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Semantics enhancing Augmented Reality and making our reality smarter


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The talk was delivered by Dr. Lyndon Nixon during the 11th International Conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics (ODBASE 2012) held in Roma, Italy on 11-12 Sept 2012.

Published in: Technology
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Semantics enhancing Augmented Reality and making our reality smarter

  1. 1. Semantics enhancing Augmented Reality and making our reality smarter Presenter: Dr Lyndon Nixon, head of research, STI Research GmbH Co-authors: Jens Grubert and Gerhard Reitmeyr, Graz University of Technology; James Scicluna, Seekda gmbh
  2. 2. Augmented Reality in 2012 –image recognition based AR is on the rise •Google Googles •Layar Vision •Kooaba Shortcut …
  3. 3. SmartReality: what should be the unique value proposition?• For organisations with Things of Interest – Unlock additional content about those things at low cost. Annotate once, the content updates itself!• For online content owners – Provide your content in a new context. Direct access to new consumers in an appropriate situation.• For SmartReality reality providers – Be the gateway to a new AR experience.• For the user – Discover relevant content about things around you!
  4. 4. SmartReality architecture
  5. 5. Things of Interest• Could be anything, we start with street posters as partner has a database of digitized posters tied to their events & artists
  6. 6. TOI Metadata Things of - Identifier - - provider - creator - created Interest (TOI) Metadata - etc. (Dublin Core)• POIs often mix too strongly Annotatio n content and presentation info Annotation Representati• Require all data for the app - Identifier on - Metadata - Dimension to be pre-available in the - Locating - Identifier Data - Classification dataset - - Name Representatio - Description• Not easily manipulated as n - Icon - Represents - Thumbnail there are no „handles“ to - Segment_ other data, nor typing annotation Represen Segment_ ts• TOI data model looks at annotation - Identifier - Identifier - minimal given content and - Locating Data Classificatio - n most flexible retrieval of Representation - Name further content on-the-fly - Represents - Description - Icon - Thumbnail
  7. 7. Annotation tool (• Loads poster images from DB• Easy conceptual annotation saved in TOI data model• Direct integration with the TOI repository• Supports, DBPedia and general LOD URIs …
  8. 8. Image recognition service• Visual image is registeredin an object recognition service(now using Kooaba)• Object look-up call returnsan identifier for visible objects „e_15149“
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Platform – conceptual vision
  11. 11. SmartReality client• A JSON model has been specified which is returned by the platform and processed at the client.• Content display for a segment follows a grid approach which has a max_content_items based on display size.• Version 2 currently runs on Android 2.3 and 4.03