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Overall sting presentation 101103


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Our main presentation about the business incubator STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) We hope it gets you a good overview.

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Overall sting presentation 101103

  1. 1. World class business development support
  2. 2. VISION MISSIONVISION Support the building of new global growth companies by attracting the best innovators and entrepreneurs offering MISSION Actively support the formation and growth of 12 new technology export companies in Stockholm each yearinnovators and entrepreneurs, offering them world class business development support and networks. companies in Stockholm each year. ORGANIZATION A non-profit company owned by the LOCATION 3 l ti Ki t S i CitA non profit company, owned by the Electrum Foundation; a collaboration between industry, research and the City of Stockholm. Our main partners 3 locations: Kista Science City, KTH Valhallavägen in Stockholm and Karolinska Science Park, Flemingsberg are Innovationsbron and KTH.
  3. 3. The STING team .By offering support within business development, financing and networking, we want to create the right conditions for startups to conquer the world.
  4. 4. The STING process Business Incubator Business Lab Screening of projects Business Accelerator Go GlobalStartup 1-3 months 6 months 12-18 months Financing Follow-on venture capital investors Public financing system Almi, Innovationsbron, Vinnova, Swedish Inhouse channels Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency
  5. 5. STING´s value creation Incubator program running from 6-24 months Extensive support from business coach STING unique Toolkit – Business development Extensive support from business coach (1/2 – 1 day per week) – Close relationship between a company and its main business coach – Team development – Product development & IP issues – Sales & Marketing strategy – Branding and PR – Handpicked business coaches with solid backgrounds as executives in technology companies/venture capital industry. – Focus on milestone plan and pace – Internationalization – Industrialisation of products – Etc. Attracting talented people “STINGAttracting optimal financing (”soft” and ”hard”) Network Office and infrastructure Attracting talented people “STING Search for Talents” Office and infrastructure SpeedSpeed FinancingFinancing Business development Business development Go Global perspective Go Global perspective SpeedSpeed
  6. 6. Individual coaching based on milestoneplan and unique set of tools for specific situations STING´s value creation Milestone Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Team developmentTeam development Business plan Are we in the same boat? The Journey: Revison of total businessplan IPR Selling The Journey: Revison of total businessplan How to protect the business g Recruitment Base Camp: Selling awarness Sales training Search for talents Product development Financing Industrialisation plan Internationalisation Financing strategy and plan How to sell to investors Go Global R d Go Global St d Go Global GO!Ready Steady GO!
  7. 7. In-house recruitment service to build a winning team. STING Companies receive support rightp pp g trough the entire recruitment process: PROCESS MANAGEMENTPROCESS MANAGEMENT SEARCH SELECTION HIRING
  8. 8. STING´s own funding sources Invests 50 - 400 000 Euro/company Focus: pre product and pre customer High risk and high return possibilitiesg g p Normally the first external investor Both private investors and public organizations 30 carefully selected business angels, all with entrepreneurial background Contribute both capital and extensive experienceContribute both capital and extensive experience Usually investing together, 2-6 persons, and 20 000 – 100 000 Euro each
  9. 9. Requirements Verified, high-priority customer needs/issues that can be solved by the innovation A large and growing international market B i id b d i ti ith b iBusiness idea based on an innovation with obvious value for the customer Good possibility to package the innovation into a scalable productp Strong entrepreneurial team or willingness to develop an excellent team. Selection process Verified, high-priority customer needs/issues that can be solved byEvaluates 150 200 projects per year mainly within needs/issues that can be solved by the innovation! Evaluates 150-200 projects per year, mainly within ICT, Internet/media, medtech and cleantech Only 8 percent of screened projects are accepted each yeary Extensive evaluation process; technical due diligence, references from customers and assessment of the team Strictly confidentialStrictly confidential
  10. 10. Selected STING stories Online video-based advertising system, Thin film solar cells. 20 employees. The only solar cell production in Sweden. g y , customer in seven countries and offices in Sweden, Paris and LondonLondon. Nano replication. 80 employees, production plant in France and 22 MEuro VC capital attracted Optimizing raw-material consumption. In one year gone from 0 to 15 employees. German power giant RWE co ownerVC capital attracted. German power giant RWE co-owner. Infrared detectors, annual turnover over SEK 30 million, 20 employees and f USB key for quick, easy and secure login. Serves approximately 5 000 customers in 70 countriesworld-leader in its field. 70 countries.
  11. 11. Accumulated public vs private financing (MSEK) MSEK Public Financing Private Financing
  12. 12. Number of STING companies and employee growth Number of admitted companies Number of employees in active companies
  13. 13. Overall portfolio development No. companies
  14. 14. Accumulated turnover in active companies (MSEK)
  15. 15. Admitted companies by industry
  16. 16. Incubator companies’ origin
  17. 17. Key figures
  18. 18. STING´s own funding sources (until dec 2009)
  19. 19. Main partnersp Resource Providers Entrepreneurial partnersResearch partnersIndustry partners p pResearch partnersIndustry partners Location partner
  20. 20. STING is closely linked to the Royal Institute of Technology Inspiration            Verification           Tech transfer        Incubation  Expansion y gy KTH INNOVATION Stimulate Educate S t Start-Up BusinessScout ideas Verify Ideas Business Lab Business Accelerator C li tiCommerszalisation KTH is an indirect owner of STING and an investor in STING Capital I KTH has outsourced its incubation function to STING KTH Innovation the Tech transfer office of KTH provides STING with high quality deal flowKTH Innovation, the Tech transfer office of KTH, provides STING with high quality deal flow STING has access to office space and lab facilities at the KTH Campus STING is well connected among researchers at KTH providing important cutting edge knowledge STING has a close relationship with later stage investor KTH Chalmers Capital STING is partner in a number of “research centers of excellence” at KTHSTING is partner in a number of research centers of excellence at KTH
  21. 21. Contact Pär Hedberg, CEO and Business Coach ICT Mobile: +46 708 55 03 18 Raoul Stubbe, Business coach ICT Mobile: +46 706 55 27 74 Magnus Rehn, Business Coach Cleantech Mobile: +46 705 12 05 48, Maria Nilsson, Coach Recruitment, Marketing & PR Network Manager STING Business Angels Mobile: +46 708 36 22 31 Olof Berglund, Business Coach Medtech Mobile: +46 706 35 98 15 Mobile: 46 708 36 22 31 Jessica Stark, Marketing and Communications Manager M bil 46 703 33 32 43Ulf Brandels, Business Coach Internet/media Mobile: +46 706 56 19 87 Ivar Strömberg Business Coach ICT/Medtech Mobile: +46 703 33 32 43 Martin Gemvik, Investment Manager & Partner STING CapitalIvar Strömberg, Business Coach ICT/Medtech Mobile: +46 701 81 10 11 Partner STING Capital Mobile: +46 705 78 95 62