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October Catechetical Leaders' Meeting


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October 2012 Catechetical Leaders' Meeting.

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October Catechetical Leaders' Meeting

  1. 1. Universal Gospel of Life
  2. 2. Kateri TekakwithaUniversal Gospel of Life 
  3. 3. Catechetical Leader in the 3rd Millennium This is NOT in your folder. You should have received this at What were your parish your first impressions?
  4. 4. Nia-WenDiscussion of Cultural Diversity  Video available at Resource Center
  5. 5. Technology and the Catechetical Leader  Join The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium!
  6. 6. Technology and the Catechetical Leader  Email invitation with link and password. Click the link and join the webinar. Make sure your volume is set or speakers are on. Notice the chat box. Type in that and hit your enter or return key. Full screen or minimize to your liking. We can do individual test runs the week before…hopefully!!!!
  7. 7. 
  8. 8. Formation, Formation, Formation!!!  Online Courses, next course begins Oct. 26 This is NOT in your folder. Last month’s folder. Extra copies are in the office and online! Level II – Vatican II 2 Go!!!! Nov. 8th with Sr. Lois! Don’t forget about Building Bridges! And C21!!!
  9. 9. VIRTUS  See the schedule in your folder. Don’t forget to schedule your student sessions and send information home to parents with written record for opting out. Keep the attendance number for days of implementing sessions. Make sure a coordinator keeps individual folders with application, policy records, and proof of certification and clearance.
  10. 10. Break 
  11. 11. Sharing  Anything for Year of Faith? Anything for Saints? Anything new in parishes? Anything challenging? Anything exciting? Anything you tried for the first time? Anything about sacramental prep?ANYTHING at all????????????????????
  12. 12. New Resources! 