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Newcastle Community News


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This is the very basic presentation I took with me to Teesside University in 1999 to convince them to give me a job: and they did!

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Newcastle Community News

  1. 1. Newcastle Community News is a multi media Internet magazine. We publish articles in text, pictures and sound that reflect the culture and heritage of the North East region of England. Twice In A Lifetime – These people saw the 1927 eclipse and gave interviews to N.C. N. about their experiences Left – Connie (99) sings a song about a famous ancestor and above Madge (96) answers the fan e-mail and Connie dictates
  2. 2. Tiffeny West Our Youngest Writer. Brum the bus wants to run over Sammy the snail! Post!tweeted Percy the pigeon. Aaarrrggghhh! Shouted Mary! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Said Bashley. Letters for Mary, patch and for me! Perched Purcy. I’ve never had a letter before; I wonder who it’s from? I bet its from my family." Open it now! Or I will bash you. Ok ok ok, it is from er er er em Tiffeny reviews the Tom & Catharine Musical and also gets feedback to her article from Florida and from the director of the show What a wonderful report from young Tiffeny, congratulations. I am a great fan of the late Catherine Cookson, and was saddened by her death last year. I would love to see the play, but I don't think I will be able to - rather a long way from Florida! However, if they ever do a TV production, or a tape, I would be able to see it! I love reading the Newcastle News, keep up the good work folks! Now I'm living in Florida I need all the contact from home that I can find! Penny Gonzalez Florida, USA
  3. 3. Because of the very nature of this N.C.N. feature this area is likely to grow and grow. Some exhibitions take place for a short while and then they are gone, At N.C.N. not only can they last a very long time but they can grow with added features and exhibits all the time. Heritage, mining & popular Brass and Banners culture An event at Sunderland University 100 years in the East End Our Lives Our People Of Newcastle Now touring events so the heritage manager does not Ouseburn Heritage have to lug his stand around! West Newcastle Local A Vast Collection Of Studies Pictures An ex miner a painter & Brian Brown sculptor A collection of pictures of the King & Queen visiting King George V Tyneside. Sent to us all the way from Australia
  4. 4. Blackfriars Community Reporter John Shearer with his cousin Alan. Click here to hear Johns thoughts on new Toon manager Bobby Robson Exclusive! – What Exclusive says John Shearer Click here for the Newcastle Community News lowdown from Blackfriars Community Reporter, John Shearer. He filed his report Tuesday 28th, we published on Saturday and today the Sunday Sun have an exclusive. Remember where you heard it first.