Diamond jewelry trends in 2013


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The slide contains info of the jewelry trends 2013. To get the latest jewelry, visit - http://www.primestyle.com

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Diamond jewelry trends in 2013

  1. 1. Diamond Jewelry Trends in 2013 www.primestyle.com
  2. 2. Changing Jewelry Trends• Fashion world is ready to adorn the new diamond jewelry and Style trends for 2013.• Excitement is building up with surprising new diamonds, materials and color combination, etc.• Introduction of trendy diamonds, designs and shiny metals on the one hand and revival of classic diamond pendants, earrings and rings on the other hand are going to sweep the women off their feet.• Geometric shapes in jewelry and natural and tribal look is going to make an entrance again.
  3. 3. Diamonds Stand Out• Despite everything, diamonds are always in fashion• They symbolizes luxury, glamour and indulgence• Unlike other chic jewelry, diamond suits every dress and occasion• Diamond jewelry changes with the changing trends and the jewelry designs have evolved in the past few years• At the same time, antique and vintage designs have also been cherished
  4. 4. Diamond Jewelry Trend Predictions for 2013• With the US economy stabilizing, the diamond jewelry demand is expected to increase in 2013• Diamond set in Platinum Jewelry is going to be in demand against the gold adorned diamonds jewelry
  5. 5. Antique-Cut Jewelry• With the gaining popularity, this would be a raving trend in 2013 representing a classy choice• The bigger the better is the new fashion mantra: Jewelry with very large stones would be seen often The Cornete Necklace set from the Bijux de Diamants Collection by Gabrielle Channel in 1932
  6. 6. Diamonds for LuckGoing with the ancient Irish believe, the four-cloverDiamond Jewelry is expected to be a rage following thesuperstar trendsetters Heidi Klum and Carl Blackburn.
  7. 7. Representing IndependenceBreaking the old set rules of Diamonds for marriedwomen, diamond ring in the right hand would signifythe independence of single women.
  8. 8. Colored Diamonds• Popularly known as Canary Diamonds are the rarest with only one mined over 10,000 white diamonds.• These would be seen more often in the coming year.• Distinguished colors like, blue, black, grey, olive, green, purple and red would make an appearance.
  9. 9. Latest Cuts Beating the TrendsWith technologies such as lasers, 3-D imaging and computermodeling, diamond cutting has reached to zenith. Buyers nowwill have custom cuts and designs, may it be a heart-shapedDiamond or some other design they choose.
  10. 10. Popularity of Virtual Stores• Online diamond jewelry is picking the momentum.• Most of the jewelers and designers now have online stores offering the whole range of diamond jewelry from wedding rings to diamond sets.• Online stores often provide substantial discounts on their jewelry range.
  11. 11. Diamond Rings Considered the easiest and best gift that can be passed on as an heirloom, need not to be sized before buying and suits every dress and occasionDiamond Earrings A choice independent of the occasion, stud earrings instead of chandelier would be seen more.
  12. 12. Trends by CelebritiesBachelorette fame Emily MaynardEngagement Ring from Jeff Holm (aBusiness-man from Utah) in 2012 issure going to stir the DiamondEngagement ring trend in 2013. The Engagement rings of celebrities like Mariah Carrey and Jessica Simpson is sure going to be an inspiration for others to follow in 2013.
  13. 13. Wedding Jewelry• Diamond Engagement ring followed by Diamond Wedding band worn together• The Bride groom’s wedding bands will be adorned by as much diamond as their bride’s.
  14. 14. Diamond Belly RingAnother climbing diamond jewelry trenddescended from the ancient Egypthistory. Back then, the belly ring waswore by members of the royal familyWith minimum risk of body infections asset in precious metals only, diamondbelly ring can be seen peeping out onmany occasions.
  15. 15. Conclusion• With the Sky-rocketing prices, diamond jewelry has been replaced by alternatives like costume jewelry and other imitation jewelry.• But, nevertheless, the eternal existence of diamond jewelry has become the synonym of elegance and class.• As rightly said by the famous Ian Flemming (James Bond fame) which still holds true, “Diamonds are Forever”
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