Saw Palmetto in Hair Loss Products


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Saw Palmetto in Hair Loss Products

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Saw Palmetto in Hair Loss Products

  1. 1. Saw Palmetto in Hair Loss Products u
  2. 2.  Alopecia or hair loss is one of the most problematic conditions that is being experienced by millions of men and women all around the globe. Although taken very lightly by a lot of people, hair loss or alopecia is known to cause further problems in a person experiencing it, such as depression, antisocial behaviors, and insecurities. Medical specialists in the field of hair care recommend the use of hair loss products or other hair loss treatments for an immediate cure of alopecia. u
  3. 3.  Excessive shedding of hair may be due to internal or external (or both) factors—such as lack of nutrient intake, change in hormone levels, physical and emotional stress, crash diets, medications, genetics, and diseases and disorders. The various causes of baldness result to different types of alopecia. In turn, corresponding hair loss products are aptly used for certain types of alopecia. Out of these several causes of hair loss, however, is DHT (dihydrotestosterone), known to be the main culprit or root cause of hair loss or alopecia. u
  4. 4.  Science, though, never fails to keep up with problematic conditions shared by many people around the world, even a distressing hair condition such as alopecia. In addressing the problem of hair loss, there is a wide array of hair loss products available in pharmacies, salons, hair care clinics, malls, and online shops that are specially formulated to target the root cause of baldness or alopecia. A number of these hair loss treatments are known to be very effective; however, they are also known to cause harmful side effects due to their all-chemical content. u
  5. 5.  In getting an alopecia treatment that can assure effectiveness by targeting DHT, it is best to opt for hair loss products that contain plant extracts or organic-based ingredients. A hair loss product containing saw palmetto extracts can efficiently treat alopecia since the natural ingredient contains properties that can efficiently block the formation of DHT, hence guarding the hair follicles in the scalp from any damage. Also, hair loss treatments formulated with natural ingredients are safe to use because no harmful side effects are to be acquired from using them. u