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David Pattison, NHS Health Scotland, United Kingdom


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David Pattison, NHS Health Scotland, United Kingdom

  1. 1. Whole of GovernmentApproach- a ScottishPerspectiveDavid L Pattisondavid.pattison@nhs.net13th June 2013 Helsinki
  2. 2. Scottish Government Purpose“To focus government and public services oncreating a more successful country withopportunities for all of Scotland to flourish,through increasing sustainable economicgrowth.”
  3. 3. • Wealthier & Fairer – Enable businesses and people to increasetheir wealth and more people to share fairly in that wealth.• Smarter – Expand opportunities for people in Scotland tosucceed from nurture through to life long learning, ensuringhigher and more widely shared achievements.• Healthier – Help people to sustain and improve their health,especially in disadvantaged communities, ensuring better, localand faster access to health care.• Safer and Stronger – Help local communities to flourish,becoming stronger, safer places to live, offering improvedopportunities and a better quality of life.• Greener – Improve Scotland’s natural and built environment andthe sustainable use and enjoyment of it.
  4. 4. HEAT Targets• Health Improvement: Reduce suicide rate between 2002 and2013 by 20 per cent.• Efficiency: The specific targets for NHSScotland are to reduceCO2 emissions for oil, gas, butane and propane usageannually by 3% to 2014/15; and NHSScotland to continue toreduce energy consumption annually by 1% to 2014/15.• Access: By March 2013, 90 per cent of clients will wait nolonger than 3 weeks from referral received to appropriatedrug or alcohol treatment that supports their recovery.• Treatment: No people will wait more than 28 days to bedischarged from hospital into a more appropriate care setting,once treatment is complete from April 2013; followed by a 14day maximum wait from April 2015.
  5. 5. Performance against the HEATTargetsInformation on how the Health system isperforming can be found at:•
  6. 6. Body text here minimumtext size is 28pt
  7. 7. A Fairer Healthier ScotlandNew Corporate Strategy 2012-2017Vision: Our vision is a Scotland in which all ofour people and communities have a fairer shareof the opportunities, resources and confidenceto live longer, healthier lives.Mission: Our mission is to reduce healthinequalities and improve health.To do this we will: influence policy and practice,informed by evidence, and promote actionacross public services to deliver greater equalityand improved health for all in Scotland.
  8. 8. Scottish Government has now reconvened theMinisterial group on Inequalities to review progresssince 2008.Now greater recognition of SHDPolicy Review being finalisedReport due 2013.Minister for Public Health