Ecoroq - Commercial Overview


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A short overview of the background and general effects of Ecoroq

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Ecoroq - Commercial Overview

  1. 1. Fresher Air…<br /> Fresher Food… <br /> Fresher for Longer<br />
  2. 2. Simply put…<br />Ecoroq is a Clean, Green, Non-toxic, 100% Natural, reusable cool-room filter.<br />Ecoroqenhances existing refrigeration by creating optimum storage conditions.<br />Ecoroqrequires no electricity and has no moving parts<br />Ecoroq just quietly gets on with the job of saving you money<br />
  3. 3. Meet our R&D department… <br />Mother Nature<br />The ecoroq filter contains a unique blend of two 100% natural mineral compounds, Guerite and Saugin. Gueritehas the the ability to naturally adsorb and de-sorb moisture; the only mineral in the world known to have this property<br />Guerite is mined exclusively in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA.<br />
  4. 4. The Six Steps to Ecoroq Success<br />
  5. 5. Under the microscope - Ecoroq at work<br />Purified Particles<br />Contaminated Particles<br /><ul><li>Gueritein the filter attracts contaminated water molecules (adsorption) and these are then filtered through the microscopic, crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve
  6. 6. Bacteria and other contaminants are trapped within the mineral. The mineral does not support bacterial growth
  7. 7. Purified water particles are then released back into the refrigerated environment (desorption)</li></li></ul><li>Improving refrigeration at all levels<br />Fermenters<br />Food Producers<br />Orchards<br />Growers<br />Ice Cream <br />Manufacturers<br />Meat <br />Processing<br />Market <br />Gardens<br />Abattoirs<br />Cheese <br />makers<br />Refrigerated transport<br />Our clients have at <br />least one of these:<br />Produce <br />wholesalers<br />Hospitals<br />Fish <br />processing<br />Shipping <br />Companies<br />Refrigerated <br />Coolstores<br />Bakeries<br />Fruit and Vege<br />wholesalers<br />Fish Markets<br />Commercial <br />kitchens<br />Restaurants<br />Florists<br />Supermarkets<br />Butchers<br />Hotels<br />Commercial <br />caterers<br />Grocers<br />Cafes & <br />lunch bars<br />…and even if its not food, if it needs refrigeration…<br />…we can help<br />
  8. 8. Some of the general effects<br />AirborneBacteria:Reduces airborne bacteria by up to 85%<br />Condensation:Removed - improved health and safety. Less cleaning and no rust<br />MouldandMildew:Removed<br />FreezerIce:Removed - improved health and safety and more efficient equipment<br />PackagingIce:Removed - no more failing cardboard boxes – improved quality<br />Humidity:Perfectly balanced by naturally absorbing and desorbing moisture<br />Wear and Tear: Compressor recycle rates cut by up to 50%<br />Electricity:Savings of up to 21% can be expected<br />Temperature:Eliminates extended peak temperatures <br />Temperature:Ambient reduced by 2-3°C means faster recovery times<br />Odours:Removed - no cross contamination of product<br />Maintenance:More efficient use means less maintenance<br />OSH: Safer working environment with drier working conditions<br />
  9. 9. Other effects include:<br />Abattoirs:shrinkage reduced by 35%<br />Fruit:Humidity and ethylene control can double the shelf-life<br />Display Cabinets:Removal of condensation improves product visibility<br />Vegetables:Humidity and ethylene control can double the shelf-life<br />Fish:Removal of odours and retention of juices, improved selling weights<br />Chocolate:no sweating or discolouration<br />Ageing of Beef:shrinkage reduced by 70%<br />Pastry:Remains fresher for longer with no drying out<br />Butchers:juice and blood retention, no drying out, improved selling weights <br />Diesel: improved chiller efficiency has shown savings of up to 17% on fuel bill<br />* More detailed information available upon request<br />
  10. 10. Ecoroq – reducing overheads<br />Other humidity, bacteria and ethylene control systems can cost $1000’s to purchase and $100’s to maintain and they don’t achieve half the results that<br /> filters do<br />
  11. 11. Believe only what you can see and touch<br />… we’re so confident, that we’re prepared to install the filters at one of your sites, so that you can monitor the results that directly impact your operation. <br />If you don’t see the value at that point, we’ll take it all away, no questions asked! <br />We want you to see first-hand the benefits and savings that ecoroq can bring to your company.<br />Call today on (09) 447 1824<br />