Fall 2011 Recycling newsletter


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Fall 2011 St. Louis County Recycling newsletter

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Fall 2011 Recycling newsletter

  1. 1. News R E C y C L i N G FALL 2011SaiNt LouiS CouNty SeLeCted INSIDE THIS ISSUE:as a Curbside Value Partnership Community • Did Saint Louis County meet its 2010 waste diversion rate Saint Louis County residents will Saint Louis County was chosen as goal of 50%?soon be hearing a lot more about the one of its latest partners after several • Take the Zero Waste Household convenience of curbside recycling thanks communities across the country were Challenge to a partnership between the Curbside interviewed.Value Partnership (CVP) and the Saint • Public Space Recycling at Many Louis County Department of Health’s “We are pleased to have Saint Louis County FacilitiesSolid Waste Management Program. County as our latest partner. The county already has some impressive recycling participation in some areas,” said David Gill, CVP board chair and take it to the global account director for Novelis Corporation, an aluminum product curb manufacturer. “We are looking forward to working with them to develop a unified campaign that can be used by everyone to help elevate recycling DON’T county-wide and increase participation FORGET: even more.” TheCVP has partnered with many communities to The services of CVP are provided at no followinglaunch successful educational campaigns. Shown cost to the county and will target those itemshere: a compaign with the City of Omaha Public who don’t recycle or who recycle less can beWorks Department. than is possible. This is a grass roots put in yourCVP is an invitation-only, national effort and we are seeking suggestions recycling cart:program designed to help communities for civic-minded organizations or groupsgrow their curbside programs through that could help support the campaign, • Aluminum and steel canseducation and increased attention to even if they are not environmentallydata. Since 2005, CVP has partnered focused. If you have a group in mind, • Clean aluminum foil, trays,with 28 communities and four states to please call (314) 615-8958 or e-mail and pansdevelop, execute, and measure effective waste.eletter.doh@stlouisco.com.recycling education campaigns. For more information on CVP, visit • Glass bottles and jars www.recyclecurbside.org. • Paper products, including: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, cardboard, juice cartons, and cereal boxes • Plastic containers such as: - milk and juice jugs - laundry and dish soap bottles - butter and yogurt tubs - shampoo and lotion bottles
  2. 2. 50% Waste diversion Goal …Met and exceeded! Moving Forward55.9%! That was Saint Louis County’s The diverted waste includes recycling,2010 waste diversion rate based on a landfill-banned items (yard waste, tires,review of 2010 data from solid waste appliances, etc.), and items diverted 2010 Waste Datafacilities and recycling centers. In 2005, through source reduction (reducing and reusing). 55.9% is great progress, but we Sourcea study by R.W. Beck concluded the Reduction aren’t finished yet!county only had a 30% waste diversion 5%rate in 2003 and was not likely to Banned All together, recycling accounts for Itemsincrease that rate without serious only 36.2% of the diverted materials, 14.7%changes. so there remains tremendous potential Total Waste to increase our waste diversion rate Land ll DivertedAfter much study and planning, a goal even further just by encouraging more 44.1%was set to increase the waste diversion 55.9% recycling. In fact, just raising recycling Recycledrate to 50% by 2010. As a result of recovery by 25% would give us an Itemsvarious strategies, thousands of county overall diversion rate of almost 65%! 36.2%residents started or expanded theirrecycling efforts, asked for recycling But could we go even higher? The MARCat their workplace, and now expect Solid Waste District in Kansas City has set a goal of 80% waste diversion byrecycling options at festivals, stadiums, 2023. Is Saint Louis County ready forand special events. 80% waste diversion … or more?Next Steps … Zero Waste? For some, the ultimate goal is “zero waste.” This doesn’t really mean “zero” waste, but rather any situation in which 10% or less of all waste is sent to landfills. Sound impossible? It’s not. Businesses like Epson, Honda, and Pillsbury have already achieved it at some of their sites and cities like Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle have committed to reaching it too. Zero waste may seem difficult, but through a multifaceted approach that includes reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting, you can reach a waste diversion rate of 90% or more! The zero waste philosophy includes: 1. A focus on eliminating waste rather than managing it. 2. Sustainable product design, clean production, and smart packaging. 3. Smart consumption (taking or purchasing only what is needed). 4. Thinking of waste as a potentially valuable resource worth recovering. And what about you? Is your household close to zero waste? Are you recycling everything that can be recycled? Think about the things you throw away in your home. Are there ways you could prevent this from happening? Could you reuse some of the items or could someone else reuse them? Finally, after reducing and reusing, are you properly composting organic materials in your backyard so that you can get closer to being a zero waste household? Our website includes information about composting and other waste reduction strategies that you may find helpful. See if you can meet the next challenge: become a zero waste household. Send us your feedback by e-mail to waste.eletter.doh@stlouisco.com and we may choose your personal story to share on our website!
  3. 3. Recycling While on the GoSaint Louis County’s commitment in the trash. These new green bins generated outside the home. Overto recycling has expanded with the represent the face of recycling for 70% of all beverage containersintroduction of recycling bins in county government and continue purchased and consumed away frompublic areas at many county facilities. County Executive Charlie Dooley’s home are discarded as trash whenOver the last year, the Saint Louis commitment to “greening” the convenient recycling options are notCounty Department of Health has county. available.worked to provide recycling bins inpublic spaces for visitors to use. “We have been asking our residents Funding for the new public space to recycle and it’s important they recycling bins came from a federalVisitors to the county’s Clayton know that Saint Louis County Energy Efficiency and Conservationcampus, two health centers, and government is committed to recycling Block Grant.recreation complexes, and the as well,” said Mr. Dooley. If you want to learn more aboutMetroBus Clayton Transit Center recycling at home or work, visitwill now be able to recycle items One of the Health Department’s next goals is to capture recyclables www.RecycleSaintLouis.com.that previously had to be thrownRecycle bin at the Affton White- Recycle bins at the MetroBus Clayton Look for Recycling in Public PlacesRodgers Community Center Transit CenterRecent Gains in the industryAs of March 2011, the recyclable rebounded from the recession andmaterials industry employed its future looks bright!115,000 people nationwide,according to the U.S. Bureau of “We know that the scrap recyclingLabor Statistics. That’s an increase industry is very healthy and poisedof 12,000 people since March 2010 to expand further,” said IRSI– just one year before. President Robin Weiner.In addition to expandingemployment, the recycling industry Recycling is something simplehas grown in monetary value since we can all do to divert valuable2009, according to the Institute of materials from our landfills toScrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). create jobs right here in St. Louis.The reuse and recycling industry has
  4. 4. the electronics Pile-up Did you know that consumer electronics hazardous or toxic materials from anymore! Visit ecyclestlouis.org to learn may be responsible for 40% of the lead electronics out of the landfill and to what can be recycled and to find an e-cycle found in landfills! Nearly two million tons recover precious metals, glass and plastic location near of used electronics are discarded each year for new uses. you. and an estimated 128 million cell phones annually are retired from use. Data destruction services are available, so don’t let fear of identity theft from We are fortunate in our area to have personal information on a hard drive multiple recycling outlets to keep keep you storing that old Commodore upcoming Community electronic Recycling events: Spectrum Ecycle Solutions: MRC Recycling ffers data destruction Clayton US Bank services for any company or individual. 10 N. Hanley Rd. Please see their website for future Clayton, MO 63105 recycling events at www.midwrc.net. Chesterfield Athletic Complex Saturday, Sep. 24th, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. WiTS: 17818 N. Outer 40 Rd Secure data destruction on all computers Chesterfield, MO 63005 Affton US Bank Fourth Saturday of every month dropped off for recycling. Check the 8301 Gravois Rd Spectrum Ecycle Solutions website for 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. St. Louis, MO 63123 details about this event. First Sunday of every month Ritenour High School 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 9100 St. Charles Rock Rd MRC Recycling: St. Louis, MO 63114 STLCC Florissant Valley Campus Sunset Hills City Hall First Saturday of every month 3400 Pershall Rd. 3939 S Lindbergh 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Ferguson, MO 63135 St. Louis, MO 63131 Third Saturday of every month WITS accepts electronics and other items. Saturday, Oct. 1st, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. For a complete list, visit witsinc.org. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. HHW Facility Making Progress! By the Numbers When will the first permanent IN THE U.S. iN MiSSOURi iN SAiNT LOUiS Household Hazardous Waste COUNTy Facility open? 1.1 million $265 million 90,366 We know this is a question on the minds people are employed is generated from the tons of waste were of many residents. Unfortunately, too by the recycling and export sales of recycled reduced in 2010. many factors are in play that could either reuse industry. goods, remanufacturing, speed up or slow down progress, so it’s and reuse. not possible to provide an opening date at this time. 4 $208 million 654,360 We can report that the design phase jobs are created from is the potential value of tons of waste were for the first site is complete and we are recycling for every one recyclable materials that recycled in 2010. beginning the construction phase. RFPs landfill disposal job. are landfilled every year have been issued for waste management instead of recycled. services and the development of an educational website – a website that will also include a reservation system 56,000+ 25,000 797,488 to allow residents to schedule drop-off is the number of jobs have been tons of waste were appointments. recycling and reuse created statewide landfilled in 2010. establishments that by the recycling and Future updates will be available on the exist across the country. reuse industry. information line at (314) 615-8989 or online at www.RecycleSaintLouis.com. Sources: Missouri 2010 Green Jobs Report, 2010 Saint Louis County WDR Progress Report, EIERA, Missouri Department of Economic Development, 2008 MDNR Waste Composition Study This newsletter and programs described herein are made possible by the voter-approved 5% surcharge on waste disposed in Saint Louis County landfills. TheHealth Department uses these funds for the benefit of Saint Louis County residents. A paperless newsletter benefits the environment, and saves time and space.