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@Tagtagcity conference_mobile_business


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Published in: Technology
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@Tagtagcity conference_mobile_business

  1. 1. Launch soon
  2. 2. PROBLEM ASSESSEMENTTourists / citizens want to discover / gather new things that interest them in the city.Location Owners/Cities want to generate traffic and sell more.
  3. 3. How we do it today?
  4. 4. Behaviors changeSOLOMO
  5. 5. It all starts with a
  6. 6. MAIN FEATURES Discover in live what the place has to tell…Open content with A multimedia ExperienceQR-Code scanner for every location Search locations withOpen content with GeolocalisationNFC Touch Deep Social IntegrationOpen content with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.Short URL Introduction Promote your application.
  7. 7. Users can search basedon their preferences
  8. 8. Our Objectives1. ATTRACT A MAX. OF VISITORS • By allowing citizens and visitors discover the location by a pro-active communication that is viral and attractive2. UPGRADE THE EXPERIENCE • By introducing new technologies through an innovative platform that is fun to use3. DEVELOP THE COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL • generate statistics while promoting your commercial location4. SEEK HIGH EFFICIENCY • By having a maximum return with a minimum of work and without being dependent on development costs
  9. 9. The Experience :
  10. 10. During the trip using a NFC reader YOUTUBE : :
  11. 11. During the trip
  12. 12. The Platform today Multi-media contentRecommendation Share the content Communication E-coupon Location Statistics
  13. 13. Cities of the Future : Launch Partners + 800 LocationsBeelden in de Stad • Historical Buildings • Musea • Merchants
  14. 14. Location Based: Marketing & ApplicationsMarketing : B2b2C -joint communication - loyalty Applications : B2b2C -Use the network to enable their services
  15. 15. @tagtagcity