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Steve-oh-mg Creative Advertising Message Expression Case Study Samples


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A random sample of creative advertising expression case studies using unique, experiential and non-traditional media

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Steve-oh-mg Creative Advertising Message Expression Case Study Samples

  1. 1. A Sampling of Non-Traditional and Creative Media Campaigns A Study of Creative Communication By: Steve-OH-MG.Com
  2. 2. Challenge: Consumers don’t realize proceeds from playing the lottery have a direct benefit for the environment Connection: Use the environment literally to convey the message. Campaign: Beneficiary
  3. 3. Online “Crush” unit Campaign: Powerball “Crushed” Cars “Crush” Car Mobile Truck Challenge: Encourage more consistent Powerball play during non-peak periods (Sweetspot $60-$80 million) - Introduce new people to Powerball, Re-invigorate brand Connection: Connect with “fun and surprise” of lottery play by creating a visceral connection with consumers. 3D Board Downtown Mpls
  4. 4. Placement in Mpls/St. Paul skyway systems Challenge: Drive incremental sales of lottery tickets as gifts during the holiday season. Creative Foundation The creative utilized a world-class photographer to highlight larger than life surprised faces of winning ticket recipients. “We wanted the ads to be large and visually arresting, as well as fun." Connection: Shopping Occasion Strategy: Connect messaging where consumers are shopping or in a shopping mindset. Surprise and engage people by placing them in unexpected places leading in to retailers. Wild Postings and Projection Media during Holidazzle Parade
  5. 5. Halosonic “Talking” Audio Shelter Campaign: Gopher 5 AM Transmitter “Talking” Billboard Gopher 5 “Gopherizer” Microsite Challenge: Revitalize Gopher 5, a unique MN only game which has not actively been marketed in many years. Creative Foundation Gopher teeth became the foundation for the creative elements, visually showing people with their teeth and results of their winnings. Connection: Create buzz tactics to revitalize the game by integrating an audio thread throughout all elements using the unique gopher audio Newspaper ad and Polybag “Gopher teeth” insert
  6. 6. Campaign: Grand Opening-Texas Challenge: Overcome low brand awareness – consumer perceptions that NT+E is for “contractors only” Drive traffic during store opening and beyond Connection: Use micro-targeted tactics and promotional messaging around immediate radius of store. Make NT&E more approachable via brand ambassadors and neighborhood door hangers
  7. 7. Challenge: Independent brewery Schell’s was an also ran with distributors – it’s legacy had aged and it’s iconic standing waned Connection: Reconnect with consumers and influence distribution by stimulating demand. “Own the Night” by targeting nightlife hot spots using irreverent urban messaging creating an exclusive underground concert series at area hipster dive bars. Client: Schell’s Brewery Brand Re-Launch
  8. 8. Campaign: Holiday 2013 Challenge: Find a way to connect with young men conditioned by the dominant market leader, Beats headphones that outspends Skullcandy 100-1. Connection: Connect “urban cool” with Skullcandy – create “visceral” connections. Cover unusual visual urban outdoor settings to pique curiosity and youth appeal. Using the sports celebrities urban appeal, saturate key distributor home markets. Engage audiences with non-traditional out-of-home, sampling and experiential elements.