Cloud computing, social media, technology and executive mba class niu - december 8, 2012


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  • 4C’s of Cloud Computing
  • chart of subscriber types per 100 inhabitantsInternational Telecommunications Union units per 100 inhabitants
  • The silk and spice and sugar trade was the focal point of exploration and wealth generation. Trade is synonymous with communicating and exchange of ideas. This map of the ancient trade routes are referred to as the Silk Road and the Spice Routes.
  • The Silk Road Journey2 if by Land1 if by Sea1/x if by Air0|1 if by LightYEARS via WalkingMarco Polo’s JourneysTraveled Silk Road routes between 1260 to 1269 and 1271 to 1295Venice to Beijing on land is approximately 10000 kmFew traveled the entire wayMONTHS via the SeaMediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Indian OceanAbout 9000 nautical miles one wayPortuguese reached the East by sea via Atlantic in 1498MONTHS via the SeaMediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Indian OceanAbout 9000 nautical miles one wayPortuguese reached the East by sea via Atlantic in 1498
  • The Silk Road JourneyWEEKS via the Mechanical HorseRailroad tracks not completed until 1900Truck and automobile still predominant for trade DAY s via AircraftFirst China Clipper flights in 1935Daily Flights between Italy and Beijing today12 to 14 hour flight time
  • The NEW Silk RoadHOURS via Wired telegraphFirst telegraph line across the English Channel in 1850First  36 channel transatlantic cable  in 1955Now 1.263 billion phones worldwideApprox 18 per 100 inhabitants globallyMINUTES via telephoneTerrestrial wireless requires microwave towers every 25 milesSatellite relay  0.25 of a second to reach and return from the satelliteCarries only 1 percent of international traffic due to limited bandwidthSECONDS via Fiber Optics Internet Protocol100 km between repeatersFirst transatlantic cable installed in 1988Submarine cables carry terabits per second vs. megabytes per second via satelliteUBIQUITOUSvia Wireless Devices4.3 billion mobile subscriptions57 phones per 100 inhabitants globallyApproaching 5 billion by the end of 2010Outpacing all other forms of connection4G and WiMax
  • Between wireless device penetration, transcontinental fiber optic cable, IP connectivity, and cloud servicesTwo people can talk any time, anywhere, on demandDrastically reduced time and cost of messagingHuman interaction increases geometricallyWorld Wide Web of Networks and InterconnectionsAnyone can now learn anything from anyone at anytimeEnglish: Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. The length of the lines are indicative of the delay between those two nodes. This graph represents less than 30% of the Class C networks reachable by the data collection program in early 2005.
  • Transportation = Communication = Collaboration = Innovation Every so often a paradigm shift or there is a turning point in historyCommunication innovation over timeInnovation rate of change Measurement Global Innovation IndexTransition periods – Inflection or turning points that coincide with economic disruption or structural changeDark ages – renascence – industrial age – information age – nowThis one is about everyone connected to everyone and everythingWhat happens when everyone can talk with everyone anytime and access any information from anywhere?
  • The Social NetworkDunbar's Number is 150Median Number of Facebook Friends is 130Degrees of Separation only 4.74It is human to network – in fact
  • Humans: The ultimate network of networksThe brain is a network one around 10 Trillion neurons and synapse – that’s a lot of thingsIts structure has evolved over eons but it is constantly rewiring itself - learning
  • It’s the LawWith the advent of digital communications a few new laws apply to the innovation curveMetcalf's Lawvalue of a network increase as the square of the number of nodesThe value of the first fax machine?Moore's Lawtransistor devices on semiconductor density2x in 18 mo - 4x in 3 yr - 1024x in 15 yrbut in practice means processor speed -  memory size - channel bandwidthLawHalf the power consumption every 2 yearsThings double 18-24 months –faster bigger cheaper10 fold every ~9 years fold every ~15 yearsWe often hear it but Is the true?Want some proof?
  • What was technology like when recent high school seniors like my middle son entered Kindergarten?What does 15 years do to technology?x1000
  • Personal Computer Gateway 2000 P5-133 (133 MHz Pentium) $1500 19 Mflop 60 MB / 64 MB Dell Inspiron 1545 $500 2 Ghz Dual Core 4GB / 260 GBGeekbench 1859 Integer Processor integer performance 2322 Floating Point Processor floating point performance 1895 Memory Memory performance 1255 Stream Memory bandwidth performance 1324Internet Access 56Kbps Dial-up Modem 20 Mbps Cable Modem
  • Portable Music Sony Walkman – 1 hr iPod Touch – 1000’s hrsWatching Video VHS/DVD Combo – 2 hrBlu-ray w/ Netflix - unlimited Sony 8MM Flip Cam HD
  • Gaming Systems Nintendo N64 PlayStation 1 - MIPS R3000A-compatible (R3051) 32bit RISC chip running at 33.8688 MHz Sony PS3 - Cell Broadband Engine (3.2 GHz Power Architecture-based PPE with eight 3.2 GHz SPE)xBox 360 Moto StarTAC Palm Pre w/ MiFi ARM Cortex A8-based OMAP 3 processor
  • What happens during my sons working lifetime of 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 years1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = 1 trillionIn my lifetime 1 QuadrillionWhat happens when technology is a trillion times faster or there is a trillion more things??
  • Is it real or is it SimMe?Can’t tell high def TV sports from simulated sportsif your senses can’t tell what is the difference between reality and simulation?Brain science tells us that our pre-frontal cortex simulate the world for us – allow us to predict, do what ifs, emotionally connectWhere does the brain and conscience stop?Already 1 billion  Number of neurons, linked by 
10 trillion synapses, in a brain simulation developed by IBM and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, running on the Dawn supercomputer.
  • Body and Soul Just a name a few recent onesBody integration, nose, and hearing and visual and autonomous vehicles (Google Car) and remote mind control (Lastest news)Google autonomous vehicle – licensed in Nevada – utilizes tech developed for Street ViewLong distance brain motion controlArtificial limbs control with thoughts and motions – Hugh HerrWatson – Jeopardy ChampionGoogle glasses – augmented reality
  • Internet of Things - Kevin KellyKK view on technology and the technium – 100 B clicks55 T linksCurrently about 1X digital 'things' - The Internet of ThingsOr about1 human brain is roughly 100B neurons and 100T connections year doubling is 6B HB (human brains)In around 2040There will be around 10T things - complexity roughly equals all human brains combinedWe need to get good at believing the impossibleLink computersLink pages (in books)Link data (idea to idea)Link thingsKevin Kelly: Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web One Machine
  • The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend BiologyAnother big brain is Ray KurzweilThe next big tipping point but this one…We describe human progress in term of Ages:Middle Age– Renaissance Age – Industrial Age – Information Age – Digitalization Age - Convergence AgeA technological-evolutionary point known as "the singularity" exists as an achievable goal for humanity.Through a law of accelerating returns, technology is progressing toward the singularity at an exponential rate.The functionality of the human brain is quantifiable in terms of technology that we can build in the near future.Medical advancements make it possible for a significant number of his generation (Baby Boomers) to live long enough for the exponential growth of technology to intersect and surpass the processing of the human brain He believes the Law of Accelerating Returns implies that a technological singularity will occur before the end of the 21st century, in 2045. 
  • Many bemoan the state of humanity when new technology emerges that makes us lazy or reduces anything they feel was important and important skill…So before ink and pencils?
  • Cloud computing, social media, technology and executive mba class niu - december 8, 2012

    1. 1. Customer Engagement:Change is in the Clouds
    2. 2. Agenda• Change In The News o Holiday Shoppers o Big Data o Mobile Consumers o Mobile Growing o Experience ala Digital o Multi-channel o Changing Media o faster and faster and faster• 20 x 20 on Why
    3. 3. Cyber Monday salesfinish strong Americans may have been shopping online all weekend, but they went out with a bang Monday. Online retailers had their biggest day ever on Cyber Monday as holiday shoppers drove sales up 30% vs. the same day last year, says IBM Smarter Commerce,
    4. 4. Big Data, Big Questions atSearsGoals• Shop You Way Rewards• Improving Customer Loyalty• Know what they bought currently and in past• Give them an intensely relevant offer• Personalization at scale• Marketing Analysis used to take 6 weeks• MetaScale Hadoop process can do it weekly• Huge datasets - keep it all in one place
    5. 5. Multi-ChannelPersonalizationExecuting on cross-channelconsistency will provechallenging, as retailerscontinue to grapple withsiloed business processesand a plethora of disparateapplications. Mostchallenging are product-centric organizationalstructures that are nolonger suitable for todays
    6. 6. Improving CustomerExperienceLinkedIn - There seems to be a commonmisconception that improving yourorganization’s Customer Experience willcost more money. This is not the case, infact the opposite. Improving yourCustomer Experience saves money. Let megive you some examples.
    7. 7. Social Media Will Play aCrucial Role in theReinvention of BusinessCorporations, for the most part, arentgoing to reinvent themselves by improvingon the core competencies theyve beenhoning for years. Instead, if theyre goingto change, theyre going to do so from theoutside in, allowing ideas from the edgeof the company to penetrate to the core.Social media will be a part of thattransformation.
    8. 8. Mobile Consumers
    9. 9. Holiday Shoppers – 4 Out Of 5Smartphone Owners UseDevice To Shop
    10. 10. Mobile Search
    11. 11. Mobile AppsMacy’s makes mobile integral partof Black Friday strategy to drive in-store enhancing its iPhone mobileMacy’s is salesapplication to help customersbrowse and shop for Black Fridayspecials specific to their localstore.The enhancements will make theirdebut on Nov. 15 with the goal ofturning iOS devices into digitaltools to help customers plan theirshopping in advance of Black Friday,traditionally one of the busiestshopping days of the year. The new
    12. 12. Business Cloud: The State ofPlay Shifts Rapidly Business is increasingly “calling the shots” for Cloud adoption An incremental approach has enabled increasing Cloud maturity Cloud is clearly the default for new applications IT and the business are aligned on the importance
    13. 13. Starting aBusiness?Starta
    14. 14. Mobile Growth
    15. 15. Shift Happens
    16. 16. With over 1 billion users on Facebook Social Media Video 2013
    17. 17. Years Months
    18. 18. Weeks Days
    19. 19. Hours Minutes Seconds
    20. 20. Humans: The Ultimate Network of Networks
    21. 21. Then vs. Now 1995 2010
    22. 22. Personal InternetComputer Access
    23. 23. Portable Music Internet Access
    24. 24. Gaming System Mobile Phone
    25. 25. DigitalImmigrants Digital Native
    26. 26. 1995 ~ 2010 ~ 2025 ~ 2040 ~ 2045 =1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000,000,000 = 1 Trillion More Things
    27. 27. SimME?
    28. 28. We need toget good atbelievingthe
    29. 29. Law ofAccelerating Returns In 2045, $1000 buys a computer a billion times more powerful than all human
    30. 30. How many of you can do long division WITHOUT a pencil?