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Rich tv 2019 international montoro resources inc


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PPP for IMT.V's Pecors Lake, massive sulphides, nickel, copper, platinum, palladium exploration project

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Rich tv 2019 international montoro resources inc

  1. 1. International Montoro Resources Inc. Pecors Anomaly (2007-2019) Nickel, Copper, Platinum, Palladium and Gold massive sulphide exploration project Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada IMT – TSXV (Canada) IMTFF – OTC/Grey market (USA ) O4T1 – Frankfurt (Germany) ISIN .....CA46004W2076 CUSIP.... 46004W207
  2. 2. * This Power Point contains live hyperlinks (gold) to associated reports and studies Point
  3. 3. LE. Reid, Geophysics 3D inversion of 2007 VTEM airborne survey Pecors magnetic Anomaly
  4. 4. Geotech ZTEM (2D) inversion airborne survey data for Pecors Anomaly viewed Mira Geoscience - Geoscience Analyst (3D) Conductive portion of Pecors Anomaly Magnetic Portion of Pecors Anomaly Width: 2288 meters 1.42 miles Height: 4255 meters 2.64 miles Length:5700 meters 3.45 miles
  5. 5. Pecors Anomaly 2015 Drill program:Assays and sulphides
  6. 6. New Insights into the geology of the basal Huronian Supergroup in the Elliot Lake area: Implications for Mineral Exploration R.M. Easton Precambrian Geoscience Section, Ontario Geological Survey, Sudbury 2010 slideshow/embed_code/4609 2921 OGS Geochemical Survey Sulphur -
  7. 7. Geotec ZTEM 2D Synthetic Modeling Pecors/Serpent River Project, Elliot Lake ON Buried Magmatic Massive Sulphide Target
  8. 8. Geotech ZTEM surveys Inversion model Montoro -Pecors (left panel) Vale - Voisey Bay Eastern Deeps (below) Mineral Explora tion Using Natural EM Fields Jansen, J.C. [1] , Cristall, J.A. [1] ~1-5 Ωm(ohms) Voisey Bay/Eastern Deeps Source: Mineral Exploration Using Natural EM Fields Jansen, J.C. [1] , Cristall, J.A. [1]
  9. 9. USGS Report 2010 – 5070 pg.23 Resistivity (EM) Data - Vale, Voisey Bay, (Ovoid deposit) Labrador, Canada) Signature USGS Report 2010 – 5070 pg.23
  10. 10. Pecors Anomaly, Geotech ZTEM (2D) Conductive/ (EM) data in Geoscience analyst (3D) Drill hole location and depth > P-15-23 and location P-15-22 (1000m)- Crone 2015 P-15-23 P-15-22 Rio – Tinto Drill hole(s) Crone down hole probe 2015
  11. 11. P-15-23 (full depth 1317 meters) *Note the red square area (Crone Geophysics down hole probe data) • P-15-23 interacts with the Pecors Conductive Anomaly • @ 880.7 meters – 881.70 (1) meter Assayed for Nickel, Copper, Platinum, Platinum, Gold Pecors Geoscience Analyst Exploration project Data Graphic. The coloured balls are OGS Geochem 2010 survey indicated anomalous lake/River mineral/sediments. The lines are the flight route of the Geotech ZTEM survey Rio-Tinto drill holes Pecors Anomaly (Conductive) Geotech ZTEM indicated data, viewed in Geoscience Analyst
  12. 12. International Montoro Resources Inc. OGS Magnetic Anomalies Graphic/Map Location: Pecors and Sudbury
  13. 13. Ontario’s Mining Minster stated there is $ 1 Trillion Ion extracted and in ground resources
  14. 14. International Montoro Resources Inc. is saddened by the sudden passing Advisory Board Director, Everett Makela, professional geoscientist. Everett, was a giant of the Canadian mining industry his contributions to the Industry and tutorship to young geologists will be un-apparelled in our life time. Makela Lake
  15. 15. P-15-23 Miners Valhalla
  16. 16. Makala Lake
  17. 17. Diamond fields Massive sulphide Ni/cu/ co/ ?? discovery .30 cents - $156 share buyout ($4billion)
  18. 18. Garibaldi GGI.V Massive sulphide Ni/cu/co/pge discovery ….08 $ 5.00$
  19. 19. Massive sulphide discovery Michigan Shares Issued 734,950,908