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Cheerleading tryouts


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How to make sure that your cheer tryout have all of the important features included. Cheer tryouts can be stressful, get organized and look good.
Everything you need to know.

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Cheerleading tryouts

  1. 1. Cheerleading Tryouts How to structure your tryouts for a successful season.
  2. 2. Set Your Goals. ● What date? ● What Location? ● What Time? ● How Many Staff?
  3. 3. Date● Far enough ahead of your start goal.● No conflicts with local events.● No conflicts with high school graduation etc.● No events taking place in your gym.
  4. 4. Location● Book your local Gym, school or recreational facility.● Check on safety features.● Check the cost if any.
  5. 5. Paper work.● Design the forms that you will need.● Rules and proceedure.● Registration Form.● Liability waiver.● Record sheets.
  6. 6. Equipment● Registration desk and chairs.● Tumbling mats.● Music and player.
  7. 7. Staff.● Select your judges.● Ensure standards.● Maintain uniformity.
  8. 8. Advertise● Tell everyone that you know.● Print out flyers.● Local paper.● Call Schools.● Post on Facebook.● Put signs on roadside.
  9. 9. Good Luck!!● Dont forget that cheerleading is supposed to be fun for everyone involved.