful, you need to alwayssubmit great comments that adds to the blog.
  8. 8. Everything seems to be filtered out on the Internet these daysbecause of spam. Thats why you have to leave a blogs comment thats valuable. A submission like, “great blog or excellentcontent”, is never going to make it on a popular high PR blog.
  9. 9. If you provide this type of info, youre comments will stickaround and you wont get pegged as a spammer.
  10. 10. Also, you need to understand that you will have comments posted on do-follow and no- follow websites. Dont even get caught up on this, because to looknatural in your commenting, youdont want to only be posting on only do- follow sites.
  11. 11. Every blog these days ismoderated and webmaster aremuch more picky what theyll add.
  12. 12. Build your own credibility in your market
  13. 13. Being a contributor andexpanding on a subject with your opinion and expertise is what commenting is for. When you come into it with the attitude ofhelping with a comment you can gain more credibility with the blog owner as well as everyone else that see it.
  14. 14. Doing this all the time and peoplewill notice. This can label you asan expert and many people might start clicking on your links to your Website to find out more about you.
  15. 15. You just wont be able toanticipate opportunities that could arise from a blogs comment
  16. 16. By commenting on a regular basis and you will get well known and you might be contacted to be a guest blogger.In addition, you might even make some network connections thatcould open up the opportunity for joint ventures.
  17. 17. Its just a really good way to get out and become an active participant in your market.
  18. 18. So how can you makecommenting as efficient as possible?
  19. 19. Its a must you have a tool to help you find the best places to comment in your niche.
  20. 20. Webfire has a phenomenal toolthat quickly identifies blogs and forums to submit your blog comments. Save time by not having to manually search for them.
  21. 21. With the blog tool, you now havethe ability to consistently make ablogs comment to help your own search rankings, credibility and traffic. But, you do need to do it consistently to make it work for you.
  22. 22. So go ahead and try this for more backlinks, traffic and better search engine results.