Literature review list


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Literature review list

  1. 1. ELECTRONIC LITERACY Enhancing literacy and RESOURCES comprehension M i c h e l le E m r a Pauline O’Mara S te p h a n i e T h o m a s RDG/504
  2. 2. STARFALL Benefits and Characteristics:Starfall is an excellent source to access electronic text. It is afree public service that provides a phonics approach. Starfallcaters to k-1 grades as well as special ed., homeschool, andELLs. Starfall allows child-directed instruction and supportsstruggling readers. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Starfall can enhance vocabulary and comprehension through itsengaging and easy to navigate program. The activities aremodeled after the “Big Five” focus areas recommended by theNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
  3. 3. LITERACTIVE Benefits and Characteristics:Literactive provides leveled books, phonics activities and alarge selection of books that gradually develop reading skills.This site was developed by parents and teachers. Literactive isfree but registry is required. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Literactive has an extensive guided reading selection that isanimated to maintain attention. Each story provides phonemicand syllable breakdown of each word in the selection. Studentscan decode the written text alone or with a partner.
  4. 4. BROWSER BOOKS http://staf cassidy.kathy/browserbooks/ind ex.htm Benefits and Characteristics:Browser books provide support by allowing beginning readers toclick on a word they are unfamiliar with. The word is then readto them in a child’s voice. Each book is leveled and books arealso organized by subject. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Students are able to search books that are targeted towardstheir independent reading level. There are also related sitesthat of fer practice in sight words and spelling games.
  5. 5. MAGIC KEYS / Benefits and Characteristics:A free site that of fers a wide selection of digital books, thatprovide support with a click of the word. There are books forchildren of all ages and links for phonics, riddles and quizzes.This site also provides access to other digital book sites. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:There are comprehension quizzes for some of the stories listed.Students can check for understanding by answering a fewcomprehension questions. There is a link to other sites thatprovide games and learning activities.
  6. 6. CAST UDL BOOK BUILDER / Benefits and Characteristics:Students have the opportunity to create, share, publish, andread digital books that support student’s dif ferent needs,interests, and skills. It is a free online reading tool that allowsparents to get involved with reading at home. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:CAST UDL Book Builder builds reading strategies andcomprehension. Students are able to have ownership byentering their own text, images, and hints. Students can alsoreview other books created by children.
  7. 7. STORYLINE ONLINE / Benefits and Characteristics :A website promoting 25 recognizable trade books read aloud bycelebrities. Students are able to hear the fluency of storiesbeing read to them, original illustrations are partnered withbackground music to enhance listening, and additionalactivities are included with each story. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Text is highlighted as it is being read for students to trackwords and partner words with pictures. Vocabulary isintroduced and heightened by the partnering of text andillustration.
  8. 8. TREASURES ACTIVITIES /storylist/1 .html Benefits and Characteristics:A website in conjunction with a nationally known and researchbased reading curriculum created by McGraw -Hill. Games areintroduced that go along with weekly units and trade books thatthe lessons are built upon. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:The games are interactive asking questions to determineknowledge of specific skills. Students pick and choose responsesto win the games.
  9. 9. CLIFFORD INTERACTIVE STORY BOOKS Benefits and Characteristics:A website that partners familiar characters from trade books withquestions of literacy and vocabulary. Students have a high interestin having Clifford help them master reading and vocabulary games. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Students differentiate between definitions of words, directions andspelling. They heard audible directions and followed by praise.
  10. 10. KOL JR. STORIES ONLINE Benefits and Characteristics:Kol Jr. Stories Online is a website that uses trade books topromote night time literacy. Students are able to hear familiarstories they have read and have written text highlighted as theytract the story. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Students are encouraged to follow along with their pointer-finger asthey read. They also listen to music being partnered with originalillustrations. Games are included to enhance vocabulary and skillbuilding.
  11. 11. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR KIDS / Benefits and Characteristics:A website dedicated to nonfiction pieces of literacy with anenormous range of subjects from science to social issues toanimals to people and places. Enhancement of Vocabulary and Comprehension:Every resource has in-depth activities to promote learning ofspecific subject matter. Vocabulary is enhanced by the heightedsense of interest a student has when viewing the site. Pictures arereal and relevant and capture attention.