Secrets to buying diamonds online


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The slide contains the secrets to buying diamonds online. To Buy Diamonds online, visit -

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Secrets to buying diamonds online

  1. 1. E-commerce: An Emerging Trend Jewelry Industry has undergone a few drastic changes in the last few years. Even though the cut-throat competition has always existed in the jewelry market, the emergence of Online jewelry avenues has brought it to an all new level.Many people have tested and accepted the advantages of onlineshopping over the traditional shopping. But, these advantages arealso accompanied with a few disadvantages.
  2. 2. Be a Smart BuyerBuying a high-end jewelry or morespecifically Diamond jewelry online is a riskytask but the number of consumers opting forthis is growing at an accelerating rate.It is imperative for you to be a smart buyerwhen you are buying diamonds online. Herewe are sharing a few secrets of buyingdiamonds online.Lets have a look:
  3. 3. Choose the Right Dealer for YouIt is very convenient for the consumers to shop for diamonds whilesitting at home in your pyjamas. But the authenticity of the retaileris the only trust building factor when it comes to online shoppingespecially for such a huge investment.It is not difficult to build and put up a website displaying picturesof fabulous diamonds with great prices to lure customers. Therehave been fraud cases registered in the past.Thus, always go for the trusted brands when buying online. Dosome research and take opinion from friends and even strangers onpublic forums to get an authentic dealer.
  4. 4. Study the Different Setting, Styles andMetal Choices Available You can choose the best style and setting in your budget for the fabulous piece of diamond jewelry you are looking forward to buy. The diamond specifications required for different jewelry changes accordingly. So before you start looking for the right diamond for you, just look at the kind of jewelry you want to buy. For example, the diamond required for a ring is different from the one for a pendant or earrings.
  5. 5. Certified Diamonds: A Better ChoiceWith an authentic dealer, it is also importantto make sure the authenticity of the diamond.This can be ensured by a reputable and legitcertification.You need to be careful with the plenty ofbogus certification from fraudulentgemmology labs claimed by many sites.Two of the most trusted labs in the Americandiamond industry are an American GemSociety (AGS) and the Gemological Instituteof America (GIA)
  6. 6. The 4 C’s of Diamond Even though you can not check the diamonds with your own hands before buying, you can always check for the 4 C’s, that is, the cut, clarity, color and carat weight in the product specifications of the jewel. You can look for the best possible diamond with the highest quality in your budget. Make sure to check the availability of your choice of diamond jewelry at multiple sites. You may get the same thing at a significantly lower price at some of the dealers.
  7. 7. Save on the Carat PriceMany a times a point change in the caratweight of the diamond does not make itlook any different but can bring the pricedown significantly.For Example, let say the 0.9 Caratdiamond looks very much similar to the 1Carat diamond. But, there is a significantdifference in the costs of the two.So it might be a better idea for you to saveyour money with a smarter choice.
  8. 8. Clarity and Color: How much is Enough?You can buy the diamond with the utmost clarity and highest colorcategory. But, most of the times you can get the brilliant sparkleeven with a lower grade of diamond.The diamonds falling under a little lower category of the color andclarity can give you all you want without any visible flaw.You can actually go for H-J color grade with a Round-cut diamondor G-I with Emerald and Asscher-cut diamond, against the highestcolor grade D.
  9. 9. A Good Deal or a Fake Deal? You do not get to compare the diamondsside by side or even see the one you havebought until you receive the overnight homedelivery of your buyIt is even more important to think rationallyand decide if the promised quality and caratweight can be priced as low as the price tagsays.Don’t fall for the unbelievable discount dealsblindly, as not everything that sparkles isdiamond.
  10. 10. Know the Diamond Glossary While browsing for Diamond jewelry, you mighthave read some words which are quite confusing.It is good to know the language used in theindustry.Words likeblemish, brilliance, cleavage, clouds, inclusion, table etc have an altogether different meaning in theworld of diamonds than its literal meaning.It is advised to study the glossary to understandthe diamond better.
  11. 11. Lucrative Offers and Cash Back There are plenty of discount offers and stock clearance sales available online at any given point of time. You can look for some good offer and plunge into the deal to avail the diamond jewelry at a very good price. You just need to make sure that the dealer is trustworthy. There are also a few online retailers who provide money back guarantee in case you do not find the diamond as per your order. You might have to pay for the shipping and restocking fee, but it is still much lesser than the value of the diamond jewelry you paid for.
  12. 12. Diamonds: A Good Investment or Not? The price of diamond has not gone down for many years, so you are unlikely to get any loss when you sell your diamond jewelry after a few years. But, there is no guarantee of the return on your money invested in diamond. Thus, buy diamonds as a symbol of beauty and love for eternity but not as an investment to get ROI.
  13. 13. Shipping Insurance and RefundPolicy The shipping of diamonds through mail is not always safe and the delivery of the diamonds safely can not be promised. Thus, it is better to look for an online retailer which provides shipping insurance and provides replacement or refund in case of any mis-happening. Be very sure to clarify your doubts regarding the refund and replacement policy with the dealer in advance.
  14. 14. Consult with An Independent AppraiserIn order to insure the diamond youhave bought, you will need to get itappraised by an independentappraiser, who can give you the exactvalue of the diamond.It might be a better option to get thediamond appraisal done before youmake your payment with the help ofthe given “diamond blueprint” bythe dealer. It may help you to ensureif the value you are paying anappropriate amount for thediamond.
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