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Dinesh bodewar UX Designer Project presentation


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Project presentation at ImaginXP Pune

Published in: Design
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Dinesh bodewar UX Designer Project presentation

  1. 1. Dinesh Bodewar Firasti App Design
  2. 2. About Myself I am Dinesh Bodewar, 22 year old an aspiring UX Designer. I have completed my Engineering in Information Technology in 2015 from Pune University. Currently living in Pune. As a Engineer I like reading Technical and Design related stuff. I like to build things that are usable. Contact NO: +91-8149970469 Mail ID : photo
  3. 3. Working Methodology – IMAGIN 6D Framework 1] Define: Business Goal and Objective 2] Discover: Competitive analysis User base & Segmentation Persona Creation Writing Scenarios Task flow for the App 3] Dream: Conceptualization of different ideas 4] Design: Information architecture, Wireframes, digital prototype, Visual Design. 5] Deliver: Style guideline + specs, assets and structured PSD files.
  5. 5. ProjectBrief  Firasti is a term used for traveller.  Firasti is an mobile app provides a new way to explore places and advertising business.  As there are plenty of educational institutes situated in Pune, Every year students from multiple part of India came for educational purpose.  Firasti will help them to find hostel, mess, restaurants, snack center and many more places in just few clicks.
  6. 6.  Shopkeepers, hotels and other businesses can start their online presence using Firasti App.  We will charge some fees from those who want online marketing of their business.  In Phase-1 our aim is to make Firasti as MUST have app for people visiting Pune.  In future we will add multiple cities under Firasti. BusinessGoal
  7. 7. Justdial AroundMe Firasti Voice Search Available Not available Not available User Experience Good Below average Good Visual Hierarchy Image-> Place Name-> Icons-> Address No proper visual hierarchy Image-> Place Name-> Icons-> Address Login required Optional only for searching places No login option available Optional Information at glance Place name, address, User rating, direct link to map, favourite, Call Less information available Place name, Address, distance. Place name, address, user rating, distance from user location, link to map, Favourite, call. User Control & freedom More: Allows to customize app view, manage notification & favourite , easy navigation Less More: Direct link on all pages for Home, User Profile, favourite and notification No of clicks to complete task approx. 4-6 approx. 2-4 approx. 3-5 Categories More detailed categories available Limited-(total 14) Detailed categories as per target user Offline Support Available Not available Not available Allow to list your business Yes No Yes Competitive Analysis
  8. 8.  People living in Pune.  Traveller.  Students coming to Pune from different part of India.  Those who wants online marketing of their business. User Base
  9. 9.  Students.  Travellers.  People new to the Pune  Different business like hostels, landlord, broker, mess, snack center, shopkeeper, restaurant owner. User Segmentation
  10. 10. Manoj is a student lives in Nanded. He has got admission in P.C.C.O.E college of Engineer, Ravet Pune. He has to reach in college at 10:30 AM for admission process. Manoj has come to Pune only few times and he doesn’t know the way around. He is a android based smart phone user. Observation: Manoj will try to search for college address and how to reach there. After admission process he may try to find boys hostel and mess near his college. User Scenario1
  11. 11. Pankaj is a engineering student, lives in Akurdi since last 4 years. He is a kind of foodie. This weekend Pankaj and his friends decided to have dinner. As they got bored from regular hotels, they decided to find a new hotel in nearby area. Observation: Pankaj and his friends could discuss about any new hotels in nearby area or they will ride their bike and search hotels, if it took much time they will go to regular hotel with unsatisfied dinner . User Scenario2
  12. 12. Yogesh is a engineering student lives in Akurdi since last 2 years. He lives in 2bhk flat with his classmates. From last 2 days they found some water leakage problem in washroom. Now he is searching for a plumber to fix this problem as early as possible. Yogesh is a android based smart phone user. Observation: Yogesh will ask to his friend or try to search on internet for plumber available in nearby area. User Scenario3
  13. 13. Persona1 • Aniket Patil • Age: 20 • Profession: Student  Aniket is a Diploma Student living in akurdi since 2 year.  He is and Android based smart phone user.  He spends most of his time with his friends.  Aniket is a lazy person unlike visiting new places. Motivation:  Aniket is planning to shift his room to new place.  Aniket and his friends spend most of the time hanging around coffee shop. Goals:  Hotel provides home delivery.  Hostel selection with preferences like balcony and floor selection.  Brands available in cloth shops.  View menu and Speciality in coffee shop.
  14. 14. Persona 2  Hitesh is engineering student lives in Akurdi since 4 year.  He likes Chinese food and Momos.  Hitesh likes to hangout new places with his friends.  He is an smart phone user. • Hitesh Chinchore • Age: 23 • Profession: Student Motivation:  Every weekend hitesh and his friends has dinner plan in restaurant.  He also likes to try new food. Goals:  Find new hotels in nearby area.  Hotel provides home delivery.
  15. 15. Persona 3 • Suraj Solse • Age: 21 • Profession: Student  Suraj is engineering student lives in Akurdi since 6 month.  He is more biased towards technology .  He likes to go in restaurant and try new food.  Every weekend suraj and his friend visit new places in nearby area. Motivation:  Visit places like park and sights in nearby area.  Try different food items in affordable budget. Goals:  Search hotels and their speciality, menu.  Find laundry shop, book shop.  Purchase new cloths.
  16. 16. Task Flow User Search Journey
  17. 17. Task Flow Post your business to Firasti
  18. 18. Method Followed 1] Card Sorting A) Open Card Sorting B) Closed Card Sorting 2] Competitor Study: Study Information architecture of existing app like Justdial, AroundMe, Nearby. InformationArchitecture
  19. 19. • Open Card Sorting
  20. 20. • Closed Card Sorting
  21. 21. Firasti AppCategories Hostel: Hostel, Flat, PG Mess: Different food type Restaurant: Home delivery, food type, Coffee time and snack center Book shops and stationary Supermarket, Fruits and vegetables
  22. 22. Medical: Doctors, Dentist, Hospitals, Optician, Blood bank, Chemist, pathology labs, ambulance. Jobs: Consultant, Part time, Full time Jobs, Engineering Jobs, BPO & KPO, Marketing, Work from Home, other Education: School, colleges, Coaching classes, Internet café Fitness: Gym, Yoga, Sports club, Swimming clubs, Health equipment. Auto Care: Bike repair & Accessories Car repair and accessories. On Demand Services: Electrician, carpenter, Plumber, Laundry, Pest control, cooks, Packers and movers, Courier service
  23. 23. Project Guidance and training institutes Repair: Mobile, PC, Laptop, TV. Gas Station and Petrol Pumps. Personal care: Salons, spa, beauty parlours. Hobby classes, Dance and Music
  25. 25. Wireframes Loading Page Landing Page
  26. 26. Benefits of Log in Sign Up
  27. 27. Log In Enable Location Service
  28. 28. Firasti Home Category List
  29. 29. Filters 1] Near me 2]Sort by rating 3]Home Delivery 4] Filter Choose food type a) Indian b) Chinese c) South Indian d) Veg Only e) Non-Veg food f) More Restaurant list view Restaurant Details
  30. 30. Comment View Favourites/Notification
  31. 31. Type of Filters 1] Gender 2] Hostel, Flat PG 3] Preferences a) Balcony b) Furnished b) Single c) Sharing 4] More Apply Filter Hostel List View
  32. 32. Information Provided related to hostel 1. Image Count 2. Total Rent 3. Detailed address 4. Distance 5. View on Map 6. Facilities 7. Review 8. Add to Favourite 9. Share Place with Friend 10. Contact Owner a) Call b) Request Call back Hostel Details Contact Hostel Owner
  33. 33. Free Business listing For Response Saved
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  35. 35. VisualDesign Logo Landing Page
  36. 36. Sign Up Login
  37. 37. Home Page Restaurant list View
  38. 38. Restaurant Details Post your business