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Goody Sobral


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ch 10, food & love, 1998

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Goody Sobral

  1. 1. Food & Love a cultural history of east & west by Jack Goody
  2. 2. the great and little traditions in the mediterranean
  3. 3. intercommunication social relations (il)literate religion
  4. 4. transmission religion cooking music medicine clothing
  5. 5. joint participation aristocrates populace safety valve
  6. 6. stratification carneval social conflicts cognitive contradictions
  7. 7. bronze age agriculture writing surplus class division
  8. 8. luxury culture (2nd) industrial revolution food information education
  9. 9. mass culture mass media mass travel mass literacy
  10. 10. democracy bourgeoisie adaptation modification masses artistocracy
  11. 11. wine - women - song grands crus & vins ordinaire written & orally transmitted song dowry & diverging devolution
  12. 12. conclusion cultural hierachy (the great and little traditions) in tandem with socio-economic/class differences