Stop Hair Loss with Reliable Hair Loss Treatments


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Stop Hair Loss with Reliable Hair Loss Treatments

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Stop Hair Loss with Reliable Hair Loss Treatments

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  2. 2.  Different hair loss products can be found and bought in various pharmacies, salons, beauty shops, hair care clinics, and supermarkets. Aside from these ready-to-use hair loss products, there are also the herbal, surgical, and medicinal kinds. With this wide array of options for hair loss treatments, finding a product for hair loss that is reliable, efficient, and safe to use may not come that easy. Just as there is a wide array of cures for alopecia, the reasons for its occurrence in people are likewise varied and may involve numerous internal and external factors. Reasons for alopecia range from internal physiological makeup to external environmental factors. In finding that effective product for hair loss, the initial step to take is to know the root cause of hair loss. Studies have given back results showing that in almost all persons with alopecia, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main cause. By being acted upon by the enzymes 5-alpha reductase, testosterone is converted to the more-potent hormone DHT. The buildup of DHT in the scalp can cause damage to the hair follicles, disrupting the follicles’ normal hair growth cycle.
  3. 3.  This conclusion from clinical studies and scientific experiments, therefore, points out that an effective product for hair loss is one that can efficiently combat the buildup of DHT in the scalp. One of these hair loss treatments is the minoxidil topical solution. Minoxidil comes in two different concentrations; 5 percent concentration for men and 2 percent for women. Minoxidil is composed of chemicals that contain DHT-blocking properties. Minoxidil is popular for giving satisfying results in stopping hair loss. However, the use of the product also gives harmful side effects to the body, such as severe itching and swelling of the scalp, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, chest pains, and headache.
  4. 4.  Another hair loss treatment is the oral drug finasteride. It is also known to treat hair loss by blocking the production of DHT. Finasteride has also won the preference of many persons enduring alopecia because it not only prevents further occurrence of hair loss, but it also stimulates growth of new strands. Finasteride, however, has side effects that affect sexual activities, such as decreased sex drive, testicular pains, and erectile dysfunction.
  5. 5.  In finding reliable hair loss treatments—ones that assure effectiveness in stopping hair loss, stimulating hair regrowth, and do not cause side effects—it is best to opt for hair loss products that contain plant extracts and natural ingredients. Saw palmetto extracts is a natural ingredient that serve as DHT inhibitors. Therefore, a hair loss product with natural DHT inhibitors is a safe, effective, and reliable product to purchase.