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Informasjonsintegrasjon – hva er utfordringene


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Introduction (in Norwegian) to the challenges of EII (Enterprise Information Integration), blaming the Closed World Assumption and the resulting single canonical info model for being the root cause of many of the issues. First introductory part of a full day session on semantic information integration, including a real world case. Video of this presenation (including intro):

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Informasjonsintegrasjon – hva er utfordringene

  1. 1. Informasjonsintegrasjon– hva er utfordringene?Stian Danenbarger <>Rådgiver, Bouvet ASATwitter: @stidan
  2. 2. EII
  3. 3. ?
  4. 4. Begrep/ konseptReferent/ Term/ objekt symbol
  5. 5. Konseptet ‘representasjon av begrepet’ <element name="foo"> <oneOrMore><choice> <element name="bar"><text/> </element> <element name="baz"><text/> </element> </choice></oneOrMore> </element> <!ELEMENT foo ( bar | baz)* > Begrep/ <xs:complexType name="foo"> <xs:choice minOccurs="0"> konsept maxOccurs="unbounded"> <xs:element name="bar"/> <xs:element name="baz"/> </xs:choice> </xs:complexType>Referent/ Term/objekt symbol
  6. 6. #%*¤! KONSENSUS!
  7. 7. XML XML “While the definition of an XML protocol element using a validity formalism is useful, it is not sufficient. XML by itself does not supply semantics.”XML “Any document defining a protocol element with XML MUST also have sufficient prose in the document describing the semantics of whatever XML the document has elected to define.” RFC 3470, “Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols” January 2003 XQuery
  8. 8. 70% 60% 70%95% 70% modell 1 30% modell 2 80% 40% 90%