Passive voice, gerund or infinitive


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Passive voice, gerund or infinitive

  1. 1. Passive Voice - - Tenses combined He is teaching Spanish.They choose Their subjects. He robbed the bank.She was calling the ambulance They have paid the bill. We had taken the big bag.I will welcome our guests.It would catch a cold. You have understood the class.She has found a few things.Passive voice present simple: Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. - __________________________My father is washing the car. - _____________________________Farmer Joe is milking the cows. - ___________________________She is taking a picture of him. - _____________________________I am writing a poem. - _____________________________________We are not playing football. - _______________________________He is not wearing a tie. - ___________________________________Is she preparing the party? - ________________________________Are they talking about the meeting? - __________________________Is she watering the flowers? - ______________________________Passive Voice - Simple Past.the test / write ______________________________the table / set ______________________________the cat / feed ______________________________the lights / switch on ______________________________the house / build ______________________________dinner / serve ______________________________this computer / sell / not ____________________________the car / stop / not ______________________________the tables / clean / not ______________________________the children / pick up / not ___________________________Passive voice - - Tenses CombinedMuch of this town __________________(destroy) by fire in the 16th century.Next year, a new school __________________(build) here to hold about 1,000 students.Today, around 9 oclock, a famous painting __________________(steal) from a museum by an armed gang
  2. 2. and the Policeare already questioning the museum employees.My brothers friend __________________(bite) by a dog last spring and had to __________________(take)to hospital.Today, Argentina and Chile __________________(expect) to vote on a treaty.A special prize __________________(give) to the person who will have helped us find the culprit.He __________________(tell) to work harder if he wanted to keep his job.This work must __________________(do) immediately.English __________________(speak) all over the world.She __________________(say) to be living in Spain now.Last year, we wanted to buy this house but unfortunately it__________________ (already buy) by a youngcouple. She bought four apples.__________________________We won the match.__________________________.The man stole the blue car.__________________________. The police arrested the thieves.__________________________.Jack swam the 200 metres.__________________________The dog bit the old lady.__________________________. Tom and Max ate five hamburgers.__________________________. Oliver taught the children.__________________________. Victoria rode the brown horse.__________________________.Grandmother told good stories.__________________________Passive Voice - - Present Simple Mr Jones watches the film.__________________________ The people speak English.__________________________ He reads comics.__________________________ We play volleyball.__________________________ They sing the song.__________________________ I take photos.__________________________ She does the housework.__________________________ The policemen help the children.__________________________ He writes text messages.__________________________ Mother waters the flowers.__________________________ Combination of tenses – Passive Voice I
  3. 3. 1) The words __________________________by the teacher today. (to explain - Simple Present)2) We __________________________a letter the day before yesterday. (to send - Simple Past)3) This car __________________________Its too old. (not/to steal - will-future)4) This street __________________________because of snow. (already/to close - Present Perfect)5) A new restaurant __________________________next week. (to open - will-future)6) He __________________________to the party yesterday. (to invite - Simple Past)7) The blue box __________________________(can/not/to see - Simple Present)8) I __________________________the book by my friend last Sunday. (to give - Simple Past)9) The dishes __________________________by my little brother. (not/to wash - Present Perfect)10) I __________________________by Robert. (not/to ask - will-future)Passive Voice – Past SimpleThey probably recycle some of the solid wastes regularly.č The hurricane Gustav severely damaged the houses on the shore.č The horror film affected my little brother badly.č The milkman will deliver two bottles of milk to your door.č They are going to deliver our new washing machine tomorrow.čJohnny Ball is training our local football team.č Anyone can do this activity very easily.čThey havent released the exam results yet.č Someone has told me that you still go out with Billy.čCombination of tenses – Passive VoiceII 1. Patients __________________________(treat) in hospitals. 2. My passport is not ready yet. It __________________________(make) at the moment. 3. The walls of the house __________________________(just/paint). 4. The newspaper __________________________(bring) yesterday. 5. While the potatoes __________________________(peel) my parents arrived. 6. Tomorrow all the compositions __________________________(check). 7. The car __________________________(already/repair), now we can use it. 8. The weather forecast __________________________(broadcast) on TV at the moment, come and listen. 9. While the ceiling __________________________(paint) the bucket with the paint __________________________(upset). 10. The order__________________________(not/make) yet. 11. Your dress__________________________(make) at the moment and I think that tomorrow it__________________________(finish). 12. My mother is busy at the moment. She cannot come. My baby brother__________________________(feed). 13. Coffee __________________________(just/make) you can have a cup if you like. 14. An interesting program __________________________(show) on TV yesterday.
  4. 4. 15. Last lesson we __________________________(tell) about different unusual animals.III 1. The dinner __________________________(not/cook) yet. The vegetables __________________________(cut) right now. The potatoes __________________________(boil) in the morning, so now we need only some time to prepare the salad, meat and sauce. 2. Children __________________________(inform) about the rules of our school every year, but unfortunately some of the rules __________________________(not/obey), yesterday another window __________________________(break) and the guilty one__________________________ (not/find) yet. 3. This book__________________________(read) at our lesson right now. To be honest it is not interesting, but a discussion about the characters of the book__________________________(hold) next lesson, so we have no choice. 4. Everybody in our family has a lot of duties. Dishes__________________________(do) by my sister, rooms are__________________________ (hover) by my younger brother. Shopping__________________________(do) by my mother, money__________________________(earn) by my father and laundry__________________________(do) by me. 5. The dog is hungry. It__________________________(not/feed) yet as the dog’ s food__________________________(not/buy) yesterday.GERUND OR INFINITIVEI You are not allowed__________________________on the airplane. (smoke) I couldnt help__________________________When he tripped! (laugh) I enjoy __________________________to clubs. (go) She expects people __________________________her, but she never helps anyone! (help) My doctor advised me __________________________smoking. (quit) Please stop __________________________ I can hear you fine! (shout) I dont feel like __________________________tonight. (cook) Would you mind __________________________the window? Its very hot in here. (open) P1: My remote control doesnt work. P2: Try __________________________the batteries. (change) In Los Angeles, __________________________is not allowed in any building. (smoke) IIWhen I mentioned __________________________married, she didnt say anything.a. to getb. gettingIf he keeps __________________________ things from work, hes going to get fired.a. to stealb. stealing
  5. 5. Bill enjoys __________________________ mystery novels.a. to readb. readingI plan __________________________ to college in the fall.a. to gob. goingI plan on __________________________ to college in the fall.a. to gob. goingI suggested __________________________ to a restaurant after the movie.a. to gob. goingThe doctor wants __________________________ with you.a. to speakb. speakingI really miss __________________________ as a flight attendant.a. to workb. working The little boys teacher asked __________________________ with his mother. a. to talk b. talking I dont mind __________________________ with your cat. I love cats. a. to play b. playing James offered __________________________ us move. a. to help b. helping What do you want __________________________ tonight? a. to do b. doing Her daughter decided __________________________ a veterinarian. a. to become b. becoming I have decided on __________________________ a veterinarian. a. to become b. becoming
  6. 6. I hope __________________________ to Greece this summer. a. to travel b. traveling The man from Brazil appears __________________________ the best dancer in the group. a. to be b. being I learned __________________________ French while I was living in Switzerland. a. to speak b. speaking I remember __________________________ her at the beach last week. a. to see b. seeing Dont forget __________________________ your mother! a. to call b. calling She promised __________________________ to the theater with me. a. to go b. going Passive Voice1. He did the work.2.She has broken the T.V.3. I will write the letter.4. The boys have lost the key.
  7. 7. 5. Who sent the letter? (by)6. She gave me a book.7. He always does the work.8. Someone is washing my car.9. Where did he buy his car?10. He has eaten all the cakes !