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Clinton's presentation

  1. 1. Ted TalkBy: Clinton Rego
  2. 2. Thesis• Every child should have a great start In life.
  3. 3. Colin Powell Its not where youstart in life its what you do in life
  4. 4. Attention Grabber Talks about these students who have 1 parent in their life and how they develop there structure
  5. 5. Engagement Touching Stories
  6. 6. Ted Commandment 4
  7. 7. • Thou shall tell a story Told a touching story about an immigrant coming to America who worked at a hotdog stand.
  8. 8. Dynamism : 4Great delivery of speech and personal stories, but could of got to the point sooner.
  9. 9. Nancy DuarteHe shared personal stories along with slides.
  10. 10. What I learned?Is not only to tell stories in your speech but to be humorous and passionateabout what your saying.
  11. 11. Colin PowellTells Passionate Very Humorous stories
  12. 12. Ken RobinsonInteracts with the audience Awesome stories
  13. 13. Comparing the two Both have great stories Easy to understand presentation Very humorous
  14. 14. My Advise?• Tell passionate stories• Be funny• Memorize your speech• Be Personal
  15. 15. Citations•••••••••••