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Journey of-faith-2010

  1. 1. XV XV II Paths to Discipleship Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010 Keynote Speaker: Bishop Thomas J. Costello The Convention Center at Oncenter, Syracuse, NY Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 ValLimar Jansen Concert 7:00 pm St. Margaret’s Church Mattydale Sponsored by Office of Faith Formation • Diocese of Syracuse
  2. 2. JOURNEY OF FAITH CONFERENCE - KEYNOTE Bishop Thomas J. Costello Bishop Costello, born February 23, 1929, the son of James G. and Ethel Dupont Costello, of Camden and native to St. Peter’s, Rome, was ordained a priest June 5, 1954 for the Diocese of Syracuse. His assignments have included associate pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Syracuse; secretary of the diocesan tribunal; superintend- ent of Catholic schools; pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Syracuse; episcopal vicar of the Southern Region; vicar general of the diocese under Bishops Frank Harrison, Joseph O’Keefe and James Moynihan. He was appointed auxiliary bishop of Syracuse January 10, 1978; consecrated and installed March 13, 1978. Bishop Costello will offer his “Reflections of a Disciple.” SCHEDULE - Saturday, September 25, 2010 8:00 Registration Exhibits Open 9:00 Welcome: Sr. Katie Eiffe, CSJ Opening Prayer Keynote Address: Bishop Thomas J. Costello 10:30 Presentation of the Seventh Annual Bishop Thomas J. Costello Award 10:45 - 11:15 Break 11:15 - 12:30 Workshop Session I/Lunch/Exhibits 1:10 - 2:25 Workshop Session II/Lunch/Exhibits 3:00 - 4:15 Workshop Session III/Exhibits 4:30 Eucharistic Liturgy
  3. 3. ! #1 SESSION I 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. LIVING DISCIPLESHIP THROUGH MY PARTICULAR VOCATION Marge and Dave Babcock, Paula Barton, Brother Ed Falsey OFM, and Sr. Kathleen Osbelt, OSF This workshop will be a panel of individuals who have responded through the vocation of marriage, or religious life, or the single life - reflecting on their vocational call as a path to discipleship. #2 RADICAL HOSPITALITY: HOW TO MAKE A PARISH BLOSSOM Fr. Fred Daley, Pastor, All Saints Church, Syracuse JOURNEY OF FAITH WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS This workshop will explore the spiritual practice of embracing and being changed by the presence, voices, and gifts of others, especially those systemically cast out or marginalized within church and society #3 HIDDEN WISDOM FROM A CHILDREN'S CLASSIC: THE VELVETEEN RABBIT Maureen D'Onofrio, CSJ, Pastoral Associate, Cathedral Syracuse Even in a complex world, simple truths can make a big change in our lives as to what is "real". Where do we find hon- esty and real values, love and life? Come and listen to the simple wisdom on being REAL. #4 HOW TO PRESENT A PARENT-TEEN COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP Sr. Monica Murphy, CSJ, Director of Guidance, Catholic Central High School, Troy This teaches catechetical leaders and youth ministers a method for helping parents and teens talk with each other about topics that frequently cause conflict. #5 WHO, ME - A SAINT? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Fr. Joseph Phillips, Director, Office of Family Life Education Through a brief film, participants will become acquainted with the tapestries of the Los Angeles Cathedral. These inspir- ing tapestries open our minds and hearts to saints who look so familiar, so human, so much like ourselves. We are pow- erfully drawn into their company - the communion of saints. This workshop will throw new light on grace, redemption, dignity as son or daughter of God, and on our journey of faith. #6 FORMING A SPIRITUAL CHILD IN A SECULAR WORLD JoAnn Paradise, D.Min., National Catechetical Consultant, Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division How can parents and religious educators engage a child's religious imagination in a way that enables them to develop as spiritual people in a world that is often toxic to spirituality? We will first explore “What is a Catholic spirituality?” and then discuss practical ideas for making room for the Spirit in both family life and classroom experiences. Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division #7 EVANGELIZATION: FROM IMAGINATION TO "IMAGINE ACTION" Catherine Cornue, Eastern Region Director, Office of Faith Formation Parish faith formation programs offer a variety of opportunities to reach out in love to the families we serve - and to those who are missing. Let’s take some time to focus our vision on what is positive and be open to new possibilities of evangelization and formation for all ages. We CAN move from imagination to “imagine action.” #8 THE CARE AND FEEDING OF A CATECHETICAL LEADER Maria Kirk, Facilitator, Director of Faith Formation, St. Francis of Assisi, Binghamton Catechetical leadership is a demanding ministry. To be an effective minister, we must discover rhythms of life which balance our responsibilities in ministry and our own valid needs. This workshop will offer some thoughts on how best to do that! #9 AM I A DISCIPLE OF JESUS? Michael Power, M.A., Consultant, William H. Sadlier Publishing "You can't give what you don't have." As a catechist, when I look in the mirror, do I see a disciple of Jesus? How would I know? Michael will guide workshop participants through an engaging exploration of the six tasks of catechesis as crite- ria for evaluating levels of discipleship on the lifelong journey with Jesus. This prayerful interactive workshop will include music and engaging visual images. Reference will be made to key elements in the General Directory for Catechesis and the National Directory for Catechesis as well as a practical strategy (called “Project Disciple”) for the spiritual formation of lifelong disciples. Sponsored by William H. Sadlier Publishing #10 CONNECT, AWAKEN, SHARE: PRACTICAL EFFECTIVE IDEAS TO ENERGIZE AND ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO BECOME ACTIVE IN THEIR CHILDREN’S FAITH FORMATION Joellyn Cicciarelli and Nikki Caso, National Consultants, Loyola Press, Inc. For DRE’s and Catechists: Use the prctical ideas from this session to learn ways to connect with parents and welcome them into the faith formation process; awaken parents’ desire to deepen their own faith while nurturing their children’s, and share your knowledge, expertise, and heart to guide and inspire families to live out their Catholic faith every day. Sponsored by Loyola Press. #11 FORMING THE DIGITAL GENERATION: CHALLENGES AND BLESSINGS Sr. Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, D. Min.,, President, Interactive Connections; Oldsmar, Florida Today’s students and families are immersed in a digital media world - via the internet, iPods, computers and more! How can we use these tools in parish or school settings with low-end or high-end tech environments for faith formation? Come and see! You will be surprised and delighted. Sponsored by Pflaum Publishing
  4. 4. ! #12 SESSION II 1:10 p.m. - 2:25 p.m. ORDAINED MINISTRY AS A PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP Fr. Tom Servatius, Pastor, St. Augustine's, Baldwinsville; and Deacon Tom Harley, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Endicott Fr. Servatius and Deacon Harley will reflect upon their experience of ordained ministry as a path to discipleship. #13 THE CHILDREN'S CATECHUMENATE: A LIFE-GIVING PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP FOR CHILDREN Kathy Meus, Director of Faith Formation, All Saints Parish, Syracuse This session will explore the priceless effects of providing a catechumenate for children that is focused on the child's jour- ney to full initiation, If you have a children’s catechumenate, come and share your wisdom. If you are undecided and not sure about this process, bring your questions and concerns. This process gives the parish community the opportunity to embrace and walk with the children on their path to discipleship. Come and see how and why! #14 ARE YOU CELEBRATING YOUR BAPTISMDAY? Nancy Bird, Division Manager, RCL Benziger Publishing In 1997, Pope John Paul II, on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, said that we should celebrate the day of our baptism as we do our birthday. How are you celebrating? This workshop will awaken your baptismal vocation and help you discover creative ways to celebrate, teach and live your baptism throughout the entire year. Also included will be practical and sim- ple suggestions for ministry. Sponsored by RCL Benziger Publishing #15 "THE CATECHIST'S TOOLBOX" CAN WE BUILD IT? YES WE CAN! Pat Barnett, Director of Faith Formation, St. Joseph's and St. Stephen's, Oswego Linda Buckley, Director of Faith Formation, St. Anne, Mothger of Mary Parish, Mexico Heidi Buda, Director of Faith Formation, Holy Trinity, Fulton With the permission of Joe Paprocki, the author of The Cathechist’s Toolbox, you will learn from these three “seasoned” directors of Faith Formation how to “build up your skills and confidence wtih the right tools.” Tips and practical advice you can use today! You will discover a variety of ways to help your catechists learn some of the basic skills needed. #16 FOLLOWING THE CONTEMPLATIVE CHRIST Jim Krisher, Founder and Director, The Spiritual Renewal Center, Syracuse Jesus lived utterly attuned to the Presence of God in creation, in people, and in the events of life that were happening all around him. His teachings and his activities grew out of this awareness - and He invites us to cultivate this awareness as well. Jim will reflect on the profound truth that it is in God that we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28), and on what it might mean for us to follow Christ into a deeper contemplative experience of this reality. #17 ONE WOMAN'S CALL AND JOURNEY Kathleen McCormack Lorenc, Youth Minister Hearing the call, answering the call, and living the call can be challenging, disappointing and exhilarating all at the same time. No matter how we journey on God’s path, God is ever faithful, especially in the unexpected twists and turns of our discipleship. Come, reflect on your stories and see how the experience can deepen your faith and enhance your ministry to answer God’s call. #18 FORMING A SPIRITUAL CHILD IN A SECULAR WORLD JoAnn Paradise, D.Min., National Catechetical Consultant, Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division (REPEAT of #6) See description of #6. Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division. #19 LOOKING FORWARD TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW ROMAN MISSAL Fr. Joseph Scardella, Director, Office of Ministerial Formation and Liturgy The debates about the revised translation of the Roman Missal have been disseminated through newspapers, blogs and Twitter! As our Bishops have studied the translations, it has been a spirited time in the Church. The road to the future that is envisioned by the New Roman Missal needs to be paved with preparation. The reasons behind the new texts will be dis- cussed as we look at the renewed translation of the Roman Rite. #20 AM I A DISCIPLE OF JESUS? Michael Power, M.A.,Consultant, William H. Sadlier Publishing (REPEAT of #9) See description of #9. Sponsored by William H. Sadlier Publishing. #21 CONNECT, AWAKEN, SHARE: PRACTICAL EFFECTIVE IDEAS TO ENERGIZE AND ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO BECOME ACTIVE IN THEIR CHILDREN’S FAITH FORMATION Joellyn Cicciarelli and Nikki Caso, National Consultants, Loyola Press, Inc. (REPEAT of #10) See description of #10. Sponsored by Loyola Press, Inc. #22 CATECHECHESIS - OUT OF THE CLASSROOM INTO THE NET Cheryl Smith, Resource Center Administrator, Eastern Region Office of Faith Formation Andrea Slaven, Director of Faith Formation, St. Helena’s Sherrill This workshop will explore ways to set up and use a "blog" to create an "online class" to supplement what you are teaching in the classroom. “Blog-rooms” can also be used to reach out, inspire, and communicate with adults in your parish, whether they are parents, cathechists or anyone wishing to grow in their faith. We will begin with the basics of how to build a blog and then explore some of the many ways that you can put “pizzaz” into it.
  5. 5. ! #23 SESSION III 3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. SAINT FRANCIS AND THE CANTICLE OF CREATURES Sr. Caryn Crook, OSF, Franciscan Ecology Coordinator, Spirituality and Nature Center at Alverna Heights St. Francis wrote the Canticle of Creatures a few years before his death. Almost 800 years later, the Canticle continues to demonstrate our interconnectedness to creation and our role of caring for creation. #24 BRENDAN THE NAVIGATOR - MODEL OF DISCIPLESHIP Deacon Tom Harley, Administrator, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Endicott St. Brendan the Navigator's physical journeys led him to discover a path to personal discipleship that gives us a model even today, fifteen hundred years later. #25 ARE YOU CELEBRATING YOUR BAPTISMDAY? Nancy Bird, Division Manager, RCL Benziger Publishing (REPEAT of #14) See Description of #14. Sponsored by RCL Benziger Publishing. #26 RITUAL: THE DISCIPLE'S BACKPACK Sr. Lois Barton, CSJ, Spiritual Director From the simple (like drinking morning tea or coffee) to the most complex (celebrating Eucharist), ritual impacts all of our lives. In this workshop, we will consider the ritual elements of life from the perspective of discipleship. Come, join us on the path! #27 PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP IN THE SPIRIT OF BLESSED FRANZ JAGERSTATTER Rev. Tim Taugher, Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi, Binghamton, and Jack Gilroy What is the path to discipleship with Christ in a world of perpetual war and violence? Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, a hus- band, father, parish sexton, and peacemaker, is a witness in our church today on how the call to discipleship can be both challenging and life-giving. He courageously confronted the evils of his day with the truth of the Gospel, a maturity of con- science, and the simplicity of his life. This story of an ordinary man who performed an extraordinary act reminds us that with faith we can do extraordinary things. #28 TEENAGERS MAKING THE GOSPEL COME ALIVE! Kathleen McCormack Lorenc, Youth Minister Called and gifted by a loving God, our youth come to the table with rich resources and renewed vision on how to live the Gospel in the 21st Century. They have much to offer the Church and our struggling world. Let’s discuss some “hands-on” experiences and programming ideas for the young church, by the young church, and with the young church! Discipleship in teens - what does that look like in 2010? #29 "LET NOTHING DISTURB YOU"… THE SPIRITUALITY OF ST. TERESA OF AVILA Sr. Joan Mary Hartigan, CSJ, Campus Minister, Holy Name Academy, Albany What can this 16th century Spanish mystic say to us today? How can her example help us in our relationship to God and others? We will reflect on her life, listen to her words, and hopefully be inspired into newness. #30 THE DISCIPLE'S PATH OF PRAYER Sr. Rose Raymond Wagner, OSF, Regional Minister, Sisters of St. Francis The disciple of Jesus is “busy about many things". Take some time out today to be with others in prayer. This "prayer- shop" will invite you into a “sacred space” where we will be guided into the “prayer of sending light and healing” to those persons (including ourselves) and places in our hurting, yet beautiful world. #31 EDUCATING (CHILDREN, YOUTH, ADULTS) FOR MERCY Fr. Neil Draves-Arpaia, Director of Whole Community Catechesis, St. Clement's Church, Saratoga Springs "Be compassionate, as your Father is compassionate." (Lk. 6:36) In this workshop, we will explore strategies for identify- ing and encouraging pro-social behaviors in light of the Gospel’s call to live compassionately. It will focus in part on how to help deepen the human capacity for empathy and how to address some persistant challenges. The importance of cultivat- ing a moral imagination through storytelling is an integral part of this session. #32 FORMING THE DIGITAL GENERATION: CHALLENGES AND BLESSINGS Sr. Caroline Cerveny, SSJ, President, Interactive Connections; Oldsmar, Florida (REPEAT of #11) See Description #11. Sponsored by Pflaum Publishing.
  6. 6. ! REGISTRATION FORM PLEASE NOTE: Workshop Registrations will be accepted on a first come-first served basis. Please indicate a second choice of a workshop for each time slot in the event that your first choice is filled. A box lunch is included with every registration. The lunches will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. A break has been scheduled between sessions, allowing time for lunch and to visit the exhibits. If you would like time for a more leisurely lunch and an extended time to visit the exhibits, please select only two workshops. If your registration is received by September 20th, you will receive in the mail a letter of confirmation along with your name tag, directions to the Oncenter, and parking instructions. Registration materials for late registrants will be available at the Registration Desk at the Oncenter on the day of the event. Please note: In order to provide the Oncenter with an accurate count for lunches, registrations for Journey of Faith must be received by September 20, 2010. Registrations received after September 20th include an additional $10 late registration fee. A Registration Form is also available online at Please register me for the following workshops (indicate by #): FIRST CHOICE SECOND CHOICE SESSION 1: 11:15 a.m. WS #________ WS #________ Please make checks payable to: SESSION 2: 1:10 p.m. WS #________ WS #________ Office of Faith Formation. SESSION 3: 3:00 p.m. WS #________ WS #________ We regret that no refunds can be given. Journey of Faith Registration Fee - $50 After 9/20 - $60 = $__________ Concert Tickets _____ ticket(s) @ $15 = $ _________ TOTAL ENCLOSED = $_________ Name:______________________________________________________________ Phone:_(____)_________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:__________________________________________________E-mail:______________________________ Parish:__________________________________________________ Area of Ministry:____________________________ Name City Special Needs:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Please return this form (one per person) with payment to: Office of Faith Formation, 240 East Onondaga St., PO Box 511, Syracuse, NY 13201-0511
  7. 7. Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit 974 Syracuse, NY Office of Faith Formation 240 East Onondaga Street Post Office Box 511 Syracuse, New York 13201-0511 XV XV Paths to Discipleship II Participants: clergy, religious, catechetical leaders, catechists, Catholic school personnel, youth ministers, Christian initiation teams, music ministers, liturgy committees, family ministers, social justice committees, Formation for Ministry candidates and commissioned lay ministers, pastoral council members, vocation committees, parents and all interested adults.