3i Innovation Incubator Interface 2.0


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A short presentation on how to build innovation networks to facilitate idea dissemination and creation.

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3i Innovation Incubator Interface 2.0

  1. 1. 3 i i nnovation i ncubator i nterface The Innovation Catalyzer
  2. 2. Companies are becoming ever: more global more hierarchical more siloed more compartmentalized & less agile less flexible less creative less innovative
  3. 3. EVOLVING Specialization Collaborative The game of innovation is Incremental Spontaneous
  4. 4. Ideas have been bound by geography & silos Until now… Idea People Idea
  5. 5. Introducing The 3i Platform Idea Idea People
  6. 6. The 3i platform unshackles ideas 3i builds a connective layer that transcends geography, departments, titles, and politics. 3i combats the ultimate innovation killer, size, by facilitating the creation of small, nimble, ad hoc groups around ideas. 3i enables idea generators to attract the right people to evolve ideas and execute. In addition, it allows contributors to find ideas they wish to build upon. Ideas are powerless without the right people
  7. 7. The idea grows, evolves and attracts advocates. Innovation is catalyzed The Idea Lifecycle An idea is born The idea is uploaded to the 3i platform Privacy settings set and categorized Collaborater profile inputted Collaborater matches returned from pool of opt-in candidates Idea enters idea stream for discovery Users are notified of ideas matching their interest profile Ideas are rated and commented on, bubbling-up the great ones
  8. 8. Innovation networks will have a revolutionary effect on internal idea generation and adoption. In the past lone McDonalds franchisees developed more efficient kitchen orientations, and Wal-Mart loading dock workers streamlined the supply chain. Through innovation networks, ideas can be disseminated far more rapidly and efficiently. Demand for these types of networks will grow rapidly as companies become more geo-agnostic and market consolidation hastens. How i-nets can be implemented 
  9. 9. Customer Feedback Employee Feedback Company-Wide Innovation Collaborative Partner Innovation Departmental Innovation
  10. 10. Advertising holding companies are bloated and inefficient. They are built around the idea that client service is enhanced by a “360 degree, full service” offering. It is a myth . However, through innovation networks companies can build agile, powerful, and innovative ad hoc teams to tackle the multifaceted challenges in today’s marketing world.
  11. 11. Moving forward I believe it will be critical to develop more effective cross portfolio teams Personally I believe there is a strong trend bringing the design and advertising realms together. Smaller agencies like Anomaly are winning previously unattainable clients by combining the talent of their designers with the consumer insights provided by their research and creative teams. For example, for the Virgin Airways pitch they chose to reach beyond the TV spot and redesign steward outfits, aircraft interiors, and built an entire in-flight entertainment system. This is power of breaking down these silos and fully leveraging the amazing set of talents that resides within these networks. More powerful pitches, increased revenue through in-network sourcing, and greater quality work. Agency Research & Insights Design
  12. 12. Agency Design Research & Insights Innovation Group A compelling alternate strategy being implemented by the Nitro Group through LeftBlueSky and by Interpublic through Collins, is the creation of free floating innovation groups within their networks that work with clients of portfolio agencies one a contract basis to meet specific innovation goals such as product development or experimental executions. Building Untethered Innovation Groups
  13. 13. Presentation prepared by: Seni Thomas 10-23-07 For further inquiry please contact me at: Email: [email_address] Cell: 646-285-5193