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Tiina Laatikainen: Improving the information base and optimising service solutions

  1. 25.4.2018 1 Improving the information base and optimising service solutions Short description of IMPRO project 25.4.2018 1
  2. Key aims of the social and health care reform in Finland is to: • Decrease socioeconomic differences in health and welfare • Guarantee geographical equity and access to services • Increase the productivity and improve the quality of care • Restrain the increase in public health and social care expenditure • Integrate the social and health services • Improve planning and coordination of service delivery • Increase customer choice 25.4.2018 2
  3. Evaluation of services • Do we know what is the current situation? • Are we prepared to assess the process of change? • Do we have indicators and methods to analyse the different aspects the reform is aiming at? • What are the cost-consequences? • How well have we considered the use of various data sources? • Based on existing information and knowledge can we produce tools for planning and optimisation? 25.4.2018 3
  4. Strengths in Finland • Good national registers including information on population health and social issues • Several other usefull data sources including spatial data, sociodemographics, data on service providers, road networks, public transportation etc. • Electronic patient recording systems and other IT-solutions developing quickly • Evaluation scheme established and included in proposed legislation related to social and health care • Planning and development of regional data pools started • Good nationally agreed clinical guidelines • Existing examples of integration of services 25.4.2018 Presentation title / Author 4
  5. Challenges in Finland • lack of commonly agreed critical outcome metrics especially related to quality and health value • poor access to primary health care and social service data • lack of research and development resources 25.4.2018 Presentation title / Author 5
  6. IMPRO -consortium • Geography Research Unit (GRU), University of Oulu • Social and Health Systems, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) • Public Health and General Practice, University of Eastern Finland, UEF • Geographical and Historical Studies, UEF • HEMA Institute, Aalto University • School of Computing, UEF • Communications, THL
  7. IMPRO -consortium • Optimising accessibility to services and equity in service delivery • Optimising the structure of hospital and emergency services • Care pathways – perspectives of integrated care • Efficient allocation of health and social care service delivery • Methods for evaluating service use and costs in an integrated social and health care system • Cost optimisation of social and health care services using open web applications
  8. 2017 20202019 20212018 2022 2023 2024 Improvement in patient flows in integrated care Improved accessibility to services Improved healthcare quality according to SES Better use of open data sources Target outcomes New tools for data retrieval, reporting and service planning Information on cost- effectiveness in integrated services Better use of new technologies in monitoring and management of chronic conditions Patients’ choice expands Beginning ofthe project Endofthe project Social and health care reform Assessingthecostsandcost-effectivenessof healthcare Care pathways Healthcare quality Developingnewtoolsandeasy-to-use simulationsforserviceplanning Structuring emergency and hospital services Assessingthecostsandcost-effectiveness ofhealthcare Tracking changes in care pathways and patient flows Modelling the accessibility to services Healthcare quality according to SES Optimizing emergency and hospital services Care pathways Healthcare quality according to SES Accessibility Siun sote
  9. 25.4.2018 Presentation title / Author 9
  10. National and international collaboration • Two pilot regions: Siun sote and Kainuu region – reform planners and decision makers, service providers and professional networks • Ministry of social affairs and health • International scientific advisory board and other international collaborators • National steering committee • Patient and expert associations • National research and expert organizations • IT-technology enterprises and software companies 16.4.2018 Presentation title / Author 10
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