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Lenguas de españa


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A simple powerpoint explaining the different langauges spoken in Spain. Focusing mainly on Catalan.

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Lenguas de españa

  1. 1. Lenguas de España objetivos•to learn about the different languages spoken in Spain•to be able to understand some Catalan
  2. 2. In Spain there are lots of different regions (like there arein England).Some regions have their own languages, flags etc. althoughthey are still part of Spain. Because of these languages, the Spanish call the language we’re learning castellano. Everyone in Spain speaks Castellano but some people speak another language too.
  3. 3. Spanish(castellano) is spoken in 21 different countries!As well as in Spain, Spanish is spoken in many countries in Central and South America!There are more than 400 million speakers, just slightly more than English
  5. 5. Aqui se hablacatalán
  6. 6. Aqui se hablavasco oeuskera
  7. 7. Aqui se hablagallego
  8. 8. Cataluña (or Catalonia) is a region in the north east ofSpain.The biggest city is Barcelona.
  9. 9. If you’ve been on holiday to the area you mightrecognise some of the places on this map! In Catalonia everyone can speak Castellano (Spanish), however many people normally speak Catalan. Most people also speak Catalan. Catalan is a language that looks a bit like a mixture of French and Spanish.
  10. 10. Catalunya• The majority of schools and universities teach in Catalan, and students learn castellano (Spanish) as an additional language.• Most people are bilingual, however in some areas people rarely use castellano.
  11. 11. Catalunya• Most signposts and brochures are in castellano and catalan.• Catalans are very proud of their language, culture and history and there are a growing number of people who want Catalonia to become independent from Spain.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. DeberesFind out 10 facts about eitherCatalonia or Catalan.Write these up in English in yourbooks.Due Monday 12 March th
  14. 14. Adéu!