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Stockist Italy presentation in English 2016


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Stockist Italy presentation in English 2016

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Stockist Italy presentation in English 2016

  1. 1. Barter & Stock THE BARTER: WHAT IS IT? The barter activity comes from the English term “barter”, mostly known as “goods exchange” activity. This process is going to be more and more implemented in the ADV investements world. For companies the barters could represent a very big opportunity to schedule mediaplans avoiding cashflow outcomes, and they can be an excellent alternative profitability source. Our business model is very simple: the one, who invests in adv has the possibility to pay by his own goods instead of money. The products will be sold (respecting all selling clauses and imposed selling limits) on the market to create cashflow. In the 1980's and early 1990's media-centers frequently accepted payments by goods as well, when there were no possibilities to get payments by cash; problems occoured when they used to sell products, and receive cashflow. Selling these products resulted more complicated as they thought and sometime cashflow could not even cover the ADV investments. Those elements caused grave depreciation on the company's balance sheet and management. All these issues were unknown in the ADV world:
  2. 2. logistics, goods transportation, expiry date of perishable goods, correct evaluation of the barter goods, respect of the limits and so on. This is why Barter agencies were born: targeted structures organised to buy and sell, on the behalf of media-centers, all products of entire commercial fields. In this contest and in the pure stock field, was created and developed: a company, which stands as an ideal partner for any kind of ADV investment, stocklot or surplus selling. THE BARTER: HOW DOES IT WORK ? Our logic is very straight-forward: The client / ADV Investor sells his own goods to the Barter agency and receives the needed advertisement in return. The invoices between ADV Investors and Barter compensate themselves, deleting cashflow and simplifying the administrative process; the Barter will devise how and where to sell the goods, respecting all selling limits and restrictions agreed. It will ask the media-center an extra discount, which represents the operative edge profit. In brief, please find below our operative scheme: 1)ADV Investor / client invoices the goods to the Barter 2)The Media Center invoices the ADV to the Barter Agency with an extra discount and finally the Barter sells the ADV to the client for the same amount of the goods (reaching invoice balance). 3)The Barter Agency sells the goods to third customers, applying a minor discount than the one received by the Media Center. It is estimated that in the past years over than 400.000.000 EU of ADV invoices were invested through the barter formula. The Barter is not the automatic and definitive solution to all issues of ADV budgeting but it represents an extraordinary opportunity to evaluate case by case
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGES New Selling Ways: Every barter takes into consideration precise agreements on the destination of the goods and/or on selling restrictions. These rules are designed to avoid market turbulence and protect the brands. Stockist Italy commercialises the products through alternative selling channels and structures. Mainly, opportunities are created by the possibility of selling to GDO (Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco, for example), discount stores or shopping clubs too (membership shops). Indeed, Stockist Italy is proud of its international customers, who have helped the company's core business for over than 10 years. Our customers operate in Northern Europe, the Baltics, Ukraine, Russia and CIS Countries, Northern Africa and the Gulf Area. Warehouse: One of the critical aspects for most of companies is the goods stock. Loss of value, high logistic costs and managing of the goods are the main issues encountered. Stockist Italy is able to commercialise these goods in a very quick way, taking into consideration the imposed selling limits at any time. MARKETING ADVANTAGES Advertisement: Stockist Italy is able to propose a complete ADV panorama for any solution. Each Media campaign is created at best market conditions and with the support of the most skilled professionals and Media Centers.
  4. 4. STOCKIST ITALY: THE SERVICES ADVERTISEMENT - Target analisys and Media-Plan - ADV Plan on: *Tv *Periodical Magazines *Weekly News *Radio *Airports *Railways Stations *Outdoors *Web-Online - Certifications of the ADV’s - Post evaluation of the ADV Campaign
  5. 5. GOODS - Identification and correct evaluation of the proposed goods for the barter. - Identification of the correct channels for the selling, respecting the limits and restrictions - Managing and placement of Closer Expire Goods - Managing and selling in foreign market channels (CEE and Extra CEE) STOCKIST ITALY: WHO WE ARE CASTOLDI JLIE – Senior Manager Achievement and Selling of goods, business relationships with Italian and international customers. Supervision of the structure of large consume fields, such as Computer Electronics, Household accessories, Food & Beverage ANDREA MARIANI – Commercial Director Goods buying and selling process, Customer relations with international and Italian clients, commercial department management - mainly focusing on products promotion, market analysis and definition of sales strategies. OLENA DOMETS – Commercial Russia Research and achievement of new and potential customers, business relationship with Russian and CIS customers. Preparation of foreign exibitions and fairs. ADNAN AL RUSAN – Commercial UAE Research and achievement of new and potential customers, business relationship with UAE and Gulf customers.
  6. 6. LOCATELLI TOMMASO – Shipping Forward and shipment of the goods, included of whole Export Custom documentations. GABRIELLA GANDINI – Accounter Backoffice and accounter