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Ppc ppt


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Ppc ppt

  1. 1. WHAT IS PPC ?PPCs full form is Pay per click and it is also knownas cost per click .In PPC advertising advertisers pay the publisher whenthe ad is clicked by consumer.The most common form of PPC ads are displayed onsearch engine results pages (SERPs) .
  2. 2. Why PPC Do● Instant result● Total control over your campaign and your costs● Targeted● Pay only for performance● Timing
  3. 3. Step in PPC work● Website analysis● Keyword search● Campaign Structure● Campaign Management
  4. 4. Website AnalysisWebsite analysis is very useful before starting anyPPC campaign on that website. It is important to makesure that the website hasn’t got any problemsIrrelevant content.Irrelevant keywords.Navigation Problem.Slow loading Speed.
  5. 5. Keyword searchThere are Five Match types of keyword search● Broad Match● Exact Match● Phrase Match● Broad Match Modifier● Negative Keywords
  6. 6. Match Type Punctuation To trigger your ad Example on● exact match ● [keyword] an exact term and [adopt kittens close variations of chicago] that exact term● broad match ● None synonyms, related adopt kittens searches, and chicago other relevant variationsbroad match +keyword close variations +adopt +kittensmodifier but not synonyms +chicago or related searchesphrase match "keyword" a phrase and close "adopt kittens" variations of that chicago phrasenegative match -keyword searches without -puppies the term
  7. 7. Campaign structure
  8. 8. CampaignA set of ad groups (ads, keywords, and bids) thatshare a budget, location targeting, and other settings.
  9. 9. Ad groupA set of keywords, ads, and bids that is a key part ofhow your account is organized. Each ad campaign ismade up of one or more ad groups.
  10. 10. AdAn ad typically includes a link to your website anda description or promotion of your product orservice.A small four line ads consisting headline,two shortline of text and URL
  11. 11. Example of Top ads and sideCookie Cutter Outletwww.CinciCakeandCandy.comHundreds of Amazing Shapes!Low Prices - Fast Delivery...Cookie Cutter Outlet - Hundreds of Amazing Shapeswww.CinciCakeandCandy.comLow Prices - Fast Delivery...
  12. 12. Rules of making Ads● Headline: 25 character● Description line : 35 character● Description line :35 character● Display URL : 25 character● Destination URL :1024 char
  13. 13. Types of Ads● Text Ad● Image Ad● Wap Ad● Specialized search Ad● Product listing Ad● Display Ad● Dynamic search Ad
  14. 14. Campaign managementAny Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign requiresconstant research, testing and evaluation, as well asconsiderable PPC campaign management in order toprovide the greatest return on investment (ROI).
  15. 15. Goal of campaign management● Reduce your cost - per - click● Protect your brand● Raise your quality score● Target your local market● Produce more qualified leads for less money● Return on investment
  16. 16. Campaign monitor● Ad position● Click through rate● Cost per click● Conversion● Quality score● Website
  17. 17. OverviewAn advertising model unique to INTERNET .A small four line ads consisting headline,two shortline of text and URLOne of the most powerful way of advertisingU can pay when ads get clicked on