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Activity campus website-college catalog

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Activity campus website-college catalog

  1. 1. Activity: Using Your Campus Website and College CatalogNAME: MARIA ST. HILAIRE SLS 1001 Ref. #423849 Instructor: Leith Mazzochi PART 1: Campus Website Complete the following:1. List three items you can find on the campus homepage: 1. A Search box ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Apply to college box ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Blackboard ______________________________________________________________________________2. Locate the following information from your academic calendar: 1. When is the last day to withdraw from courses? March 20/12 _______________________________________ 2. What holidays occur this term? Martin Luther Kings B-Day Jan 16/12 ____________________________________________________ 3. What is the last day of classes? May 02/12 ____________________________________________________ 4. When do finals begin? End? April 15-May 02 _______________________________________________________3. List three items you could find on campus library page: 1. Success Center- LRC ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Lab Offerings ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Hours of operation ______________________________________________________________________________ Does the library have an online catalog that you can use to see if a particular book is in the library?
  2. 2. __*__YES ____NO4. Find the list of degree or certification programs. List three that interest you. 1. Alternative Medicine ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Engineering ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Dental hygienist ______________________________________________________________________________5. Find the calendar of campus events. List one event that you would like to attend and its date/time. ____April 16/12 @12:30 pm Speaker Poet Lola Haskins location Southern Breezeway _________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 6. Find the student handbook. List three topics within it. 1. Campus safety _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Student code of conduct _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Bill of rights _______________________________________________________________________________7. Find a list of student organizations. List one that you would be interested in joining. Anthropology club _____________________________________________________________________________________8. Find information on financial assistance. Identify one type of financial assistance on your campus. Scholarships for the brain bowl members ______________________________________________________________________________________9. Find information about any other campus office or service that interests you. List the office or serviceand describe why it interests you.Central campus is currently show casing a museum collection of fossils exhibit I would like to see________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PART 2: College CatalogUse your college print or online catalog to complete the following.1. Find and record information about two scholarships/loans for which you might be eligible. The Dana & Charlie Fund _____________________________________________________________________________________ Coca Cola
  4. 4. 2. Find the curriculum in which you plan to major.COMMUNICATIONS - HUMANITIES - SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE -BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE –PHYSICAL SCIENCE - SCIENCE LAB - MATHEMATICS - INTERNATIONAL/INTERCULTURALWinter 2012 - (20122) ENC1101 Composition I SLS1001 Strat./Success SPC1024 Intro Spe CommFall 2012 - (20131) AMH2091 Survey-Afro Amer His ENC1102 Composition II MAT1033 Inter AlgebraWinter 2013 - (20132) LIT2030 Intro To Poetry MAC1105 Coll Algebra SYG2000 General SocSummer 2013 - (20133) CRW1001 Creative Writing I EVR1009 Enviro ScienceFall 2013 - (20141) BSC1005 Gen Biology BSC1005L Gen Bio Lab STA2023 Statistics SYG2340 Soc Of Hum SexWinter 2014 - (20142)
  5. 5. PSY2043 Adv Gen Psych SYG2010 Social Prblmsa. Compare/contrast courses suggested for your first term with those suggested for your final term. How do you account for similarities/differences? Similar in that they connect with major. Different because they are broad, general and average in the first term; but harder and more advanced in the last term _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________b. Examine the curriculum carefully. Locate two courses in your major area and read their descriptions.Which will you find more enjoyable? Why? I find Creative Writing will be more enjoyable then Statistics I because I am interested in literary fiction, poetry, dramatic forms, and creative non-fiction. I will be writing critical discussion, hearing lectures, readings discussions, and have the opportunity to learn to produce fiction poetry. I am not good with math and I like writing. I think statistics will be hard because statistical methods including such topics as collecting, grouping, and presenting data; measures of central tendency, position, and variation; theoretical distributions; probability; test of hypotheses; estimation of parameters; and regression and correlation. (Scary) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________c. Read the description for each of the courses in which you are now enrolled. How do the descriptionscompare to the actual content of the course? What conclusion(s) might you draw about the courses anddescriptions you identified in b? The descriptions compare well to actual course. In my ENC 1101 class I am writing expository themes in various modes and learning research methods and library skills. Also I do have to use the writing lab to strengthen my writing skills. And in my speech class I am learning the fundamentals of speech communication including speaking and listening. The topics do include: intrapersonal, interpersonal, verbal, nonverbal, small group communication, and public speaking in various cultural contexts; just like the description said.
  6. 6. Therefore I do draw the conclusion that the courses and descriptions do match. A first course in Use of statistical computer software and/or a scientific calculator (capable of performing 2-variable statistics) will be required. Recommendation of the Mathematics Department or at least a grade of "C" in the prerequisite course is required.3. using your college catalog glossary or other campus resource, define each of the following terms in yourown words:Academic calendar: serves as an information source and planning document for faculty, staff, departmentsand students as well as for many of the administrative offices.________________________________________________________________________Drop: getting out of a class before it starts or when a student drops a class during the refund period listed inthe academic calendar, a refund will be automatically processed. Students wishing to drop a class may do soby using the web or in person at any campus Registration Office. This must be done by the established lastday to drop a class___________________________________________________________________________________Withdrawal: getting out of a class by a certain date. A student wishing to drop a course must withdraw, anda “W” will appear on the transcript. Students may petition for a refund with documented significantextenuating circumstances. A petition will be considered on its individual merit by the campusadministrators.After the deadline for withdrawal, students may not withdraw themselves, but must follow the instructor’ssyllabus concerning withdrawal after the last day to withdraw. See the catalog calendar for these importantdeadlines each term.______________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Residency: To qualify for in-state tuition a student must sign a notarized statement as to having resided inthe State of Florida for twelve (12) calendar months prior to the start of classes._______________________________________________________________________________Elective: class that student choose to take that are not requirements. Unlike classes that are required tocomplete your major or minor, an elective is a course that you choose. It can be something you findfascinating; a class that lets you blow off steam, or just a fun no-brainer that you think you’ll enjoy…andbreeze through. Most colleges require a certain amount of electives, which is a nice change of pace fromthat required 8 a.m. Chemistry 101 lab!_________________________________________________________________________________Syllabus: form with schedule and class requirements of students from teacher._________________________________________________________________________________Transcript: lists of classes taken and grade._______________________________________________________________________________Prerequisites: A course that must be satisfactorily completed before taking the next higher level in a relatedcourse. Classes needed before student take required classes._____________________________________________________________________________Transfer credit: credit that student can use once they transfer to different school. You should choose classesthat are appropriate for the major you intend to pursue at the university to which you want to transfer___________________________________________________________________________Credit hour: A semester hour of credit usually equal to the number of hours per week the class meets perterm. There are a number of exceptions______________________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. Activity: Identifying Campus ResourcesCampus ResourcesNow that you have completed the Scavenger Hunt of what’s on your campus. Go to each of the followinglocations on your campus and find out what it offers in order to answer the following questions: 1. College Bookstore. Other than textbooks, what does the bookstore sell? Other then books the book store sells lots of stuff with the school logo on it from pencil to book-bags andsweaters. In addition flash drives, scan-trons, any supplies one might need in school for class room use, andeven snacks.___________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Library. Other than books for checkout, what other materials and/or services are available at your library? Other then books other materials and services available at the library are Movies, music C/ds, computers to use while in library and help with research for essay. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Career Services. What resources are available at your campus career services office? There are lists in the career center of jobs for students, computers they can use to look for work, and even a person that will help students write or revise they resume. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Learning Resource Center- What resources are available at your campus learning resource center? Learning Resource Center’s available resources are tutors that are available to help student with all subject needs, computers, printers, material and books with resources to help facilitate studying and learning. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Student Life. What resources are available at your student life center?
  9. 9. Students are able to get a mentor and volunteer, join and get info about clubs, and info about scholarshipsand work-study from student life center, also hang out with peers and even watch movies or play oncomputers.________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________6. Campus Safety/Security. What resources are available at your campus safety/security office? Security guards can help student resolve safety, lost and found, parking issues. Also they give badges, accessto class rooms, office schedules, and parking permits.________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________7. Academic Advising. What resources are available at your campus academic advising office?Resources that are available at BC campus academic advising office: Advisers, test taking rooms for placementand evaluation, answers to all question related to class scheduling, registration, dropping, curriculums andTranscript.________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________8. Registration. What resources are available at your campus Registration office? Resources available at your campus Registration office are computers to register people to help withquestions about registering.________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________9. Dean of Student Affairs. What resources are available at your campus Dean of Student Affairs office?Resources available at campus Dean of Student Affairs office are Deans of Student Affairs. They are in chargeof different department and can help to resolve or look into any problem or complaints of students.________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. Atkinson, R., & Longman, D. (2012). Choosing Success in Community College and Beyond. Module 2.1 Understanding the Language of YourSchool: Catalog and Website Content. McGraw Hill