3 Stocks to Watch This Week


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These three stocks are primed for outsized moves because of high short ratios, and lots of investors betting against them.

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3 Stocks to Watch This Week

  1. 1. 3 Stocks to Watch This Week By PresenterMedia.com
  2. 2. SodaStream (Nasdaq: SODA)
  3. 3. The stock has had a rough time
  4. 4. Why are investors so negative? 1. SodaStream has come in with earnings numbers below Wall Street expectations recently. 2. Many think other at-home beverage makers present serious competitive threats. 3. There were lots of discounts last quarter, leading some to believe that the SodaStream machine is losing popularity
  5. 5. What Wall Street Expects… What to Watch on Monday What to really keep your eye on… 1. Growth in CO2 canisters is a good proxy for how popular SodaStreams are. Anything above 20% growth is positive. 2. The company has been rumored to be a buy-out candidate, listen to the conference call for any details here.
  6. 6. Groupon (Nasdaq: GRPN)
  7. 7. A mixed year for investors
  8. 8. Why are investors so negative? 1. The deals business that Groupon is known for has low barriers to entry. 2. The company’s management has been in flux and made a number of missteps. 3. Investors are unsure if recent acquisitions will contribute meaningfully to the company
  9. 9. Wall Street Expectations What to watch on Wednesday What to really keep your eye on… Groupon is shifting from a deals site to an e-commerce one. • The company’s Groupon Goods platform represents its future • Last quarter, 10% of Gropuon members visited Groupon Goods.
  10. 10. Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA)
  11. 11. A banner year for Tesla
  12. 12. Why are investors so negative? 1. Shares currently trade for 250 times earnings. 2. The world’s leading car manufacturer sold 9.98 million cars last year, and is valued at $170 billion. 1. That’s roughly $17,000 in market cap per vehicle. 3. Tesla sold 22,500 cars in 2013, and is valued at $24 billion. 1. That’s roughly $1,070,000 per vehicle, or 63 times the largest car maker.
  13. 13. Wall Street’s Expectations What to watch on Thursday What you should really keep your eyes on… 1. China represents a huge market, and Tesla just began delivering cars. Look for details on how Chinese customers are responding. 2. Everyone’s abuzz about the company’s prposed Gigafactory, but few details have been released. Listen to hear if there’s any new news.
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