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Tkam lit allus ref 2

  1. 1. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (aka TKAM) Literary Allusions and otherreference to terms (Chpt. 1: 1 – 24)
  2. 2. • Military hero; 7th Andrew Jackson presidentand the Creek Nation • commanded a force of combined state militias, Lower Creek and Cherokee to defeat the Red Sticks at Horseshoe Bend. After the war, by the Treaty of Fort Jackson (August 1814), the general insisted on the Creek ceding more than 20 million acres of land from southern Georgia and central Alabama, taken from the Lower Creek allies as well as the Upper Creek.
  3. 3. Battle of Hastings • Norman (French) conquer England in 1066 AD
  4. 4. Fur Trapper and Apothecary
  5. 5. Cornwall, England • Simon Finch comes from Cornwall
  6. 6. Methodists in England • Religious affiliation of Simon Finch • Protestant sect begun by John Wesley
  7. 7. John Wesley • founder of Methodism • abolitionist
  8. 8. American Civil War • 1861-1865 • This is what Scout calls “the disturbance between North and South.”
  9. 9. Spittoon • a receptacle for spit; used for tabacco
  10. 10. Code of Alabama • Legal code for the state of Alabama
  11. 11. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” • Quote from FDR’s inaugural speech referencing the climate of the country regarding The Great Depression
  12. 12. Collard Patch • coarse curly- leafed cabbage
  13. 13. Dracula • Film debuting in 1931 starring Bela Lugosi as Dracula
  14. 14. The Rover Boys • Written by Edward Stratemeyer (nom de plume: Arthur M. Winfield) • Popular children’s book series of the early 20th Century
  15. 15. Oliver Optic • Written by William Taylor Adams (nom de plume: Oliver Optic) • Fiction books for boys from the 19th Century
  16. 16. Victor Appleton • Author of Tom Swift (adventure novels)
  17. 17. Edgar Rice Burroughs • Creator of Tarzan
  18. 18. Merlin • Wizard from the legends of King Arthur • Scout refers to Dill as a “pocket Merlin” because of his magical story telling ability and his ability to make characters come alive
  19. 19. • Tradition from West AfricaSwept Yards • Adopted in the south • These yards have no grass -- because they are swept clean with a broom made of dogwood branches gathered in the woods. • They dont look like much at first glance. But hidden in their unconscious design are traces of West Africa and the emergence of a hard-won independence. • The design of these yards -- a church pew under the trees, an old bedspring gate on the hog pen, a clump of irises blooming out of a chimney foundation -- is the evolution of generations of making do and making art out of what others call junk.
  20. 20. Flivver • cheap automobile
  21. 21. Ancient Beadle • Minor civic official (although position originated in the church) • Keeps order
  22. 22. Tuscaloosa: Bryce Hospital • major Alabama medical site/asylum
  23. 23. Pensacola • city in northern Florida • Mr. Nathan Radley lives there before he moves back home after his father’s death
  24. 24. The Gray Ghost • Adventure stories full of mystery and humor from cover to cover. That also teach young boy readers the importance of thinking for themselves and playing fair and square at all times.
  25. 25. Rose Alymer • A love poem by Walter Landor
  26. 26. Scuppernong• Also known as a muscadine. A type of large grape found in the southeastern U.S.
  27. 27. Chiffarobe• tall chest of drawers (dresser)
  28. 28. Cootie • scalp insect (aka lice)
  29. 29. The Crash • Stock market crash that led to Great Depression
  30. 30. CSA• Confederate States of America
  31. 31. Dewey Decimal System• classifying library books
  32. 32. Hain’t • A ghost
  33. 33. Hermaphrodite• having male and female qualities• Scout hears it as “morphodite”
  34. 34. Ivanhoe • A “knightly” novel by Sir Walter Scott
  35. 35. Hoover Carts
  36. 36. Appomattox • Site of Lee’s surrender to Grant
  37. 37. Stonewall Jackson • Confederate general
  38. 38. Jew’s Harp• folk instrument used in country songs
  39. 39. Lord Melbourne• British statesman under Queen Victoria
  40. 40. Mennonites• religious sect that favors a simple lifestyle
  41. 41. Missouri Compromise • 1820 act of Congress
  42. 42. Rosetta Stone • ancient Egyptian tablet
  43. 43. WPA• Works Progress Administration - created jobs in the 1930’s
  44. 44. Flag Pole Sitting • A fad in the 1920’s People would spend hours (extending to days) to break a record.