Looking at a Music Magazine


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Looking at a Music Magazine

  1. 1. Looking At A Music Magazine Matt Earl/Matt Johns
  2. 2. The Facts Cost - £3.99 The magazine is published monthly, and the issue, right, is the 153rd issue. The magazine has been running since 1999 who shows the success of the magazine. ABC Figure – 15,005 per month. Despite the fact that is a long running magazine which makes this figure surprising. The magazine struggles against it’s competitors such as Q and Kerrang. Launched by Editions Freeway and Rock Sound was bought out by the director, Patrick Napier, in 2004.
  3. 3. Textual The magazine has a house style, which contains a medium shot of the featured artists, mast heads, sky lines, sell linesAnalysis and puffs. The front cover follows a conventional style, vibrant colouring that is eye catching an appealing to it‟s target audience. The MAST HEAD is usually the name of the magazine. In this case, the font is bold and is black against a bright background. This style is continuous and recognisable to regular readers and the image is placed over the top, to signify the name is of little importance and content is more powerful and overwhelming. The SELL LINE grasps the reader‟s attention to the content of the magazine. The large size entices the reader to want to read the article into the „knowhow and gossip‟, also based upon the „catchline‟ underneath. In this case “confess their sins”. The bright green text connotes that the band are fresh, young, cheerful and vibrant, which contrasts well with the dark, mellow tones of the band‟s costumes, along with the cold, lifeless background.
  4. 4. TextualAnalysis The SKY LINE acts as a promotional sell line, which is what makes it different and better than any other of its competitors. The sky line jumps off the page at first glance. The green colour is used to emphasise the content in the magazine. The IMAGE includes a medium shot of the featured band, using a low angle to emphasise the band‟s presence and effectively catches the reader‟s eye. They are positioned in a pyramid structure to highlight the status roles and positions within the band. Lighting has also been effectively used to increase the band‟s appeal. The PUFF are what are featured at the bottom of the magazine. In this case, there are images of the bands featured, which intentionally may target a niche audience who favour their music , which should effectively persuade readers to purchase the magazine. The list of featured bands follow a house style, used in every issue of the magazine. It also informs readers of the content which may intrigue or interest individuals. The man with his middle finger up represents the magazine as being „antiestablishment‟ and being rebellious, which follows the stereotype of the genre of music.