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  1. 1. JAWS http://www.moviemobsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/JawsFilmCover.jpg http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKXBIdoOIMhcJCgVgHQ35SYJVtIaqhJ-ih27Ufl4mpQ8LBvDeDzDadQfNd http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKGp8yDyT8khCoYPzWwygJUimPFHOPX0lzTNCwMqAG02nbpr4sJ9bDjqob
  2. 2. Director: steven spielberg Writers: peter benchley Stars: roy sheider, robert shaw, richard dreyfus Genre: thriller Release date: 1 st january 1976 (UK) Time: 124 minutes General Information
  3. 3. The Director : Steven Spielberg <ul><li>Said to be one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film
  4. 4. He is perhaps Hollywood's best known director
  5. 5. He is one of the wealthiest film makers in the world
  6. 6. Spielberg has countless big grossing critically claimed credit to his name as a producer, director and writer </li></ul>Spielberg has directed and produced other films such as <ul><li>Catch Me If You Can
  7. 7. Saving Private Ryan
  8. 8. The Pacific
  9. 9. The Transformers
  10. 10. Men In Black
  11. 11. Shrek </li></ul>And many more
  12. 12. Mise en scene The Universal title is the first thing the audience sees it is surrounded by white smoky mist which gives the effect that it is surrounded by water. This is linking the title of universal with the film showing they are connected. The background is black with stars so it gives the effect of the sky above the ocean at night setting the scene from the beginning.
  13. 13. Film starts with the ocean as the openning setting. The mise en scene is seen through somebody else's eyes, the audience can see seaweed, rocks, leaves ect. Then we are introduced to a group of teenagers sitting around a fire camp at night which is the only source of light. The fire is flickering with red and orange flames indicating danger and mystery. The sky is jet black so the lighting is very low key.
  14. 14. The setting is on the beach were the teenagers are laughing, drinking and having a good time. The night fades and the sun rises slightly, the sky and sea turn dark grey two of the teens a girl and boy go running down the beach the girl goes into the sea whilst the boy lays on the sand drunk. Nobody else is around, view of the girl from in the water through somebody else's eyes adds suspense and tension as the audience Know somebody/something is watching her.
  15. 15. When she is dragged under water we see her fear through her facial expressions, she gets dragged under the water dragged through the sea. The lighting is very dark and it is difficult to see her face. The boy is unaware of the whole thing as he is too drunk, there are lots of shadows, she is dragged under then sea and then the ocean is clear we never see what happens to her which add suspense as to what it is that has taken her and what is going to happen next.
  16. 16. The opening of the film begins with tracking of the ocean. CAMERA Panning – showing main characters on the beach – group of teenagers High angle shot of the group of teenagers on the beach.
  17. 17. Low angle shot and panning of both characters running towards the sea (male and female) Mid shot of man undressing himself – we see he is not able to do this because he is too drunk – he keeps falling. Long shot of woman swimming in the sea by herself – its dark and so adds tension – no one else around – spooky
  18. 18. Low angle from inside the sea looking up at the girl - the sharks point of view. The camera getting closer and closer to the girl – shark getting closer Close up of woman's face – adds tension and shows the audience her emotions and shows her suffering.
  19. 19. Mid shot of boy passed out on the sea shore – we realise he is not aware of what is happening. Medium close up of woman suffering Pan – when the girl goes and grabs the boy – she is desperate to get out of the sea
  20. 22. Conventions of the Thriller <ul><li>Suspense created through mystery
  21. 23. Big budget
  22. 24. Dark atmosphere
  23. 25. Action sequence
  24. 26. Extraordinary events happening in normal situations
  25. 27. A narrative position of establishing enigma which the viewer expects to be resolved </li></ul>