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12.09.10 sdlp_leadership challenge


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short pres on how to lead during ambiguity (which is pretty much always... :))

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12.09.10 sdlp_leadership challenge

  1. 1. senior leadership development programme 1-Oct-12
  2. 2. a n y o n e e l s e f e e l l i ke t h i s s o m e t i m e s ?
  3. 3. the challenge…
  4. 4. so. in conclusion the solution is…① fill the well② find “buddha”③ hold onto why④ accept ambiguity⑤ know o2 (outcomes & objectives)
  5. 5. fill the well.
  6. 6. find buddha.
  7. 7. h o l d o n t o w h y.
  8. 8. a cc e p t a m b i g u i t y.
  9. 9. know outcomes vs. objectives.
  10. 10. i n s u m m a r y… a g a i n . . . know outcomes & objectives accept ambiguity hold onto you why find you buddha fill your well
  11. 11. … and in doing so, become the duck.
  12. 12. and if you get lost (we all do)… just re-visit your ladder, and step down a rung or two. (‘cause you own it)
  13. 13. i t ’s a j o u r n e y. c o n s t a n t l y.
  14. 14. in conclusion…
  15. 15. “If the outcomes are known, and the path to get there clear, it’s not’s followship. Ambiguity is the only constant when leading.”