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Ex bengeo

  1. 1. Neil armstrongBenjamin and Georgia L
  2. 2. introduction Did you know Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon? Ever want to go on the moon?Well then strap on your seat belts and blast off into this presentation.
  3. 3. Early life Neil Armstrong was born on the 5th of August, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA.Neil Armstrong had amother named Viola a father named Stevenand 2 younger siblings Jean and Dean. Healways thought aboutplanes when he was in school.
  4. 4. First job Neil Armstrongs firstjob was a test pilot. Hegot to test rocket planes to check if they would work. He loved his job somuch he was noticed by NASA .
  5. 5. All of Neil Armstrong’s jobs were life risking, when he was a test pilot he did not know if he would survive the flight.
  6. 6. To The Moon Neil Armstrong,Michael Collins andBuzz Aldrin entered Apollo 11 on 16th July 1969. On 1968 they choseNeil for the captain of the moon walk mission.
  7. 7. It took Neil Armstrongand his crew 4 days to get to the moon.When they got to themoon Neil Armstrong used famous wordsknown as “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.
  8. 8. On the Moon On the radio every one heardthat Neil Arm Strong has stepped on the moon and won the space chase. After 15 minutes he was joinedby Aldrin and they planted their flag.
  9. 9. timeline1930-Date of birth 5 August1934-47-Early life always dreamed of planes1945-Age fifteen started flying lessons1957-he took his fight in a rocket plane bellx-1b1961-in a speech president kennedy said theywould put a man on the moon from a USA
  10. 10. 1962-became americas first nonmilitary astronaut.1966-boarded gemini 8 first space flight1969-took of to the moon and completed there mission1994-married2012-sadly died at The age of 82 from heart surgery
  11. 11. Apollo 11 Space Rocket Neil Armstrong used apollo 11 to make it to the moon, it was 1 of the most important innovation. The apollo 11 space ship is separated in to 3 parts.With out the rocket he would have never completed his mission. The most important part of the ship was the fuel tank.
  12. 12. Space Suit The space suit was another important innovation. The most important thing they needed to was the oxygen tank with out it he would die.
  13. 13. Received MedalIn 2011 Neil Armstrong wasgiven the congressional gold medal at the age of 81. He was very pleased withhimself when he got the gold medal.
  14. 14. sadly diedSadly Neil Armstrong died at the age of 82. 2012 August the 5th. He died from heart surgery he will be missed
  15. 15. Many thanks to miamiherald.com, toatallycoolpix.com, mybbhacks.zinga burga.com,wired.tumblr.com,geneamusings.c om,boston.com, vosizneias.com,jeddkenobi.wordpress.com,aerosp aceblog.wordpress.com. for our pictures.